The Subject of Mortality

A conversation about mortality had to happen with all things going around our house these days. Losing the baby, his friend’s passing and now a family member of ours is in the hospital and it looks like they are not going to be able to return home. Through no fault of your own. Truly. If you were even a sliver of your former self what happened wouldn’t have been so complicated but with age we all get weak and things happen that would normally not happen and now here we are. What is most important about this chatter is that on the way out my husband was talking about how sorry that this was all happening. And without thinking I asked Why? None of us can escape death, it comes for every single one of us. He stopped talking and began thinking and so did I.

Driving past all the houses and fences some up kept some boarded up I couldn’t help but think that what was in tatters was somebody else’s dream come true. Somebody else took such immense pride when they first came to be living on that property and now look at how it stands withered and aged. I couldn’t help but wonder if they were still of this Earth or if they fulfilled their celestial purpose here on Earth. I looked at the trees and the creeks that inhabited the fields and couldn’t help but think of how long it was all just as it was. Trees have been here for hundreds of years. They have seen things some of us have never seen. They are living somewhat breathing things that we all seemed to take advantage of our ignore. We carve initials on their bark and other animals take up habitat within their lives. Whatever we need to sustain us nature has provided there was no need to add anything more.

Once again trying to start a conversation he asked if I thought the World would ever be “normal” again. Of course I believe that life as we know it will correct itself like it has done for thousands of years. The only concern that I have is what all this science, medicine and technology is doing is prolonging the inevitable. What we were supposed to learn in life was not to prolong the inevitable. We were supposed to learn and embrace each other with infinite kindness and hope that we can save mankind and work towards a better future. Plagues come throughout history to thin out the pack. We as humans were never supposed to over populate the Earth and take over Nature like it was our prize to win. Nature will begin coming for us in all the ways predicted. I hate to point any fingers anywhere but it easy to spot those with ill intentions. I mean look at the way that hate groups justify their actions like they are blessed or something. We had a white pride parade in our city can you believe there is such a thing? Every person that marched in that parade became the executioner in those gas chambers that Hitler used to annihilate millions. Imagine having a parade to celebrate the inhumane torture of over 11 million human beings in today’s time. Oh wait we just did. We allowed the blood spilled in those chambers wash through our streets as hate began to blanket our town. One proud member punched a disabled man 3 times in the face before he turned his rage onto his wife. This is who some people are now. Who wants to live where this kind of hate is celebrated in our streets. I speak of hate because when it comes to life how dare anybody infringe their feelings and beliefs onto anybody else but here we are acting violent and ending lives just for literal shits and giggles.

Everybody feels like somebody because somebody else decided to take it away. We cry over spilled milk while billions die from lack of it. We are all very lucky to be where we are with the potential to all have a good life lived but we can’t. We can’t love unconditionally with no strings attached because there is always the risk that they will one day take their love away. Their love will go away but why does that matter why close your heart off from what nature intended to be full and nourished and bloomed. That has now become who I am wanting to be somebody who loves those even the ones who aren’t worthy. Not because of who THEY are but because of who I am. We all were the life of a party at one time weren’t we? Then all of a sudden we are reduced nothing at all. You could be taken painfully, suddenly or maybe peaceful in your sleep. None of us can escape it though everyday that passes takes us one step closer to that door. I had to ask my h

Now my turn to ask the question because it has been eating at my mind. Have you ever had the conversation with somebody that if their life was ever reduced to an incapacitated brain or body where there was no quality at all would you promise to take them out to the mountains and leave me up there. Some say to shoot them and my mother was always just let me fend for herself. Would you support them in assisting suicide knowing that the person they once was is no longer there? Maybe it is Dementia, Parkinson’s, Mania or whatever it maybe who has stolen them away but I mean don’t allow the Doctors to be the ones can you be the one administering that kiss of death? Don’t allow the Doctors to be the one and have that dark secret weighing heavy on their heart. We need to be more accountable and present in the lives we live instead of looking for longevity and prolonging the end.

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  1. Dear Sweet Ruby,
    First off I will like to say that I am so sorry for the Grief which your Family has suffered over this last few months, and I mean that, and if there is anything I can do (I know the usual, but I mean it Ruby, not just saying it) just ask, you know where to find me. You have had way too much taken from you, more that you should have in such a shot space of time.
    Mortality and Morality? Well, no I never have had that conversation with anyone, until now, here with you. Depends on the reason to be honest. Mania, no, I would not, but I would try my level best to help the person has best has I can, support them, help them, heal them, Guide them. With something like Dementia or Parkinson’s, or even Paraplegic where Death is not certain, and the illness has stripped away everything, then Maybe I would, but depends on Who they are to me, and if we have had that conversation. Regardless of if it Legal or not, if we are/were very close, and we have had that conversation, then yes I would.

    But saying this Ruby, I would not ever ask someone, anyone to do that for me, fine a DNR, no problem, Turn off life support if there is no hope of recovery, fine, but to ask someone who I care about to end my Spark, No, I could not leave them with that feeling, I would not want to leave them with that Feeling that they Killed me, whatever the reason for doing it. But they would have to be close to me for me to do it for them. Kindred.

    We Are But Mortal, and Mortals Can Only Die, But Most will strive to put off the inevitable Ending which comes to us all, Regardless of Faith or how we live our Lives. It is what comes after which they are worried about, Where do we Go from here? That is the Question. You have a Good Soul Ruby, and a Heart filled with Love and Compassion, even for the Haters (Oh yes I can believe it, surprised it happened in Canada,) but yes, not surprised that they have a “White Pride” bullshit. But Everybody Dies to Break Somebody’s Heart, some more than others, some will not be missed for long, others forgotten before they are laid to Rest, while some Touch the Hearts of many and who’s memory will last years after they are gone. Haters will be haters, because it is easy to hate and attack those who are weak when you yourself is weak, Pride, but in passing will they be remembered, and how long for? Will there be tears for days or weeks, or just a hole and stone to remember. It is Hard to Love others, all others when they themselves all they can do it Hate, It is Hard, a Hard thing to do, but it is what makes a Good Soul, who will be remembered, who will Balance their Karma, and Rest Easy when they Pass Beyond this Earthy plane.


    1. There is no feeling more humbling than looking in the eyes of your hero and have him not recognize you. Where others refuse to visit because it is to hard on them I tried to be at my Grandfather’s side. Does it hurt when he talks to you like a stranger? Even now ten years later I cry. I would go because for years his eyes would be red from crying and he would be sitting soiled because his care aides didn’t seem to care too much. I can’t help but thing of the days when he was at his strongest full of life now reduced to where others just wanted to throw him away. They gave him pills to prolong the inevitable till he started hiding them and passed in his sleep. Sometimes I wish I could go see him again because for every hour I spent with him it took one second to fill my heart. The second he remembered me and I could tell him I loved and appreciated his life.
      Thank you for being my friend ❤ it means alot.


      1. Your reply had me in tears, not ashamed to admit it Ruby. Then With Him, had we had that conversation, yes, it is no life to live like that, but like I would have, he dealt with it his way, went on his own terms. My Path, I have a Respect for all life, but also understand that sometimes one of us needs to let go and Pass onwards, to carry on the Journey in the next Life or Hereafter. This is why I know that I would be able to assist someone, but most will carry the Guilt for the Rest of their Lives.

        By remembering him Ruby, he is always there, always Honoured, Always Remembered. Close your eyes, think of him, deeply, and he will be with you, you are keeping his Spirit and Spark alive, always deep within your Heart. Even if others cast him aside, you were strong enough to be there for him, even if his Mortal brain did not know, his Soul did.

        I am very Honoured to be classed has Your Friend Ruby, that means so much to me, Thank you.


      2. You are very welcome 🥰


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