Just a Day

So I have free moment in between the chaos and thought I would pose the questions to you all…What do you do in a day? What do you have to accomplish in each day to make you feel like you did something? Is there a daily list of have to’s that you generally follow then you make the rest up as you go? Right now I feel like I am in the eye of the storm waiting for something else to occur. It’s because it is Friday and my husband is already done work for the day so he and the Schmoo or off shopping at Wal-Mart for necessities (whatever those maybe). So for now my mind is asking itself am I doing enough or am I doing nothing? So I pose the question to you.

My day starts sometimes quietly depending on if the dogs wake up or not. If I think I can accomplish what I need to do or if I should try and get up. It seems once anybody’s feet hit the floor we have to get up. And judge me if you want but our son still sleeps with us. So do 3 dogs and 9 cats. We gave up thinking we were ever going to be a normal family a long time ago. I told my husband how can you blame him for not wanting to stay where all of us are. They are all here for a reason because they feel safe and loved. If you want him to sleep in his own room you will have to carry him because I am just going to wake him up and if we have learned anything about sleeping bears….don’t poke the bears!!! Depending on time I usually read till I get inspired , then blog then see what time is it after that. If the sun is just starting to warm up the day then I peak into the critter room and open the blinds. I check to make sure everybody is still doing alright just like when I “tuck” them in at night pulling down the blinds signifying sleep. In that room alone are the 3 pairs and my love Daisy, Barney (skinny pig) and Pipin (chinchilla). I always check to see if they are happy if they need anything and how can I make their lives better. I have become connected with my families energy so when I am down I feed off them and vice versa for them. I think that is why it is easy to ignore the communication problems with my husband. Who has time to conjure up bad feelings when you barely have time for those that want your love.

Usually by this time the dogs are out of bed and like mentioned before I have to stagger the exit time so the 150 pound puppy doesn’t bother the other dogs. Then it’s breakfast for them which I have to monitor because the big ol senior guy is on a diet and he quickly inhales his food so he can bully in on the others. More outside time, barking, Schmoo getting up, house to clean, laundry to do, cat puke to clean (they love their grass). More scrubbing, polishing, dusting….You have to clean everything everyday and that is not including bed sheets from accidents in the night. Have I mentioned that the young tough adolescent cats have taken to bullying our one tooth senior cat? If they see her out and about they attack her and they love a good ambush in the litter box. I know what you are thinking why not get rid of her but she has already returned twice. When you fall in love with the being and not the species something beautiful truly occurs. She knows that we love her because we don’t give up on her. We take her to the “facilities” and keep the bullies away and try to keep her safe. She is the only cat that we are taking camping with us so she can get a break from the constant side eye. You think she wouldn’t be happy but let me tell you she is, you can tell by the way she comes and snuggles with us at night. Even during the day if she knows you are taking a nap she will snuggle up and sing you to sleep. She is my sweet Daffodil and she is as fluffy as a cloud. Love truly shines from deep within.

Then there is the barking from everything that moves outside from kids, to birds, pine cones from falling trees and the deer who always seem to strut by. I barely talk to humans anymore. I am tired of my voice especially when I have had to hear it non stop yelling so loud. From dogs and cats and even my kid just take me out to the woods right now! I think that is why I have become obsessed with my garden and the process of growing from the water and the dirt to the beginning s of the seed. Ever seed that I am planting has been stared with love I am 100 percent involved with the process. I have so many seeds sprouting and a handful of plants potted it is going to be an incredible season that is for sure. My goal is a back to nature approach these upcoming seasons with weekends away and all that jazz. Just the 3 dogs, a cat and probably Daisy it doesn’t sound very relaxing does it. It all depends on how you look at life and how you spend your day. I think that is what has me all confused. On top of that all I like to play my violin just to connect my mind with sound and my spirit from deep within. What is in a day and does it even matter? I guess that maybe how you define yourself and the value you put in to time spent.

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  1. Ruby, no one can Judge you for letting your little one sleep in the same bed has you, everyone is there, so why not, at least the good point is you can keep an eye on him, and close if he wakes up during the night.

    At this time, no daily list, except check my emails, check the blog, then whatever needs doing, shopping, cleaning, packing, washing up, whatever needs doing I do it, in a Few months it will be very different for me. (Add the fact that the UK is still in Strict Lockdown).

    I think that you do enough, add the Garden, more than enough for a day, and Nature and Animals are far better that trying to talk to people.

    Daffodil, bless her, but she is part of the Family, why get rid of her, yes maybe a little extra work for you, but I bet she is worth it.

    If and when you get time to play, always worth it Ruby, always, Feeds the mind and Soul that little bit more


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