A Cold World

We are so obsessed with the lives of each other. Not in a healthy way but in the most grotesque circumstances that will make anybody turn in their graves. Think of the World that we have become. We watch from the sidelines taking pictures of other people’s anguish hoping we have captured something that will go “viral” so at the very least we get recognized. What we are exposing is each other’s weaknesses and I would rather feel like I was loved then feeling abandoned in the world. Nobody likes watching somebody cry but if we can capture that moment for another’s person’s gain than all the better. Think of the things we can find on the internet now that we never would have had access to. Imagine how different the world would be if we have live video evidence of just how cruel these tyrants could be or would it make us harden like we have never thought possible before.

Think of the images we have seen throughout history of some of the time’s most horrendous actions. People were slaughtered for no reason and more to that they were left begging for their lives and trembling in fear. They had to remain silent as family and friends were mutilated before death becoming their comedic release. Imagine the heartless monster who could listen to the cries of the innocent as they let out their last screams and breaths. Imagine being on the outside waiting for the doors to open and for you to collect the corpse’s and deposit them into an open grave. Piles of last possessions serve as a reminder of who they used to be. I can’t imagine that terror and how many of us live our lives like these significant events don’t matter and we can go on living like it was a moment in time we don’t have to be accountable for. As the survivor’s come to the end of their lives some of them never receive justice for what was done to their families. They leave this world hoping that things will get better and nobody will have to live out their lives they way they were forced to. They wish that we could learn from what they were forced to go through but they are running out of time to see it with their own eyes. Imagine an existence degrading right in front of your eyes and all that you hope for is the sweet feel of relief and eventual death and hopefully a reuniting with loved ones who were taken far too soon.

We are more than selfish in the way we conduct ourselves and you can see it in our holier than though perception of things. We believe it is enough as long as it is not happening to us and provide just enough comfort to make it seem like we aren’t vain. The expectations that we have all learned to get along based on the devious actions of the past is a fallen curtain that we have never put away. Ignoring the pain of those suffering the most we spin a tale to make it all seem about us. Oh such and such happened to you? Yes it happened to me too but somehow worse. We don’t have to hold our suffering on such a high pedestal we can meet on common ground and try to ease each other into living a life more pure. The lives that we live together should coincide like a sympathy and not each of us trying to struggle for power and recognition in a seemingly cold world. This world is cold and you can see it in the way we interact with each other. Do we really need to behave this way or is this the higher up’s trying to control our thinking and limiting our interaction with each other to get a better feel. We have always been controlled. We have never lived free. When those in charge ask us to jump the only think we can ask is how high then get to work.

The living experience shouldn’t be so different from person to person. What makes us so incredibly unique is what they are trying to use to set us all apart. Every lie we have always been told each other was to keep us apart. Hence why 6 million people where lead to their deaths. It wasn’t for the ethics of the Universe or to make the world a better place. It was a blatant attempt at a new world order where genocide was the theme of the day. Starting out with a gentle population that they knew wouldn’t fight back they set the stage for the future preparing for the next attack. World domination doesn’t cease to exist just because the power we need to control each other exceeds our wildest expectations. We are nothing more than sheep being led to slaughter suppressing our natural instinct to survive and fight back. We allow those that depend on our support to feed us lies and create a vision of the world we have hoped for. Those in power can never tell us what we want to hear. They can never compete the wishes of the masses because the wishes that come from most of us were never meant to be heard. We have spent from the dawn of time being controlled by leaders whose only concern was world domination and bringing other countries to it’s knees. Doesn’t it feel weird that we hate another person just because we were told too. Certain aspects of their character are highlighted and over exaggerated to create general fear amongst many and to keep all separated with fear. Think of the way the stage was set. If you were a person of colour who can be convicted of a crime that a white person committed you best belief you were found guilty probably without even a trial. Imagine your only crime was leaving your house that day and that is all. They spent many years getting the rest of the world to believe that certain races were less than honourable breeding hate along the way. Look at our previous leaders. Look at what they had to say. There was no way life was meant for the living when we can so easily take it all away.

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