The Secret To Self

The secret to life and the secret to self are truly one and the same aren’t they? That is why our purpose here is different for each of us. Not one of us are exactly similar with tastes and desires. Some of us will hit it off and others will just feel like nothing. Although not every life is the same there would have to be similarities. Hints of what to try to make your time here on Earth a little bit easier. Underneath some clouds are bound to be bouts of depression. Especially if your purpose seems a mystery or maybe you felt somehow mislead along the way. Maybe the path we take to where we are needs to lead us to self discovery. There where we find ourselves we can be truly happy.

You have to appreciate everything you have been given that includes yours strengths and weaknesses. The stories you have in your arsenal to use to connect with people. It has always been easier to feel relaxed in the company of people we think we may understand. Unless their experience was way crappier than ours than then they win over our sympathy. They should win over ur sympathy and hopefully make it easier for us to relate. What real pain have we experienced in this turn of the century. It feels like to me we have been called out for being dirty. Like a hey y’all we weren’t born to do what we are doing so take a good hard look at your actions. Are you living for you or are you just living for the wheel. The wheel I speak of is the one that the hamsters can’t get enough of no matter how many times they fly from it.

The life that I love runs similar to Dita’s (Dita Von Teese, “Your Beauty Mark”. Maybe not so glamorous with the body suits and rhinestones. What I am loving about her book and I have only just finished Chapter 2 is the affirmations I am receiving that are reflecting back onto my life. Everything she is saying I have thought in some form. My body that I have been given is the only one I got. I feel this need to be better to her for as long as I may have her. That means better food choices and hopefully sleep and catching up on my water. Style I think is everything or at least it should be. If we aren’t daring to be different in some sort of way we are just barely blending in. I have had so many ideas of the style I want to unleash onto the world when we are able to do so again. I wouldn’t call it style I would just call it me. My visions of a flourishing greenhouse also reflect on her approach to nutrition. Can you imagine 10 years of cray bodybuilding diets and the struggles I endured following the diet I read something I want to follow and something that has finally sank in and made sense. She’s a performer and she is very beautiful and lean. She has made me a believer though that we can all be just like she. Why wouldn’t you want to eat all the finest foods if you could. My greenhouse will provide delicious salads and veggies that I just can’t wait to devour. There’s green smoothie recipe and even some recommended weekly exercises. I am committing myself to a month at least of her weekday workouts. Wish me luck.

Confidence is key. Confidence means that you love who you are and you love what you wear and the opinions of others will never shatter or penetrate you. Who do you want to be remembered for and what do you want to be wearing when you make your exit from this world. I always felt real frumpy in anything less than Pin-Up now I think I finally understand that it wasn’t so much of a style it was simply just me. The look that I feel most comfortable resenting. We all have to have one. I just like to very much be dressed up and looking like a girl. A housewife even better but never really in the same outfit. I love, love, to accessorize and that has long been m thing. Ha! Maybe that is the draw and the connection I have always been looking for. I think I was born to be a personal shopper IN New York City. I have always been pulled to that city and an Astrologist said I would only be happy when I was surrounded by fire and green. I used to believe the fire was my red hair but that has since been put out I think I need to go and have a re chat to see where we go from here. I still am working on my style as I haven’t felt drawn to just one era or theme or whatever you may call it. I just like what I see when I look in the mirror which makes me truly believe that I have begun dressing for me. And I think that maybe key. At least a key to happiness. That liberating feeling when you see that the path you are on has been trodden on before and it is ok to be a little bit delirious as long as you are happy. I know how long it took to get here and I sacrificed a lot for these moments so if I can help another by sharing my story than than I should do so. We should all share our experiences because some where somebody is listening. Needing to hear and agreeing with most things. Life can be simple and it sure can be sweet made even better with the people that we meet. The ones who accept us for who we always were or maybe waiting a lifetime for something to never occur.

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  1. The secret to life and the secret to self are truly one and the same? Yes, I think that they are Ruby, for you can not be you if you are just fighting your Life, so yes.

    The Style that you have Ruby, is the Ruby Style, different to Dita’s, but along the same lines, it is unique to you, and yes, you can really pull it off, because it is who you are meant to be. But one Question Darling, if I may be so bold here. Why the exercises? Are they for you or Dita? Or someone else, just playing Devil’s Advocate here, not being rude or picky. I totally understand the want to do it, I will be starting Chi Che soon, and maybe build up to go for a jog, give me a few weeks, but that is just for me. You have said in the past that you have done the whole Gym thing, and yes while this is different, Do you Need it? If yes, then I will shout encouragement from the rooftops (not that you will hear me lol), and be happy for every success you have.

    “only be happy when I was surrounded by fire and green” Autumn colours in the Country, and Green has always been Ireland for me, but you know that with the Paddy day dress up. lol

    It is your Style Ruby, and you do it so damn well


    1. I like that the exercises will help fine tune my muscles in my body to make movement easier to be healthier for my son. I just like her style and approach and the workout she suggests feels like it is something I can do long term.

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      1. Then Ruby I do honestly wish you all of the best with it, and maybe a few updates or videos 🙂


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