Self Worth?

How do you value your worth or do you allow somebody else to determine that for you? Really think about that. Are you confident with who you portray yourself to the world or are you still a work in progress? Do you see yourself as being an unfinished piece of art? Or are you convinced that you are perfect just the way you are? Can you say positively you wouldn’t change a thing of who you are or can you say without promise and conviction that although you do love who it is you have become you are most excited to learn who it is you were born to be. Are you overwhelmed by this experience preferring to be perfectly numb tjan finally allowing yourself to finally be free. Do you believe that born inside you is the chance to be something great if only you realized the value of your own currency. We spend our life times trying to operate in currencies that we were never destined to barter in. What a waste!

Our greatest fear is to have pride in ourselves only to have our positive attitude chased away. Imagine being in a room of like minded individuals only to have them nattering away about others that aren’t even in the room? This has always been a fear of mine. I have had this happen before more than once. How it made me feel as they ripped apart her personna, her demeanor, her life was sorrow. I felt sad that they could easily rip into those that aren’t there and I began to wonder what it is they would say about me. Glancing around a room of side eyes and whispers I knew this life would not be for me.

So how does one value themselves if they don’t have somebody valuing their very essence and being? Especially one who has grown tired of treading to keep their head above shark infested waters. Do we need to feed the sharks to keep them off our tails or are we always at risk of becoming their prey? It would depend on how we value ourselves and if we have what it takes to be true to ourself with unwaivering thoughts and ways. Only you know what it means to live your life authentically and to minimize the harm made to yourself and potentially others. I see how people treat others when they are seemingly in positions of power. So many of these “Queens” so easily blow out the flame of others deeming their own worth above all others. When we reach a point where we no longer celebrate our differences but find a way to keep each other apart I walk away. I know my value. I know my worth. And it is so much more than making fake niceties only to see others take aim at other peoples back sides. I am comparable to no being as I know I have been blessed with my image and my image alone. I wonder what breaks in another mentally to want to destroy somebody else. There are so many ways we engage in diminishing another that at times it is all I can see. We use words, we use violence, we enforce with a heavy hand forever ripping a hole in time we can never repair. Do murderers deserve mercy when taking a life or does salvation need to fall on their victim’s family?

My days have never been about, “how can I impress others today and win them over to who it is I am to be.” I have no time to be bothered by mindless thoughts as my worth is determined by onlt mean. What I do in a day is about what brings me joy creating the healthiest environment for our son. We care for our animals and attend to our garden and would you believe my son was getting mad at me because he wanted to wash the floors? What we do in a day is being watched by sponge like eyes who absorb everything we say and see everything we do that have no choice but to become the tiniest versions of ourselves. Don’t we want to give them the best chance to be all that they can be. I have daily goals that must see as trivial but to me they help me establish my worth. I blog, garden, read, clean, exericise. All these little things I do for me. I intertwine them throughout my day as I try to get all things done. My value isn’t determined yet but I do all that I can in the hopes of increasing it. Why allow somebody else to determine the song of my soul when I possess all the components I need to ignite it. My worth is something only I care about truly as only I control the wear and tear and how I allow others to diminish it. Yes the mind can grow weary and the heart can break but our soul is the light we need to guide us.

What are you worth and do you believe your worthy or did somebody else break you beyond repair? Did you know that even a heart can be repaired and you can learn to love differently but only if you are open to the process. Just because you wear your heart on your sleeve doesn’t mean others are allowed to break it. Why should those who love openly be held responsible for somebody else who took advantage of an opportunity and seized it? There are those who feel so low that all they know is to try and steal from you. Those people I no longer invest anytime. When you begin to understand your worth you no longer make time for those that no longer serve you. In a sea of superficial beauty it is hard to see the barracuda’s but in time they will become all that you see. Focus on what you know and what has always been important and watch your self worth climb astronomically.

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  1. Another Great post, very thought provoking Ruby.
    I, and I alone can really judge my worth, others can make a wild, or biased, or educated guess, and those who know me can make a good guess about my Worth. But only I, and the Divine really knows my True Worth.
    “Are you confident with who you portray yourself to the world or are you still a work in progress?” Both, I am very confident about me, but still always learning, and changing (Hopefully for the better).
    I Love who I have become (warts and all) But now that I am finally Free from all of the abuse, I am very excited to Learn who I will become next.

    I gave up worrying about what others think Ruby, a Long time ago, say what you want, do not care, but if you have valid comments (good or bad) I will hear them, but if you do it behind my back, then not worth my time worrying about. Just another Coward Bully.

    “So how does one value themselves” Easy Ruby, judge yourself on how you perceive yourself, good and bad, your thoughts, actions, words. The Love and affection you give, The Attention and caring you give. Or the opposite if that is your thing (in your case, not you). The Way you connect with people, deal with them, and your Motives, again, Good and bad. How do you Judge yourself? Do you like who and what you are. That is your True Worth, Being True to who you are, not a clone of someone else.

    But going to ask you Ruby, what do you mean Your Image alone, just your looks (has fantastic and stunning, and totally Beautiful as your Looks are, Perfect), or do you mean the Whole Package, Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul (which is ditto with your looks anyway, what I know about you from this distance).

    By the by Ruby, this Picture is just totally Breathtaking and stunning, totally mind blowing.


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