Day 11: Go For a Walk

Something so simple yet we need the reminder to help us appreciate the simplistic beauty in each day. To be able to connect with nature in an intimate way where your senses are engaged instead of muted away. I am lucky enough that I live near a protected forested area minutes from my house. There is even a beautiful river we can throw pebbles and rocks into and if you look closely you can watch the little fry swim by. What I miss most about going for walks around our neighbourhood is the oppprtunity to connect with our neighbours. The pandemic has been successful at keeping them at bay.

Our house can get busy and there is nothing more welcoming then a reprieve from the all the noise to just be still with the wind. That reminds me of the time I chatted with an elderly gent. My son is very engaging and so am I with my wild hair. I think for some who see me they are taken off guard. There aren’t to many walking around in animal print and even bigger hair. I find a genuine smile and a “How do you do?” always breaks the ice. Let me tell you everyone is craving human interaction outside of their households and now is the time to meet with others who appreciate the beauty of life like we do. Walking around there is just the regulars (you can tell who they are by the way they greet each other) and they are all eager to welcome somebody new. This day we were talking about the wind. I mentioned that what could we expect from riding around on a big rock spinning around the sun. He paused and laughed and said I guess so. I miss good people.

So many set there senses to just one as they stuff in ear buds and listen to their favourite track. Living in a less than savoury neighbourhood as a young adult my ears were conditioned to listen to potential threats and not much else. Besides who can hear anything in such a busy city that never sleeps. It took moving to a residential neighbourhood and becoming a mom for me to fully appreciate and love the sounds of nature. There is so much life that surrounds you that if you move to fast you might miss or ignore. Me and my son try to notice it all. I encourage him to hug trees telling him they are living over us and we should be kind. We don’t know how each of our lifelines are connected so doesn’t it make the most sense to be compassionate towards all life.

Have you ever tried walking with your eyes closed. Fully absorbing your surroundings, trusting your senses and taking nature in. Deep cleansing breaths of fresh air feeding the trees and surrounding greenery. There is light in your step as your steps match the sounds of the chirping birds till a wayward chipmunk chatters comicly at a raven or bug. This moment in time when all life is working in sync is the epitome of feeling full on life and maybe even love. Think of all the hours you spend in a day. How many of those are spent with the sun warming your face, the wind carrying your problems away or the songs of the birds touching your heart. Where else can you find time to reconnect with yourself and with nature in such an honest and simplistic way? Slow down life you are moving to fast!

Walking is movement. Movement brings are bodies to life and tell others to get out of our way. So many people see getting from A to B requires four wheels because time is money and we have no time to waste. Those who are reduced to walking are doing so because they probably can’t afford a car. And heaven forbide those who pink slip their cars so they don’t have to walk.  When I moved to Alberta I kept central so I could easily get to work. I walked everywhere. I preferred it. Changing my routes periodically I was always finding hiding gems and magical stores, you know those little finds that a busy world chooses to ignore. Nobody understood this desire of mine to keep things simple and to get ahead. There were those who refused to include me exclaiming I was to poor to be bothered with. I get that stigma of walking because I have been bullied by ny choices before. We don’t want to be pointed out for what makes us different do we? What if that exposed others true colours bringing a different kind of peace to your shores. Who knew something as simple as putting you first would expose others weaknesses? Everybody has something to say until they see it doesn’t bother you then the move onto their next victim and walk away.

“I go out walking

We do try to go for walks amongst nature to explore and uncover new things. There are always new things to find or at the very least pockets to fill with rocks. Don’t we owe it ourselves to learn to live and love organically the way that Mother Nature intended. Who are we to defy what was entitled to us before man came along and told us to desire more. Everything we have ever needed to live a happy life has been put on this Earth to find but we have been desensitized along the way to find it. Going for a walk is more than great exercise its a great way to reconnect with yourself. Unplug from all that ails you and walk towards clarity and inner peace.

“I go out walkin’ after midnight
Out in the moonlight
Just like we used to do, I’m always walkin’
After midnight, searchin’ for you (wa-wa-walking, wa-wa-walking)…” Patsy Cline

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