Transparent Insecurities

How do you feel value when the way we are looked at depreciates faster than any economic system? Look at all the way we care only to grab attention. We sexualize our bodies like what you see on the outside is the best you will ever get. As you age so does your worth. Instead of being treated like you have infinite value and worth you become more mundane and common place, blending in with the crowd. All we want to do is heighten each others faults and insecurities normalizing bad behaviour. How real are people truly? When it comes to portraying truths they will rely on the outter moral highway doing anything they can to remain relevant. They breed an air of social supremacy as they breathe down the necks of those refusing to succomb to them as they know what you are doing is morally incomprehensible and frankly just a little bit rude.

Those that shine by hurting others will quickly begin to fade. You can’t tap dance on a moral high ground when your morals have been in question all along. I never understand how quick we are to throw shade. We become so far from our natural instinct because we have this false sense of security and being loved. Isn’t that what makes us turn on each other? Somebody else we believed to be friends. Look how fast they disregard your existence when in your eyes you can do no wrong. They are vultures looking to feed on the weak and insecure. They will even try to take down the strongest if enough of them appear. Safety in numbers. Feed on the weak and reduce them to rumble for no apparent reason than to satisfy your thirst for being savage, more hardcore than you really truly are. Watch the way people conduct themselves when they think it might get them fame. The friendships they sell at the highest bidder and the secrets they will tell just to make sure it is all about them. It isn’t enough to rip your heart out. They want to feed on your pain over and over again like a dangerous melody taken you off to dream. There are the places where the beast is born and then there are the places that set you free. Not all of us are entitled to that feeling as it is not awarded by wealth but by being. Being true to yourself and living honourable intentions will be your beacon of hope to all that hope to do the same.

We wouldn’t control of our bodies to engage in activities that will rock any grave. The acts of sin that we all engage in to feed our own sick needs. Think of a time when you were most innocent before getting on your knees made the most sense. Some of us are just looking for a free ride and other just want to be loved. True love is more than sexual. It is something that most of us don’t understand. It is a shame to think of how fast we devalue life and the experience by making glorifying the mediocre and sick twisted need of fame. Has there been a store from Hollywood than makes us pride to be alive. Truly. Here we are with as much opportunity and equality as anybody and we are made to work ourselves like dogs and die. Tell me why again we wanted so desperately to gain more rights and freedoms because it seems to me we signed most of ours away. Family is and should have always been most important until a bigger man came and told us otherwise. Isn’t that what made us desire for change and some entitlement? Somewhere to stand on our own two feet and rest our heads. When men was so desperate to control us they kept us uneducated, sometimes even emaciated so we would conform to their desires and their wills. Walking away from an abusive husband was unheard of, the only way we could have resulted in death. Sometimes to the man, even more so to the women depending on who held the upper hand.

Our image means everything to us but it is the one thing that is guaranteed to fade. Imagine having no substance, no depth to your soul just fluff. Today is all we have and tomorrow is no guarantee. The more we age the more tired it is we grow of always having to portray a character that we never liked anyways. There is a reason why we can’t remember our lies and why others look to us in disbelief. Imagine having stories of honour bestowed onto you as you become a beacon of hope for a few. It is impossible to know how others are affected or how it is possible they may feel. One a distance memory and the other a distant dream. What is stopping us from living the greatest life we have ever known. Is it the distant whispers from people who don’t matter or is it your own insecurities shining through?

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