Victorious or Spoiled?

I find it incredibly surreal that we are celebrating a victory that to me doesn’t seem like a win for humanity at all. Was it the lesser of two evils. Time will surely tell but what is evident to all is there is major decision and unrest to be had as half of the nation is angry of the outcome. That  doesn’t say much all things considered. Even for us up here in Canada we are waiting for future tension. What needs to be said is the livelihood for all might have a sudden change. I mean if he does what he intends we will all pay the ultimate price. When you toy around with the idea of cancelling a pipeline that was put into place by your previous government in power you also ignited the furry in your neighbours to the North. Imagine the fight that will occur if the decision is made to cancel the pipeline. Hopefully we would be smart enough to turn off their gas that they are getting at pretty much below cost. The agreement to provide such cheap oil began with the resurrection of jobs to help families be fed. Sometimes it feels that things were said to guarantee votes. Time will tell if the right decision is made.

From a political stand point I might not know much. What I do have is compassion for all sides and it is hard to be an advocate for both. Nothing is as good as it appears to be and sacrifices will be made. It will be interesting to see how we are all affected in the first 100 days. Ignorance is apparently bliss when these become the best candidates. Half of the nation is angry at him and the other half is happy. It seems all of our futures have become nothing but a game. You don’t think an alliance with the Russians to some degree made sense. When you are dealing with countries that have shown the World they will kill their own kind just to get their way we should be terrified at the thought of them not being our allies. A country that will burn their own country to the ground just for World power should leave every person shaking in their boots. This election wasn’t just for equality and freedom for all. It was about National Security and the threat the outcome poses for all. The country appears weak to all eager eyes. I think we forget that revenge is best served cold and some countries have been waiting for their turn. Japan has already proved that they can travel our seas and bomb home soil. You don’t think they want revenge for how the war eventually ended. You don’t torture and kill so many innocent beings without the continuous thought of World domination. It just doesn’t end because we hold our heads victorious. You can consider this battle lost every time a Nazi flag is erected on American soil. It is apparently against the law to desecrate the remains of any human being. How come we are allowed to tarnish the lives of those who sacrificed everything for us.

How terribly vain we all have become. Divided by nothing other than this is how I was raised so this is how it should be. Hate is still running rampant and you can see it in the way that we all get along. I have never seen a group like the ones that have organized themselves over the past year. having t-shirts made citing a civil war and a teenager gunning down 3 innocent people then laughing of his kills with his mom over beers. This is who we are as a nation and this is who we will always be. We don’t care about the perverted ways we turn on each other as we never hold those accountable for those who did something wrong. Whatever happened to opening the files of Jeffrey Epstein? Is that still going to happen. If there is evidence of his acts and the acts of some entitled elite don’t we deserve to know who these people are walking amongst us. These are innocent children made to pay the ultimate price. They are robbed of their innocence by some dirty old man.  This is another way we continue to fail each other. Think of all the thousands of dirty old men and women who know what they did yet they remain silent. I am sure hoping there is life after death and you all end up paying for these ultimate sins.  Isn’t this in fact the most deplorable crime? Hurting those that can’t defend themselves because of your physical power and wealth. My stomach turns knowing that the toughest years of survival for my son is yet to come. These vultures pose as teachers, coaches, counsellors, neighbours….there is no telling just who they might be. You have to imagine if you can your child being taken.  It becomes each of our responsibility to become an advocate for them.

I know it seems like a victory to some but nothing is ever as it appears. Put enough smoke and mirrors in front of us all and we will only believe what it is they intended us to believe. I don’t trust many anymore after the circus life has become. I watched those that were paid to serve and protect sh*t all over their capital.  No civilized human would interrupt proceedings that were put in place to protect us. They wouldn’t go from room to room hunting for those they believed to do wrong. What is stopping the average person from conducting a home invasion? Like the woman who stole Pelosi’s laptop what the hell were you thinking.  What should be even scarier to us all is these people have probably produced offspring to further torment the next generation. It is embarrassing actually to see citizens behave in such ways. I think we are heading backwards down the evolutional chain.

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