Unfriend, Block, Delete

The question has been floating around of, “Do you ever regret deleting somebody off of your profile for having a difference of opinion?” and to me the answer to this should be obvious. Depending on the severity of the divide of opinion no good will ever come out of having somebody on your “friends” list that is constantly grating on your nerves. Your time and space is too valuable to engage in anything less. In a World filled with so much hate do you really need to have every Tom, Dick and Harry disagreeing with you as well. Loyal friends don’t try to upset you. In fact they will move hell and high water to ensure that your thoughts and feelings are valued anything short of this and they aren’t even your friends at all.

A light difference of opinion is what makes for intelligent debates. We need our friends to stimulate our minds and not trample over our hearts. It takes a lot of courage to find a soul that you feel comfortable in to confide you in the dark times that make you scared. A true friend wouldn’t let you stand in a wolves by yourself they would be fighting tall right by your side. We don’t need a million of friends who will be your ride and die. All it takes is one for you to feel invisible and on top of the World. It is easy for trolls to light their torches and come at you with your pitchforks. They aren’t fighting the evil in you they are scared of the monster that is coming alive in them. A monster doesn’t turn over night they are calm, cool and collected as they wait for their opportunity to seize their prey.

A gas lighter, a narcissist, they are all the same thing. Nothing they do is with honour. Nothing they say is off limits. They are always aware of their surroundings and the impact that their words would have. They can’t stand up against their own convictions because they would rather blend in with the crowd. They stir up these convoluted messes then try to denounce their own part. They are the eye of the storm, they are the trouble that they seek, they are everything we have come to far and we don’t know why. When those we believe to be our true friends sell us out to dry I never regret the door hitting me on the ass as I walk by. You only get a chance to play me out just once. I never forget the feel of a friend’s betrayal, it will haunt me to the day I die. At first the sting of what has been done almost feels like too much to bare. One doesn’t help but feel kicked in the stomach when new alliances have been formed. When a friend you held so dear saddles up with your betrayer you can’t help but see the lines drawn up in the sand. I have to block the offender because the sting is just to much. But every dog has their day and nothing beats seeing things with your very own eyes. Over time I unblock but I never refriend. Wolves are always hunting like the true narcissist that they are.

In a World so cold it is hard to recognize who we truly are. We play a character to stop the outside World from penetrating our true aura, we have to hold something back after all. When you give yourself up so selfishly and freely to those that may never truly understand, we allow ourselves to be victimized all to often these wounds never heal. We take away from the experience of what truly being alive should be. We mock those who look different then us and we cringe when we hear others laugh. We question a World that is supposed to be so diverse but still keeps on manifesting all this fear. Why is it we so willingly want to be judged by those who more than likely couldn’t care if we existed at all. The way we don’t hold others accountable and ask what their experience is in doing so. Does it make sense that we have a rise of women who are morally engaging with women who may have fragile or no self esteem. Some of these women are just getting out of their shells but they are being lead like the Romans going out to war. There is no real title to win our kingdom to rule but somehow we have built a community up so these women who could falter at the very next pin. We don’t shun one of our own because we like what somebody else says better we use each opinion as a tool to help redefine our way. The longer we hold the wrong people accountability for the poor judgement and actions they commit maybe the world would become safer, brighter, a nicer place to be.

There is no such thing as being true and authentic to yourself if it means denying your true friends along the way. To alter your mood and feelings to ensure that you will fit in will only leave you faltering right from the start. Good people don’t gravitate towards bad people but bad people sure want to infect the good. A good person never talks about regrets and if their actions resulted in something they would later deny. When a friend waivers in being a good friend to me I have to lead them to pasture and I have to set them free. If a so called friend can betray you with the million of eyes that social media can bring I can close my two eyes and severe the tie that may be. I value my time and space and the people I hold dear. I am yet to regret anybody that has found themselves at the end of unfriend, block, delete.

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  1. Ray'Elaine says:

    Perfectly Said!


    1. 💙💙💙


  2. Woodsy says:

    Finding a gentle voice in an increasingly harsh world is an achievement in itself, and ought to be celebrated as such.


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