Looking Behind to Lift Up

I think the biggest tragedy in life is our inability to fully experience life in the way that it was intended. The way we are content in perverting the human mind to get it to a place that it is no longer worthy. That we get them to believe that their life is a lie and invalidate their feelings. I remember being bullied almost as much as I remember being the bully. There were safety in numbers and when we all came together we would all pick on one. I hated those moments in my memory when I was being mean just to be liked. At the time the one that we were being mean too didn’t even recognize what we were doing. I guess that is how we came to be secret friends and some times he would wonder down our way. But when it came to teasing him at school I would still participate in the game. This was my first exposure though to society and the way social classes separated us. What I didn’t recognize then was somebody who needed maybe a lil help. Rumour had his mom as an alcohol and his dad as an absent drunk. We would tease him because of his clothes, shoes and anything else that made him difference than us. Somewhere inside all of us is the opportunity to release our inner mean. So instead of taking an honest look to connect with maybe a similar mind we let our physical differences come between us and learned just how to be cold.

We see examples of this littered throughout time. The Egyptians had slaves to build these ginormous pyramids for no other purpose than to break the inner peace of average normal day people. Keeping an era supressed by archaic means and back breaking labour it is no wonder that more of us didn’t realize our full potential. How could anybody be when from the time they came out of the womb they were having their dreams shattered all around them. It was from their blood, sweat and tears that our destinies were predetermined. They built their dreams on the broken minds of others. Where is there any compassion in entities like that. There is no grace and honour in living rich while you watch others die pour. Nobody possessing any nobility would watch the innocent splatter of blood or the molestation of our children without using any and all financial means possible to expose these sins. What happens when they begin to fightback against the unjust and unequal? They end up six feet under and we are told they selfishly ended their lives instead of being our guidance through life that we crave so earnestly. Think of every cover story ever dreamed into existence. Now ask yourself if they had a secret who would it affect most. Would it finally set us free, free against our captors or would their defiance bring more sacrifice their way. Anybody else who thinks that we are born equal are the ones to watch out for the one’s harbouring secrets. The ones who kept slaves over all these years and think it was their God born right. God would never want others to be sacrificed in order for another to gain. Be it financially or spiritually that thought should never exist.

The wealth that was acquired came out of the expense of every day people just like you and me. Trace the lines back far enough and you will see that those we have chosen to worship are the ones that have stolen away from us. If you came into money what would you do? Would you hoard it amongst yourself or would you try and save others. Wouldn’t you want to save others from this proverbial noose that hangs around their heads. The rich get richer and the rest of us end up dead. What is to gain from financial repression? The only gain feasible is the suppression of our spiritual being. Keep the segregation so that the end is always near. We become a feeding ground on each other looking for the weakest amongst us. If we can’t fight back from the things that internally pain us we lash out onto others trying to reduce them to feeling how we feel. If we are all in this together than it doesn’t feel so alone. We are mad at the wrong people this I know for sure. How can life be a competition when it is ours to own alone. How do we let the lies of some forever take away from who it is we were born to be. Words are so superficial and shallow and there is so many ways to read between the lines. When I see something intentionally I can’t help but speak my mind. Put those on blast who harm you and prevent others from falling prey. We are in this ride together and we should all see it that way.

how can we fully appreciate our lives when we are captivated by what other people thinks. The condescending way they pick apart our appearance and leaving us feeling inadequate more like a stray. People don’t go out of the house wearing their ugliest sweater and horrible pants. They go out in what they love, what makes them feel best. Sometimes they are down and out and their outward appearance has become the picture of how their insides felt. To comment on something when it is so obvious that they are feeling down shows your depravity and shows how you are vain. It is in the same way that some chose to whisper about, “oh my god did you see what she is wearing”, or ,”I can’t believe she is here.” The way some chose to dominant an experience like it is only theirs to be given. How they isolate and torture those they have decided to hate. They prevent them from making friends and connecting with their true soul. They are like vultures preying on the weakest and these people I blatantly ignore. I used to be a mean girl, then I grew up. I rarely look behind me unless it is to help another lift up.

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