Valley of the Mean Girls

In the Valley of the mean girls everyone comes to play. There is safety in numbers and here nobody and nothing is off limits or too depraved. If you see a friend waiver they quickly turn them into foes. Pummeling them with obscenties till they are unrecognizeable until nobody notices them anymore. What makes us like that? Ravenous to feed and destroy everybody we can. There is no diplomacy just jealous faces and evil hearts. I hate who we have become. There is no sisterhood bond to destroy the evil intentions. We jump on to the next passing ship that promises immediate gratification and endless compliments to feed our evil ways. What we fail to understand in others, is the energy that they spew. What is spewed onto one is then reflected back on you. They only turn on others when another has fallen and become ill. This isn’t who we should be or how we establish a unified front. We are weak in our reflections spewing our own insecurities and filth. Who you are is contagious and what you reflect onto others is all that you can see.

Can you imagine a life impoverished. We are lucky to be where we are but Where our enemy is the same and we find salvation in each other’s arms. There is a time in each of our histories where our families have become the hunted. Unless you were born into a family of wealth, at one time or other your family was surpressed. Our families spent their years trying to ensure a brighter future, so we wouldn’t know their struggle. Honestly. Anne Frank and her family didn’t hide behind a book shelf just to have their story fall on deaf ears. Anytime we allow these radical symbols of hate, we are telling all those who died at the hands of these symbols that we agreed with their maker and their demise. No rest will they ever receive. No justice will ever be given. If we spit in the shadows of those who sacrificed their lives for us it is like we are turning on the gas chambers all over again. The contempt and hate that we still show each other shows that in the chains of evolution we are degressing. Imagine if we could make it so that we are EQUAL with each other. We could focus on self and nurturing those relationships we value most. We already established there is no getting out alive and when ir comes to war nobody ever wins, just innocent lives lost for nothing. When it is said out loud humans are the stupidest species on Earth.

This is why I hold women to a higher standard. We should be more willing to see it from all sides. However we put on the blinders and zero in on our target telling ourselves nobody is getting out of here alive. The facts they conjure up in their heads twist a tail that only those under their spell would ever believe. I don’t know why we get like that but we stab the knives in our backs deeper when we behave like this. Nobody cares what we have to say when they have already formed their opinions. Anything you do say will be twisted and used against you so for the effort that it’s worth best to check it and move on. Trust me when I say this. When mean girls have you in your sight it is game over. Best to stay in the shadows and lick your wounds because momma ain’t raise no fool. Interacting with mean girls even on a good day is a very foolish thing to do.

Speaking from experience we never let a girl out of our sites especially ones who did us wrong. We had a little alliance to those we pledged allegiance to and any and all others were made our targets. Usually for a good reason but sometimes none. How else can we proove our own self worth if we don’t. Blowing out another’s candle doesn’t steal their light it only puts you in the darkness. And those who live in darkness are pure evil. You have to be the love and you have to give off light. Why be a troll in old worn clothes when you can beam from within. Being a beacon of hope instead a tyrannt of terror who we become is up to us. You are worth the leap of faith aren’t you? The world needs more role models like we need better leaders. Be the solution instead of the contribution the choice surges deep inside you. Can you feel it?

Where do mean girls thrive? In short wherever there is a girl insecure about who she is, lost in her identity falls victim to this kind of predator. They are weak in their conviction making it easier to be blinded only finding true courage at another’s demise. Instead of doing the right thing and lending a hand they pour salt in their victims wounds to watch her squirm. I guess I can’t blame them. It is hard to know who is honourable and who is destined to walk a different path. When you have been betrayed before in the past it is easier to be swayed especially when another has been hurt. You believe what you want to at the hands of the hunter who feeds on the same kill just the same.

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