A Woman Scorned

There is nothing as terrifying as a woman scorned. Nothing lingers longer in the air either. You can always tell which two birds have had a fight cuz never again will their feathers settle the same way again. They will become quick to outburst while crying tears of “oh poor me” never letter their guard down for a second. They usually always travel in packs because what they have to say needs to be repeated by many. Misinformation and tyranny lining each and every word they say. The distortion of facts comes from feeding to many ravenous souls who are eager for attention and to sell facts. Trust me when I say this when you remove yourself completely you can see through all the smoke and mirrors quite clear. I mean it is humanly impossible to be accused of saying malicious things when it goes against everything you stand for and more. I know the woman scorned. I was her but I am leaving her far in my dust right here and now.

Imagine a woman scorned spilling all of her shared secrets. Selling out her friends left and right. Don’t be fooled or think you have never been apart of this I know a few of you guilty of saying things about each other and more. It is scary to think how angry some women get and how things are now no holds barred with some ls cheering from the sides. Trust me when I saw this it is very unattractive no matter who you are and reasons for doing so it is deplorable. Being a women is hard enough. That is never going to change. We are always going to crazy and slightly irrational and people will naturally point their fingers out and blame. Fighting over each others husbands like there isn’t enough men around. Calling each other degrading names in an act of revenge. Some people tread farther and involve each other’s children and others reach the point of no return when they decide to take a life.

How can you turn a women into a non stop body of terror most of us act decent don’t you think? Not if we have been victimized in the past. Imagine the threat if you felt like things were heading down the direction that you were in before. Nobody likes to feel like their voice doesn’t matter and in some circumstances a woman needs to fight back. I grew up in a farm so this example fits perfectly. Every Spring a feral cat would have her litter of kittens in our wood pile. As soon as we could hear them we would be emptying my dad’s shack trying to find those cute little fuzz balls of fur. We were relentless in our pursuit and sometimes our reward was a slice on the face with their razor sharp baby claws. They felt cornered and scared and unsure of the outcome so they were fight now and figure the rest out later. No real women feels good after a huge tirade. Especially if secrets in private were shared. You lose either way of matters of the heart. You lost the friend for sharing, others question your loyalty now as they all think if she could do it to her she could do it to me. That’s the price you pay for being shady I suppose. I for one bite my lips off sometimes because I refuse to repeat things said. The most important thing being if the nature of what I have to share will hurt the person being told them as long as there isn’t money involved and she isn’t getting physically hurt some things are just better left unsaid.

The most terrifying of all is the woman who retaliates with vengeance on their mind. They will say and do anything to get others on their side. Some things are true but most things are false just like McDonalds 100% burgers it is all on the presentation. Am I the only one who questions the gains that one gets by totally soiling another’s character. It is almost like there is money to be won or their is fame waiting on the other side because a women who is thirsty for blood will never stop. I always look at the company they keep and I am always curious when those who she was shouldering up to yesterday are no longer her friend and saddled next to her are two new sets of eyes. There is confidence and there is arrogance and the later makes you raise your nose up in the air like your sh*t don’t stink. We all have incredible stories and we all have had these journey’s but who made you the Queen of the TP Police. Hopefully in this day and age it doesn’t resort to physical violence nobody needs to lose their lives over a difference of opinion. I just women could be women and raise up to the challenge and accordingly not everything is a damsel and distress situation. I always held a higher respect for women. Us with our feelings and emotions after all. In my head I thought all of us getting along should be easy we are all struggling from the same things after all. Desperate to fit in, some losing their lives when will we stop all this fighting and and celebrate us living together for once in harmony. When we behave in this way we become terrible role models. Don’t we want to have an impact on the next generation? Think of your legacy. Truly who do you want to be known for and know why.

This is no way a representation of every single women on this earth but nowadays with so many keyboard warriors out there, there is a enough. I know many incredible women who of course I call friends they have graced themselves with sharing with me a time and place in their life. These women are strong and perfect role models raising little beings to one day grow up to be the same. There existence is worth a mention because I hope more of us will be like them, they are the living image of what it means to be a woman and to be kind.

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