Windows to the Soul

They eyes tell us everything we need to know. From the first time we open them, till the life inside of us that fades away no words ever need to pass these lips for it is the eyes that will say the things we can not say. Words become superficial at best. Words can be turned and used against you no matter the intentions of the lips that they have left. The eyes remember everything taking imprints on the soul. The moments spent in silence I have never regreted but hearing the way some friends talk about each other will forever break my heart.

A liar is notorious for not being able to look you in the eye. Upwards to the left they look to spin a believable tale to bring them praise. With no emotion getting drawn further you look apon another’s gaze. Isn’t that where everything begins? Eyes lock across a room like they are the only two human beings left on Earth. We have all locked eyes with someone and the whole World stopped. No words ever needed to be exchanged because you knew exactly what the other was thinking. That no matter where life takes you, you will always find your way back to being. Be it in this lifetime or the next your paths are destined to cross. How can such intense feelings arise with no words?

They say looking into the eyes establishes trust, at least that was what my sale’s manager told us to try and increase our sales. For the rest of the quarter I would make a mental note of each client’s eye colour so at least they would think that I was looking them in the eyes. I was but not in the intense way that any sort of trust could be established. If the eyes are the windows to the soul it makes sense that that door closes when life ceases to exist. I think that is why they always say to close the eyes after they are gone. Nobody likes to stare into the abyss and imagine what could have been. It is easier to close the door and walk away instead of trying to imagine an existence that could have been. For some if a body is found face down when the soul leaves the body it is an indication that the soul inside never made it to the heavens but into the ground below. It is similar to the gold pieces left on the deceased eyes. Closing the portal into what lays beyond prevents the devil from coming out and walking amongst us. There are so many traditions involving the eyes that it truly helps solidify the importance that this window serves to us all.

Have you ever watched an interview where the person in question has interacted with the suspect that everybody has been hunting for? Usually the first thing they mention is the evil that lays within their eyes. There is an automatic presence of the devil when you look into the soul of those that have engaged in heinous acts. They say their eyes are as dark as their soul. No life can ever be found dancing in them. If the eyes tell us everything we need to know why are we hesitant to believe in our own natural instinct? We have been conditioned over the years to dull our own natural voice and let the voice of others tell us what to do. It has always been easier to listen to instruction to go off on a tangent and listen to your own heart. There is also the scenario that you are the only one picking up on the natural selection of all that it is to be. You can be more in tune with your human side then most which would naturally drive out the insecurities that other’s hold so close. You can always tell another’s attention by the way they are captured in photos. I guess it makes sense that I would become accustomed to analyzing the way a person appears to others through the magical gift of art.

In this world of constant competition and hate it becomes an insurmountable task to be able to wade through all the garbage and waste. We all want to feel like somebody in our own heart and we are prepared to sacrifice anybody who wants to share the lime light instead of including them on center stage. In a world that glorifies such evil how are we ever going to find our own way? I see the joy and innocence that still lights up my son’s eyes and I can’t help but wonder who is going to be the first person to take that sparkle away. Look deep into the eyes of your neighbour and answer honestly has their sparkle began to fade? That spark that is eager to embrace the day and welcome in all life and beings. Your existence only matters as an accumulation of all happiness and not just your own. I see it in the eyes of my pets. The ones whose life was harder than others their eyes have hardened over. You can still see life and hope dancing amongst the depths but there is also an underlying pain that can’t be denied. My birds are the best example I can think of this. The parents of my sweet Daisy have eyes that are black like a hardened soul. Years of being neglected and forced to share a dark cage with 2 other pairs their existence became trivial and all happiness ceased to exist. Once we had a more thorough understanding of how they needed to live and made the proper arrangements their happiness thrived and lil babies were born. It was in the eyes of one baby that I had my feelings towards the windows of the soul confirmed. In the babies eyes they weren’t as dark as her parents there was always a light that can be seen. It is not to say that her parents no longer experienced joy, it just was an indication to me how much different ones eyes could change during the course of their lives.

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