Be your Own Kind of Magic

Be your own kind of magic. Your childlike heart needs you. Not to be heard but to survive. What lays dormant inside each of us is this ability to see and love freely but we do everything in our power to hit ignore. In a society that is so determined to find themselves the recipient of fame and wealth it is no wonder we sell our souls to the highest bidder. Is there any authenticity alive anymore or are we determined to fall even deeper into an abyss that will never be satisfying. I spent years trying to perfect an image that I thought would make other people happy but here I was growing even more depressed an incredibly unhappy. I know I feel things differently then what I expect most people too. For example I feel this outpouring of compassion for all living things, even the ones that have passed on. No life is trivial. All lives of a purpose even the ones that don’t make it very purpose. There has to be a reason if we could just open our hearts and see it but most of us are too vain to open our eyes.

The Prisoners of War experienced first hand just how cruel humans can be. Imagine your last moments on Earth were to watch others dying and suffering then having their possessions discarded as trash. What makes this even more sick and even more twisted is how many people got on board to engage in these acts. These were not just soldiers that they were getting their revenge on they did it to normal people just like you and me. They knocked on their doors and ripped them from their families for no reason other than to gain complete control. How do you control your neighbours into being so grotesque? You drive them with pain, fear and torture but you do have to give them just a little bit of hope as well. If you let every single one die then they lose their will to survive. You have to make them believe that maybe there is a chance if you just take what they dish out and say no more. Of course this wasn’t everybody and we have recognized the hero’s throughout that tried so tirelessly to try and save the innocents of acts so depraved. You have to truly feel that pain that the last moments of millions experienced. Until you feel that shudder through your heart you can’t grow past it. In the deepest darkest moments we have to find our own magic, our reason for being nothing more. Some of the men as they came close to the end felt life move through them in the form of blessings and nature. Amongst all the sickness, starvation and death a duck came to greet them and become friends. Watching this bird become their pet filled these men with so much hope and in seeing these the captures revolted. They murdered their pet in an act of control breaking every ounce of hope along the way. Humans shouldn’t want to act this way, yet so many do. You have to dig deep for your own light and purpose every day.

The things we fight about even now shows just how cowardly we have become. You can’t speak about having compassion until you can embrace all lives and try to help harness their pain. Why should you be the only on who lives with a free and open heart? Why not try and spread the wisdom and do the same? Let’s talk about heart break and and how some got off on destroying families. That is a very obvious fact that you can’t even ignore. Some people thought it was their right to own human’s. Let your mind wrap around that thought if you will. How would you like to be raped, beat and tortured? This is something so common it happened to millions too. There was no war just a bunch of lazy entitled folks that would rather enforce fear then work hard. That thinking right there is what hurts so many and we need to acknowledge their pain before we can move on. We all need compassion no matter who it is we are. We want to be acknowledge in this life for who we are and honouring our ancestors for theirs as well. If we can’t heal each other’s pain and acknowledge what was done we are going to keep running around in circles that is for sure. Just hold out your hand and see who is attracted to you. Promise to be the change and not add on to the hurt. Real people have been treated real poorly by those in “power” and others just because. What sense is there in having an ally if they are content on another’s pain. I would rather bring to life my own childlike wonder and heal as much hearts as I can. I see you and I feel your existence we can get through this together if we can try.

Why be somebody’s nightmare when you can be your own dream come true. Why be the reason why somebody cries every night. Bringing magic into your day to day softens your heart almost in a childlike innocent kind of way. Through the eyes of a child we see with open hearts and never let someone else’s opinion interfere. We have become horrible creatures satisfied with the discontent of others and it is heartbreaking to watch and to feel. Every life has a purpose no matter how long that they are living and as soon as we acknowledge that we can move on. We can grow into being a better species. Isn’t that what we are so anxiously waiting to uncover. The story of our evolution. And it appears we are growing more desensitized and uncaring the way we handle situations and carry on. My compassionate heart tell me to heal my own by bringing my childlike heart back to life.

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