Love Helen and Pete

My Grandparents were great people with a love similar to Allie and Noah that’s how they should be remembered and deserved to be remembered. This is how I remember them so I will share their story. Bringing them back to life in all their glory. I remember a picture of them sitting together on their front steps of the house they built.

Fearful by Love

It’s like in that one single moment you have no idea where your body ends and theirs begins. You can’t breathe, think, move or do anything. Angels saved me from indulging in the only truly love I have ever known. Say what you will about angels but I feel them everyday. They remind me what would be lost if I would have lost my mind and heart that night.¬† Destiny has a way of nudging you in the right direction.

The Err of Human

It’s like none of us ever existed. He washed his hands free. He has nothing to do with any of us. He hates us all for whoever is watching to see. I can’t imagine a woman who would shun her mates family. Painting them evil so you end up focusing on her white trash instead. The apples don’t fall far from the tree. How can your offspring be content in not wondering who this mysterious man in their life.

Living Different

We aren’t going anywhere. There is no escaping the inevitable so why insist on bending¬† and conforming others to your will. Everything changes in a blink in an eye good intentions formed from bad decisions that make it impossible for anybody to go back.

Escalated Truth

I prefer to watch true crime because it is the truth. It takes the bad side of what makes us human and puts it on display for us all to see. I am just like the masses who say, “Oh I don’t watch the news there is too many depressing stories in it.” Life is depressing when you open your eyes.

Just a Day

Right now I feel like I am in the eye of the storm waiting for something else to occur. It’s because it is Friday and my husband is already done work for the day so he and the Schmoo or off shopping at Wal-Mart for necessities (whatever those maybe). So for now my mind is asking itself am I doing enough or am I doing nothing?

The Existence of Pain

I was convinced that the more hurt that I could take on the less hurt that would be out there for others to feel. I was doing everything wrong. I would drink. I would party. I would stay out late. More than likely black out. Be an active member of the workforce and do it all over again.  I was not even a hot mess. I was a disaster and living with the pain was a common thing.


Can you believe the tumor they diagnosed her with was something they determined started to grow with the release of her hormones. Basically as she was becoming a woman her death clock turned on. That is the easiest way I can think of explaining it.

To Be Finished or Whole

Sometimes society though sings another song. Sometimes it is easier to live in a world with little or no expectations but then that is all we will ever be. Wouldn’t you rather be a continuous work in progress than a shell of a person you were destined to be.

The Subject of Mortality

Once again trying to start a conversation he asked if I thought the World would ever be “normal” again. Of course I believe that life as we know it will correct itself like it has done for thousands of years. The only concern that I have is what all this science, medicine and technology is doing is prolonging the inevitable.