Escalated Truth

Crime is the only escalation of truth that we as humans have become obsessed with. We see it in the way we live our day to days and what hero’s throughout time we decide to worship. Look what we have done to each other and still do to each other under the pretense of it is our right and we were born wild and to be free. Somewhere along the beheadings, witch burnings and and this weird sense of entitlement to find a superior race we forgot what it means to be alive and more to that being human. Inside each of us has to be the power to unleash good things or what would be the point of this all anyways. If there can be great evil why can’t there be something great. Why are we so focused on the downswing of life instead of finding those that can lift us up? I am still obsessed in trying to find that person or being that made us do the things that we do. What inspired the first serial killer to want to kill over and over again or the rich who sit upon their gold counting for eternity instead of saving those that it can. I just need to know who herded us down this path of darkness instead of taking us up towards the light.

I prefer to watch true crime because it is the truth. It takes the bad side of what makes us human and puts it on display for us all to see. I am just like the masses who say, “Oh I don’t watch the news there is too many depressing stories in it.” Life is depressing when you open your eyes. That senior you passed walking on the street hasn’t had a visit from family in 5 years, that mom driving her 4 kids in the mini van just lost her husband, the guy behind her just lost his job. Everybody has these tales of sadness they carry on their shoulders but they have nobody that is willing to help share in carrying in some of that weight. We are too busy and too bogged down by what drives us, almost like the hamster in the wheel who gets tired of running and just lays down and lets himself fly. We are so stretched from our reality we have forgot where we are even coming from anymore anyways. The neighbour disputes always intrigue me because I can never understand how you can let the seed of hate and anger take such a strong hold. There are so many crimes all over the world that will make you wonder who it is you are sleeping beside and if maybe it is better to be sleeping forever alone. I watched a neighbour burrow a tunnel under his house to his neighbours, crawl through the hole and killed her. Imagine that!!! Another neighbour had a fist fight with his neighbour and decided that cutting off his head and putting in the oven will change the facts of what he had done. This is where our mind goes and is willing to go after all that we have put it through. The trauma that we allow ourselves to be exposed to is truly out of this world. Why do we want to hurt each other and why do we want our children to do the same. Trust me when I say this I grew up in a time when saying n*gger wasn’t a terrible thing. In my childhood mind I thought it meant Nigerian nobody ever explained to me the origin of that word and that is only 30 years ago. Thousands of years on this planet of being human and we have no idea how to be nice to each other yet.

Crime is the inability to process away the consequences of your actions. You can single handily ruin many lives with one small choice. It doesn’t matter if it is somebody’s son, mother or daughter what matters the most is your perverted intent and restriction of free will. None of us has been given the power to bend the rules to suit us best. But wait. We have hand selected those that get to rule over us and torture us with poverty, illness and for the very unfortunate living in squalor conditions. This has always bothered me. I didn’t choose to be born in this life I just ended up here. I could have been in anywhere in the world during anytime and for whatever the reason this is the time that I have found myself in. We need to honour that instead of trying to conform the future into our own free will. We are lucky in some ways but then I look to see that as a society we have progressed backwards because the essence of life should be all that we see. We should want to make amends to the families that were wrong not because they were wronged by our hands but because they were ever wronged at all. It could of been us. It could have been me , it could have been you or I could have been born William Andrew Robinson who spent 7 years and 5 months as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. Imagine that life. Now look at yours. Bet that roof over your head and coffee that you are drinking never tasted so good. Some days I like to eat minimally just to feel the pains that those who suffered for us endured. Life will always feel pressure when you consider all things.

I wonder what stops us from living simply within the wondrous magic that used to fill all things. I see it in the seeds I start as they push through the dirt looking for love and light. From my hands to dirt I can initiate the start of life and see living things. Such a miraculous and humbling experience to watch it start from where it all began. For most of us we are too busy to stop and watch the seed as it grows upwards. Its how most of us view life. Too busy to watch the sunrise or feel the dirt between our fingers and toes. One of the times I felt most alive was when I got caught dancing in the summer rain. Some of us will never experience the true feeling of life and peace. Maybe it is not knowing what life could have been for some of us and not slowing down to appreciate the beauty within.ion

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