Day Eight: Listen to your Favourite Song

Where would I be without music? Who would I be without song? For as long as I can remember music has been my mood control allowing me to escape reality or marinade in the truth activating my senses and touching my heart. When do you listen to music? Is it part of your day to day, a special occasion or maybe you save it for a special day? How can you not allow yourself to lose yourself in the words and melody of something that moves you? The goosebumps, the hair standing on end, vivid imagery that activates memories, desires, dreams. How can you not appreciate music and all that it has done for us and will do in all our remaining years.

Music comforts us at funerals, makes us believe in romance at weddings and helps us celebrate at birthdays. Music may just be the only thing that reaches us when no one else can. Doesn’t it give us courage when we get ready in the mornings or gives us a little extra confidence when we are getting ready for a special date. Whatever the mood music can be found saying the words spinning in our minds and lingering on our tongues. To pick one song to be my favourite is just something I can’t do. Inside every song is someone’s vulnerable heart and raw emotion so how can we not at least appreciate that. I have been that one dancing wildly but I have also been the one to walk away. Prefering the lyrics of something softer, preparing a mood that only two can properly enjoy.

The choice of era that you play will also serve as a reflection of the day you hope to have. Are you feeling nostaligic, futuristic or are you content right where we are. Imagining a life lived differently even just for the day. What I find absolutely incredible is music’s ability to transform time and place. They bring loved ones back to us even if it’s for a short time. Holding your hand gently and reminding you of better times. Wanting to have a better grip of the imagery coming to life in my mind I decided to learn to play an instrument. My fingers beginning to control the synapses to my brain.

Songs are passed down through us and sung to our children bringing families closer together through something so familar. Reminding us of times when we were just little, oh how it makes me appreciate my mother. Who doesn’t like the reminder of happier times? Road trips. Family Vacations. Or even shopping trips to the local store, listening to the radio and when that dropped a mixed tape that we just so happened to make. My Dad was drawn to the 50s, mom was 80s rock, and me and my sister loved everything. Truth be told we just loved to bop.

Songs and their implications have always been my guilty pleasure while encouraging my mind to wander and erode. Between you and me (I have never confessed this to anyone) but when the Trade Towers fell I couldn’t get rid of the imagery. For years after the devestation of those taken sat deep down inside of me. My dreams were haunted with planes falling and lives taken. I wanted to quit school but I was in my last year so instead I became obsessed with that final day, hours and minutes. Gym goers with their ipods get lost in their tunes. You can’t expect all those in attendance to be motivated the same. Take me for example. In my music arsenal on repeat was every possible song involving Sept 11th in some way. When it was happening the music industry came together to inspire hope and encourage love. There was no shortages of heartbreak and devestation as we all lost something that day. For all those innocent beings who lost their lives that day, I wanted them to know I felt their loss. If only somehow I could take away their pain. Listening to, “Hero” by Enriques I would race up the stairs on the stair climber trying to find those lost. In my heart I kept telling them that I was sorry and it was ok now to come out of the dark and into the light. I don’t believe my life is more worthy than those taken that day. In fact one of the biggest honour’s of my life was getting to New York and paying my respects.

Music. I love music. I wouldn’t know where to start if I only had to pick just one. Looking back I guess I could see some differences between me and my husband that will always divide us and keep us apart. There was a time when I was getting ready for a car show, listening to music has I have done before and love to always do. My husband had come home from work and told me to shut that damn sh*t off. To me I tried to not take it personal but insulting someone’s taste in music is almost the same as insulting somebody’s weight. At least to me. That inevitable question…what music do you listen too, oh I love it all! Is something we have all said. And truth be told I do love it all in its own time and place. When someone takes the time to pet a pen to paper and put their soul out on the line don’t we owe it to said being to at least listen? And if the melody and lyrics move freely through us do we owe it to ourselves to allow our souls come to life and intertwine? The strongest connection I have ever made was when no words passed and we let the music do the talking instead. Just a look, a feeling, a connection that has pentrated deep inside of me and taken a hold of my heart that is still thete decades later. I could never just pick one song to listen to as it is my favourite. Instead I will listen to the songs that best compliments my mood for the day. Music is timeless and the words last for eternity not just for today but for always and all the other moments interlaced in between.

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  1. Hmmm, Music, well where to start. Depends on my mood really, and what I feel like I need to listen to at any given time. One such example is mid 80’s Thrash like Slayer, Megadeth etc when I am in my Manic Mood, when I just want to Rage at the World and thrash out my Rage. Usually it is 60’s to early 90’s Rock and Roll (Motorhead, AC/DC, Girlschool, Anything by Ronnie James Dio,) or Heavy Metal (Judas Priest) or more Blues Rock like Free or Black Crowes. But sometimes, just sometimes it is 80’s pop (Bangles for a start). Or old school 40’s- 90’s Blues such as Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Lightning Hopkins etc. Usually it is some sort of Rock and Roll, and no, one song, one track, out of the thousands I have, impossible to pick one, maybe one for an hour, but next hour, it could be something totally different.

    Yes I have had the “Turn that crap off” more than once, usually because I was playing Priest, Girlschool or The Cranberries, and yes, it is totally insulting when someone tells you that, especially someone close (even though you listen to their “Music” and not say a word, well, because it is their music.


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