Melt My Heart

What I think hurts most of all is one day knowing such cherished memories that brought us so much joy will begin falling on deaf ears. Who do you share those precious moments with but your next of kin, your long loved spouse and children you brought into this Earth. Once your gone without no connection your story fades to dust and returns back to Earth to go where some say there are plenty. To me it doesn’t make much sense that we all live and breathe than poof like a cloud a smoke you are gone. With so much incredibly harsh words around us we have to be careful where we dip our feet. Some women genuinely want to uplift you and others would suck you like a leech dry. There are so many people with less than honourable intentions who do we decide to draw in and who do we allow to slide by. You have to go somewhere painful and deep something that brings tears to your eyes something that others wouldn’t believe you if we tried. We all have a story that aches at our insides for others to know and we don’t know why. We just want somebody to know that we were here too.

All the questions I would have asked if I had only known that our hearts were broken just the same. I think growing up in the era that I did had alot to do with intensifying the pain. Music was numbing. It spoke of the pain and highlighted just how awful people were as serial killer’s and rapist’s surged all over the nation. Before DNA people were twisted. Capable of great acts of evil for no reason. The pain we learned was inflicted for no reason. What average humans did to each other at the hands of war should all make us lower our heads in shams. Until we are humble and acknowkedge their pain how can healing ever begin for them. We are losing a generation that experienced all this. They knew how volatile living was for them in a time we could never begin to understand. By devaluing their experience and the people that they loved you are severing a tie that will never reborn. We are worse than they ever were. Disrespecting our governments and holding so little value to human life. It doesn’t take a team of forensics to determine a young man hanging from a noose in a tree has died because of the color of their skin. By allowing this to still happen in today’s time makes me shudder to my core. We are so evil by nature. All the things we allowed to each other purely out of fear that maybe we would be next to be hurt.

How can you live your whole existence without feeling the pain those before us have been through. Anytime an innocent soul has been ripped away from their own life, fissures in the Universe occure. You can’t heal pain by ignorance, life doesn’t work like that. How about those lives waiting to die during the Holocast. Imagine their life experience, take in their last breaths. As a human who desires nothing more than to heal all the hearts of those robbed from us. I feel your existence. Your time is not lost on me. I am sorry for what you went through but let me live in your honour. Your life meant something to me.

I don’t want to live without feeling, without loving my life. My body is my temple and I want to appreciate it for alk that it has done for me. The most important being it gives me a place to live and try to get that most of each and everyday. In my own body it created another human, the love of my life, my son. There is nothing more brillant tham being a mom everyday my heart burst and I wanted to shine. The closer I get to my destiny the more just living my life makes sense. The love that I feel from spending my days with him is a time that goes too quick and you would do anything to make it last. If us as women who long nothing more than creating a safe world for our children, what the hell happened and where do some of us get off. Becoming a mother is life’s greatest gift not to be taken for granted or ignored. Not all of us get to experience this moment and there are those of us who flat out refuse. No matter our journey it still lies within us to do what we can to heal the world. The creation of life is so delicate and pure that it hurts your heart imagining anything bad happening to this being. Everything about babies is so cute and perfect babies just have a way of melting our hearts. Life in it’s simplest purest forms is like heaven on Earth filled with so much potential and life. If we could forsee what waited in their future I wonder if we would grant them life at all. We have to have faith within each day that it will be bound with limitless laughter and love. To be surrounded by those who think the world of us, and in them we think the same, that sounds like something heart melting, a definite moth to a flame.

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