Lacking Human Decency

We live in a world where violence is normal and the very men and women we pay to protect us feel justified in murdering any person of colour. They focus on this preconceived notion that has been handed down to them similiar to the whips and chains they had designed to stay in control. Maybe I don’t have to worry or maybe it is all I can do. Didn’t you ever want to help the world in learning to love equally instead of this diseased reality we insist on living? Any time the decision is made to sever anybody, anybody at all from this reality justice needs to be served.

We, and I use this term generally, have been guilty of stripping our reality of any goodness we have left. There was no issue before of executing innocent people in a public setting. It seems for some the tradition continue. Another man was executed in the streets permenantly leaving his mother and daughter. His daughter will never grow to have her Dad present at school plays, dances, weddings…we did that. Any time we allow this behaviour continue we tell the rest of the world this is who we are and this is what we do. The execitioneer used to wear a hood to cover their identity. Maybe it was out of retiliation, fear or a sick twisted entitlement of taking a life with your own hands. Women like me who like to dress and put on my face and present a confident image to the world would be burnt at the stake. Imagine watching me burn for crimes of rouge and powder.

As an animal lover I notice all the similarities that run across species. They are filled with curiosity, hopes, love, passion and when one of them passes on they grieve in their own way. Everything that makes them into being can be found in another living being making life one of the most beautiful things. Why do we want to pervert it? Why do we want to destroy it? Did you really feel threatened by pulling the trigger or do you feel justified in what you have done. An eye for an eye they say. Did you know before using a tazer and pepper spray they actually need to feel the affects before being able to use it on anybody? Maybe they need to feel what it feels like to lose somebody they love by somebody who is suppose to protect.

Have you ever tried to feel like what it would be like to be hunted by our boys in blue? I imagine what it would feel like but there is nowhere my imagination will ever bring me close. How could I relate to walking home late at night to see a cop pulled over just ahead of me. My brain tells me that they are there to help, the colour of my skin makes it crawl and as I get closer I begin to sweat. Feeling nervous I want to turn and walk away but if I do they will determine my guilt and if they don’t shoot me in the back they will strike me down for resisting. It’s too late now I have reached the bumper of the car. Do I make eye contact or do I look down? Should I say hi or should I just keep to myself? Even now my fear subsides as I remember I am white and so is he. More than likely he will offer me a ride home.

In a world of phony’s and fakes and authenticity falling to the wayside there is no bigger tragedy than losing somebody we love. That is why we are here. That is our finite purpose. We are born into a family of love and establish our place in the Universe by a series of trials and errors that should never be punishable by death. No living being should be held at gunpoint by somebody they were told to trust right before they do. Imagine that fear. The running of intense anixety as one family is forced to grieve and the one with the power celebrates. We are terrible people with misplaced hearts that need to learn to live differently instead of tearing families apart.

Imagine your greatest accomplishment is being born white. You brain wash your offspring into doing terrible things hiding behind their cloak of ignorance, meanwhile your heart sings. This to me is not living when we impose on others a restriction of rights by some ludacris idea that was born before any of us existed. We don’t have to be bound by these ideas. We don’t have to allow these nightmares to affect who we are. It’s embarassing to think of a race that exclaims to be far superior just how far from grace we have truly become. We aren’t a forgiving species bound and determined to make the ripples in the time line a little less catastrophic. We need to learn from our mistakes and ask to be forgiven for all the things our ancestors did and beyond. Nobody has ever been born perfect and we should fear those who claim to be. If we were perfect, if we required no more work than what would be the purpose of living if we had nothing to aspire to be? To rob a life of a chance of a future to become something great where others have tried and failed, why can’t it be me?

Is it too much to ask that we all get to live peacefully and throw in happily or am I asking for too much? Life didn’t need to be so complicated until we wanted it to be, now what? I love all those who claim ignorance exclaiming it has nothing to do with me! It has everything to do with you as you are alive in this time. What those need most is human love and compassion and a little empathy mixed in. Life hurts relentlessly and we can be here for each other if only we were born blind. Every morning I am reminded how human decency is impossible to find.

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  1. No Ruby, I will strongly disagree with you on that final bit, Human Decency is not impossible to find, I see it every day, and even if you do not realise it Darling, so do you. You have no idea what I am talking about/ Look in the Mirror Ruby, Right Now, Right there is Human Decency for one.

    The Rest, totally agree with you, I have written as much myself. Animals are so much better than 99% of the Human Animal, it is just that 1% who make it a place which is liveable.


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