Day 5: 30 Minutes of Yoga

Ah yes the inward practice of achieving internal peace while using the body and mind. Requiring focus and training that is sure to enhamce any fitness routine as well as a spiritual reconnection. It is common to feel refocused and reenergized after practice leaving you wanting more.  The greatest gift about yoga is it truly can be practised anywhere with the only limitation being your mind. As somebody who frequented the gym twice a day in my body building days I was told of the importance of adding yoga to my routine but who has the time? And with bills to pay.

For hyper active individuals and even busier minds, the practice of yoga is rather difficult. Instead of using my breathing to identify points of tension my mind wanders to dinner plans, grocery lists, a long list of things waiting to be done. Anything I can think of comes to mind all while I am trying to center my being and indulge my senses with the possibility of higher enlightenment. That is the main point of yoga. To have a deeper sense of self while drawing yourself in to heal. Too often we allow all the negative distractions from the outside world penetrate our soul. The weight that we carry on a day to day basis is something we need to work on letting go to move past what restricts us and move towards a more accepting way of being. Being in control of your breathing is all you need to do is realign the mind. Like being lulled to sleep by the gentle waves of the ocean as your rowboat calmly makes it to shore.

Yoga has been around for awhile but I only tried it sometime in my mid twenties. I could see the value but the idea of setting aside 60 to 90 minutes to realign my core and possibly ignite my chakras seemed a little far fetched to me. A part of me wishes I gave up those grueling hours in the gym for something more calming but my spirit wasn’t ready for that kind of growth. There was so much pain left for me to experience. Now looking back I can see why it was necessary to go through so much but I had to in order to relate and connect with other people. Life is about the experience and how we relay that information to each other. Not all the times we turn our backs because denying is easy living your life can be hard.  When your laying on your back trying to forget the troubles of the world you either focus on yourself or heighten the feelings of anxiety. The more you practice the more you will achieve internal control and I don’t know anybody who couldn’t benefit from something like that.

The most important voice you will ever come to know is that little voice you call your own. Yoga gives your internal being a chance to reconnect with your outer being in order to propel you forward feeling more balanced and in control. The stronger connection we maintain with ourselves will help us make better choices in life, at least more in line with our wanton desires and needs. We don’t have to be bound by the limitations of others and we sure as heck don’t need to stunt our own growth. In enters yoga to be the spiritual glue we need to heal. There are so many types and so many ways and there are tons of applications and on-line videos for you to achieve your dreams. I used to do a quick early rise yoga routine simply from using my phone.

Yoga and it’s physical connection to our body shouldn’t be minimalized. Practicing yoga a few days a week is not only beneficial to your mind it increases lymphatic secretions, enhances blood flow, improves your mood, lowers amxiety and in some cases it can help with levening your moods. Enhancing your mood is directly related with how you control your rhythmic breathing and deep belly breaths. They say the greatest compliment is if you fall asleep during your practice. When it happened to me I couldn’t help but feel embarassed. My teacher told me there was no need to feel that way as me falling asleep was what my body needed, snores and all. I guess I should be relieved it was only the nose flute because the release of flatulence is common with all that bending, stretching and breathing.

Think of all the yogi’s you may have come across and the aura they exude into the world. When the spiritual mind and the physical world meet there is no limitations into what one can achieve. We wait our whole lives for some sort of balance never realizing the balance we need is something we already have inside. It is easier to blame everybody else around us then to acknowledge the truth we already know. We know we are running on empty and we are close to losing control. It seems we would rather numb our senses with drugs and alcohol then run full force into what is bothering us to try and understand. How else can a problem go away. Ignorance is bliss until it turns to cancer on your insides it is best never left ignored.

The point of the 30 day challenge was to look at the recommendations made daily to help us enhance our moods. There were so many different ones to choose from but they were all relatively the same so on a whim I just chose one of the 30 day challenges and dove in. Tired of allowing the negative events that are due to arise dramatically impacting my day I dared to live life a little diffefently and entertain something new. Right? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But we are broke and we do need fixing and there should be no shame in asking for help. We made the world too fast for expectations and now it has come time to slow the world.

Namaste 💙

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  1. Yoga, made with milk (or am I thinking the creamy stuff and not the exercise? )


  2. Sorry Ruby, it would have been very rude not to. But ok, in truth, no to Yoga, just in no way flexible or fit enough for that, but the Meditation and aligning aspect, do it all the time. But a friend of mine does facial yoga, and she loves doing it, so again, if it makes you happy, and is good for you, then So go for it, and all the power to you for being able to do it.

    Warrior Aspect, Chinese Martial Arts, that is where I first learned Meditation, and to align and Centre my being, Kung Fu, and from there I little bit of Tai Chi which works (for me anyway) as the cross over point between Self Defence, Yoga, and Meditation.But many ways to Align Oneself Ruby, But they are all very beneficial and All Promote Healing of the Mind, Body, and Soul


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