Happiness Takes Flight

Each day is an oppprtunity to wash the fears of yesterday and start anew. We don’t have to bind ourselves with the weight of another’s discontent in order to feel of value to another person. Today’s reality has over inflated our lives value making most of us feeling miserable and discontent. When there is nothing left to give we look all around us and attack those with open arms. It is far easier to attack somebody who wants nothing more than to bask in your light them to hold strong to your sense of self and let your character defend your way.

What do we know about life truly if we are unable to sit in the stillness and absorb in the life around us being warmed by their energy and light. I could count the days in mediocre company or I can bask in the voiceless love that is provided to me, a nameless comfort in a rather dark, empty world. Have you ever stared into the eyes of someone who truly loves you or do you search aimlessly for a soul connectipn that will never come? We search tirelessly for a partner to complete us when we are the ones we have been waotong our whole lives for.  The world is too big and bleak for us to deny our own voices yet we suppress ourselves in every possible way.

We are mean creatures capable of even meaner things. Instead of trying to understand each other in our differences we expose each other’s weaknesses so we all end up holding our head’s in shame. Pretty awful isn’t it? Instead of finding ways to live in harmony we would rather enforce evil contempt and rage. You see it in all the ways we try to pervert the natural course of life, opting to ridicule and hurt instead of learning each others names.  There was a time when we used to punish those for taking another’s life. We would execute those for destroying other’s lives like in death it would take away another’s pain. We would celebrate their hanging in the middle of the town so all sinners could see their eventual fate. We executed the guilty, we executed the innocent, we even executed those we didn’t understand because our own ignorance got in the way. Now we can kill anybody and claim crimes of passion or just simply out of our minds. No time will be served, no justice will be had because this is the generation we have become. We are grotesque in our own ignorance, blinded by our own fears, combined with a sick passion for horror which will never be saved by our tears.

What is happening today is we have devalued our own experience by tempting all of our fates. Look at all the ways we fail each other in the simplest of ways. We enter into marriages citing for better or worse, sickness and in health but they are only words to get what we want and satisfy a sick need. We pretend like it is what we have always wanted spending 5 to 6 figures to justify it. Some before the ink is even dry are over because all it takes is one to lie and crush another’s dream come true. We claim to love our friends and family yet we never make the time. Then we cry when it is all over claiming to be broken when our loved ones day. Life today in retrospect is incredibly easy yet we are determined to defy all odds. We will love and cheat each other like it was the only thing left to do, almost like our deeds will never be caught.

That love and lust feeling fills us with acceptance, peace and love. When our ears fail to hear the compliments of our loved ones we will whore ourselves out waiting for the words that will make it all good. We desire to be loved, we want nothing more to be accepted so why not nourish the relationships that are good for us instead of tarnishing what was already given to us, decided for us like those before us had no clue. Look at what we have done to all the lives around us, their is sorrow in their smiles. We fill our homes with hope and love then burn the walls down with a jealous rage. Feeding on all our insecurities we become a shell of life that used to exist. Nothing ever more just a dilution of existence that could have been. To love in a pure form that life was granted to us or take it all away. Each day is a new beginning where we can become active in our lives again where we can invite others to stay. We don’t have to allow evil in but we can gravitate towards the light. Love and light is just the vessel that is used for happiness to take flight.

Who would we become if we don’t look for the light brought into each day? There is a chance to be love and be loved but for most of us we chose to look away. Instead of embracing those who need us most we cozy up to their evil and the ones who made them feel shame. We only care about our own gratification and rarely to those we claim to love. That is how you know most of us are in trouble with little or no help from above. We can become martyr’s or become monsters whenever the mask seems to fit. If we can’t be kind to at least ourselves there is little hope for our own happiness to survive.

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