Celebrate Your Life

I am going to tell you why it is important to celebrate your life and what I am about to tell you may surprise you. You should celebrate even the small things in your life because if you aren’t cheering for you who the hell else will. Ask yourself if you think life should be celebrated just because it is hard and annoying and sometimes joyous and loving all at the same time. If you don’t think yourself is worthy of being celebrated than you are just allowing all the negative to waltz right in. It takes a lot of energy to surpass the riptides of negative emotion that is threatening to grip you and drag you under with it’s forceful undertow. How do you keep your ahead above water when you forget how to swim. You reach for the first hand that will save you are do you remain calm and remember to believe in yourself at all costs. There is nobody that you will spend as much time as you do than with yourself so why not take the time to know her and celebrate her existence. You won’t always be this way and things will always come and then they will go.

I already have enough of this negative energy coursing threw me. Things that will haunt me and I will never forget. There is no denying there are things in my life that I have spent so many years wasted over and there are new things that will make my eyes well up with tears. I want to celebrate each life and it’s entirety because that we are all worthy I am for that I am sure. What changes in the day to day is our oblivious nature what becomes important and who and what do we chose to ignore. Do you mean it when you say you wish that life could be treated all equally or was that just another lie for attention as well. We tell so many lies to ourselves trying to be somebody else trying to impress somebody else’s eyes, not our own. I wish I could take all that time back I spent foolishly and invested it back into my life instead. There is never enough minutes in the day I couldn’t imagine another wasting another minute, my depression robs me of enough time that is for sure. Some moments in my life just always make me stop, I have to remember to pay my respects and shed a few tears. My desire is to live humbly and in my own best image. The image I dream up for myself and not the way others feel like I should be. I am curvy and soft and I love every inch my body sure has taken it’s tolls. For every ache I feel both inside and out I knew that I have grown some what. It’s hard to know sometimes what is right from wrong just try to live as best as you can being authentic to you.

I spent a lot of time hoping and wishing and even some bleeding trying to hide some things and hit ignore. I didn’t want to embarrass myself but now I can’t help but think whose opinion had me running for the shores. if I compromised who I was just to be liked then I would end up robbing me of conscious and sleep. Who has more value then me in my mind, at least now I can’t speak of before. I have to protect myself and my very fragile psyche as I am trying to learn how to make it on my own. The only thing worse than being betrayed by a friend is watching how they can easily turn on each other. I can’t get involved with all that high school drama. When you are caught in the tailspin sometimes you being to lose sight of what you planned for the future all that hope, positivity and light. Loyalty is easy. You can see who sticks around you. Who leaves and tries to come back after getting turned out again. I hate those who whisper behind other people’s back like they were given some sort of honour to do so. It may not be honour but it is a sure sense of pride that has women speaking down each other to ignite a fight. For me it is easy. I know what I love and I know how I want to be celebrated. So Life, if I am the only one participating in I better make it good because there is only one person to impress after all. You don’t like what I am wearing or how I part my hair that is ok I didn’t wake up wondering how it is I could get dressed for you.

Life feels better when you are wondering how it is you are going to impress you. What is it I like and what colour is my mood today. How can I get the most of each minute, hour, day? If there is an opinion that matters I am able to fix it and feel freer from the weight of it all. There is no better feeling than a smile and a heartbeat that originates from pure love and soul. If you could make a heart race with a blink of an eye and a head shake don’t you think your heart is the one that is worth all that racing for. Make your own heart beat loud with excited anticipation like you could never fail. Take control of your destiny and have faith in the fall because if you believe in yourself there is no matter to how high you can fly.

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