Through Daisy’s Eyes

Having an attitude that is grateful and an attitude that is appreciative is some of the key components we all need to having a happy life. Getting weighed down by the negative is one of the ways that life gets taken away from us too. We ruin our own lives when we fail to see what is right in front of us because sadly somebody somewhere is more worse off. Sure my life isn’t perfect but I still have heat and hot water and food in my cupboards. A son who talks too much but is inquisitive by nature. Some would say that being followed from room to room by a variety of cats and dogs would be annoying but to us it shows just how much we ae loved. Life could be better if we were off seeing the world but would it? I think that is why we bought the bus. We wouldn’t to be able to take as many as possible. Well as many that made the most sense.

So let’s try an experiment. Just to see if we can have an influence on the outcome of my future. I think a majority of my posts of had an underlying negative tone but I am going to change my ways. For the month of March I will talk about what I am grateful for and what I appreciate because if I surround myself with those thoughts I will have no choice to emit a more positive outlook and hopefully lust for life. There is no denying hardships have found me relentlessly for who knows how long it seems. I am still grateful for the turbulence because it helped me so to see clearly what in life is most important and we should be most grateful for. Not because it feels good but when it comes to matters of the heart those who enjoy our company and truly love us go a little wingy when left astray. The more I surround myself with different forms of life you can see what makes us all similar and all worthy to an existence fulfilling, nurturing and gratifying just the same. From the time I started the medication to encourage the loss of our unborn child I was very groggy and out of it and everything became such a blur. I knew we had moved Daisy (my budgie) into a bigger cage so I just thought that she would be ok, especially when my husband promised to peak in. When I finally went to see here and take her out of her cage my heart broke. She as little scratches near her face, neck and especially around her eyes. Whatever you think caused this reaction was only fortified when I would try to take her out and she would bite me so hard. In addition to her biting she wouldn’t sit in my hand. She was mad and she was angry and I couldn’t blame her for how she felt. All animals no matter all small all have a reaction t be isolated and cut off from the rest of the world. What I am thankful for in this experience it taught me the importance of interaction for all living things. We all thrive on companionship and attention and Daisy reminded me of hat. All she wanted was some time to be just with me. Since I saw what she had done to herself I have made a huge effort so spend time with her more. It is hard in a house full of cats and a toddler who is trying to figure out his boundaries and limits. But I do get in a really good size visit and as many small visits that I can fit in through the day. Her feathers are growing back and she sings and dances like she used to because let me tell you when I thought I robbed a bird of a song I just didn’t think I could sink any lower.

Of course I am not thankful in any shape way or form for anything that happened that week. But if I had to dissect I would have to say it made me realise just how important it was to ensure that my animals and critters are happy. It was always a lot of work that stems more than feeding and cleanliness. It is assuring that they feel validated in their existence and they don’t spend their whole lives not knowing what it felt like to not be in a cage. I can see it in Daisy’s eyes when I take her to the window her eyes can’t seem to take it all in. I feel sad that she will never know true freedom and if she ever did who knows how long she will survive. It is nice to see her still interact with her parents in a cage beside her and her twin sisters on the other side. She can’t be left in cages with them because they just fight and she is small compared to them and no matter who you are you deserve to live in peace. I am scared for the direction that we have taken in life. The one that allows us to annihilate whatever we can’t tolerate or what we need to sustain us. Not even to sustain we love to live gluttonous and to over indulge when it comes to our sense though we have none. We need to heighten what naturally feels good and remember who we used to be it will only be then that we have a fighting stance.

Even while out walking my son and dog today the air was too crisp and biting at my cheeks. The look of elation on my son and even my pup had me even smiling from ear to ear. The crisp sound of ice or the frozen mud in puddles had me thinking of memories from back at school. Life was sure simpler when there wasn’t too much to worry. Sure there were tests but does anyone really fail. What an incredible time to be a alive before technology took off. We were one of the last generations not to be known for having cell phones. I had a pager first then by college I had the craziest looking cell phone. It was like a giant lego cube with letters sharing the number keys. Texting anything legible took hours and if you had been drinking good luck! Payphones were a real thing back in high school. You needed a quarter to call anyone and even more if you needed to call out of town. We weren’t up each others asses like we are now and maybe that is why we are less gracious when it comes to the big picture. With life at our fingertips it is easy to forget what brings us to life. I suppose it becomes easier when we are able to slow down and see it from another’s eyes.

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