Human Nature or Thought?

I never imagined an existence where our basic necessities that make us human are slowly being taken away. With the impending doom of another 4 month lockdown there are so many people just like you and me that are hanging by the crosshairs and have no choice but to defy the Canadian Health Orders. Livelihoods are at stake and everybody is already fed up I am not sure how much longer this can go on for or how much more of this anybody can take. You hear how many people are choosing to defy this even though our numbers have reached above 40%. It is so crazy to me to think of what the outcome of this is all going to be and how much longer it will take for us to begin to return back to normal. what is going to be normal? I actually have no idea. I feel that the message is to dig down and get to know yourself and be prepared for whatever the outcome may be.

I can’t imagine what it feels like for those who live alone. And completely alone at that. I know friends that have moved during this time and it makes me so thankful that we own our house. There is a park nearby that me and Schmoo can enjoy but it’s not truly the same when you can’t get to know those out and about in your community. Except nobody is really out these days. It could be the last cold days of winter but it is so odd to see. The only thing left to entertain us is our technology. So many apps out there promising to pay us money if only we decide to invest our whole lifetime to stare at a screen. Ask yourself who benefits from being locked in your home the most. Then take a look to see who is trying to control the world. I don’t want to point fingers but it seems pretty obvious. The founder of all this obsessiveness also has a stake in keeping us under his control. Sustainable living by eating artificial meat. At first I loved this idea and I didn’t mind the taste but the cleaner my palette became the harder it became to eat. Why do vegetable take so long to grow? I can’t wait for my first home grown meal.

One thing we can do to help bring us all closer is to celebrate our small victories and our wins. Hell celebrate our losses too but bring a close knit circle with you there has always been safety in numbers and not while you are alone. So that leaves us stuck for now on social media platforms to try and make the world a smaller place. To let others know that we aren’t all alone and that here is somebody else out there that cares about you too. Too often we allow ourselves to sit too long in the darkness and from what I have come to know and see when it comes to life that everything that starts in the dark must also be brought into the light. You stop growing in the dark and you miss out in experiencing life when you shut yourself down and completely dull all of your senses. The only hope we have on coming out on the other side is to truly have a commitment to self and faith. I have no idea what is happening out there because I can’t handle all that stress. What my husband tells me is they actually boarded up and fenced off a church to prevent them from operating. It seems their faith was stronger than this pandemic disease. They even through him and jail and gave him tickets and fines. How is that for freedom? Don’t be fooled by Canada’s backbone because we really don’t have one. It is hard to explain to us why any of this is justified. I haven’t seen my mom for 2.5 years and I am confused on if we are vaccinating shouldn’t we be allowed a little less restrictions and a little more freedom? I think that there has to be a point where we are allowed to make a choice we are all aware of the risks so why is there the need for so much control in their eyes?

Anything is possible. Everyday I wonder if today will be the day. The day the world just spins out of control and we can move onto the next step, is it just me or do you feel like you are in the eye of the storm? It happened to millions of people before us. One day their lives were normal than they were hauled off to camps. Children ripped from parents. Parents being detained. With maybe just the basics needed to survive, this time. Unlike the last time the whole world is watching so there is only so much you can do. Things still happen behind closed doors. Human decency is removed. What we allow to happen to each other makes me disgusted inside. I watched one of my true crime stories this morning where the neighbour let his two pitbulls rip apart his other neighbour and it kinda hit close to home. She loved cats just like me. In fact she bought a house a few doors down to house some more. She had a huge heart and she loved to dance and she had fallen in love once again. How does life reduce itself to you are laying in pieces on a street. She was just in court a few days before asking for a restraining order because he had threatened to do that very thing. Life and the way we reduce it down to nothing in a blink of an eye. Except this took longer than a blink. It took 20 minutes under the very same neighbours bedroom window. No one came. Nobody helped her. Nobody was called until four hours later. Now reflecting back on the time they had to serve it makes me know for sure that they were living in Canada. Do you know what you get if you train your dogs to rip apart your neighbour? Three years that is it. If you are an accessory or had knowledge of said event 18 months. Not bad for somebody that made your blood boil is it? The dogs were shot when the police showed up they were dripping with blood and were thirsting for more. I knew the world was crazy but that is just insane the things we think we get away with then finding out you can.

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  1. Ruby Just want to say this to you, with Open Heart and in all Honesty Here. You Look absolutely, mind blowingly, Stunningly, Amazingly, Beautiful in this Picture. Just a Perfect shot, and Breathtaking. Thank you for posting it.


  2. So a 4 month Lockdown, we have just finished a 3 month one, another one, so I really can sympathise with you on it. But in honestly and in truth, you Government should have done it after Christmas, that way during the winter people will be less bothered about going out, but in Spring (well Canadian Spring) people want to go out more, because it is warmer, etc. But those who try to defy the Government will face the consequences, but people need to work, have business etc, so I do understand that point of view. But the lockdown will be harder on hose who live in a troubled relationship (I know that one) and you are stuck in doors, but it is nice out. People need to work and eat, but what cost is your Life Worth, and only individuals can answer that one? Is it worth catching this virus? Is Work or Faith more important than your Life, or the lives of your kin? This city (Hull, UK) was at the top for worse cases in the UK for a week at one point, but since the 3 months, and the roll out of the vaccine, things have so much improved in the UK. But for now the new normal is to not mix too much with others, and follow the Guidance, just to keep yourself and Kin safe.

    I would love to know with whom you are referring to Ruby, would be very interested to know, but I have never had artificial meat (unless you mean stuff like soya?) but I eat Pork has my only meat (which puts me at odds with several main Religions, this I know). But Fruit, Salad, and Vegetables take so long to grow at home because they are so worth it, they have taste (Cauliflower takes a full year to grow, toms grown indoors in a south facing window can get two in a year, same has with peppers). But they are worth it because they really taste nice and you know that there is no pesticides or harmful chemicals on them.

    Yes the eye of a major storm, and I am not the only one who thinks that the UK Government is going well above the need with the new laws being brought in. More restriction even while we ease lockdown, but Ruby, you have enough stress in your life, you need not worry about what is going on in the town, nothing to do or see, so stick with the Park, and all your fur and feathered family. Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely.

    Ruby a few of us, like you are Gentle, kind, wonderful, beautiful Soul, like the victim in this horrific attack, and has you said, it brings it home when we hear such sickening stories on the news or tv. Most, you know this well, are just plain Evil, sick, twisted individuals, and the fact it took 4 hours for someone to be called, that is the more disturbing thing, And 3 years, should have gotten Life with no parole, come out in a cardboard box (why waste beautiful Pine on someone like him).Justice, it seems, is really lacking for the victims of crime.


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