Day 12: Do A Craft

Oh my homemaker mind and girl scout heart all come alive during this time. There is no greater joy than unleashing your creative abilities to see just what your imagination can come up with and what your hands can create. To put it into another perspective everything that we find laid out in front of us was once somebody else’s daydream. Everything that we take for granted came from another’s blood, sweat and tears and we are ok with that. Imagine your life’s work being used to prop up a kitchen table or taken out with yesterday’s trash but the creative mind doesn’t think like that. When it comes to making a craft usually it will directly benefit you in some way or else what was the point in even coming up with it in the first place.

Crafting was a staple at my house. Even growing up I still remember paper macheing a Mister Peanut for grade four art class. I think that is why when my son started watching puppets on You-Tube I got the great idea to make him one. This project has legit been going on for months. The more I leave it the larger it becomes it seems lol. One day when it is done I will post a picture. I just hope it is before he graduates. My son loves to work and make things with his hands and his amazed what he can bring to life. Even more amazing is his ability to see things that aren’t even there in order to transform it. Does that make any sort of sense or did I lose you somewhere? Maybe I lost myself and maybe that is the point how else can we grow and expand to become somebody else if we limit ourselves to what our eyes can see. We have to be able to work it so we can see in between what is missing and breathe new life into something that wasn’t.

My creative heart loves to be out there but the shy girl in me is still scared of what other’s will say. I think that is almost why I have begun to thrive in captivity. If somebody is being rude or short they are just an unfriend and block away. Life has become meaningful where others complain of no meaning. Being able to focus on myself without feeling judged has been very liberating and oh so freeing. I worry though that when the world opens up again that I might dry up and die. The feeding of insecure individuals is something I can no longer fathom. Where is the middle ground in a sea of discontent and misinformation? I say misinformation because that is what seems to be going around when somebody is over the top and adventurous in their appearance, wouldn’t you say? I think that is why I am just trying to perfect the chest out, heels high mantra because whose life is this anyways? The Diva herself, Miss Dolly Parton, has never been captured in her raw natural state. Of course she is an enigma that only a few want to emulate, but I am one of those few I would rather live my life great.

Crafting is in my blood much the same way as dressing up everyday is. There is something to be said for taking something and manipulating it with your own hands to pull off something great. It is rare to find exactly what you are looking for and truth be told my mind is very demanding in the outfit that I want to display to the world. Creatively speaking that has long been my passion. The nipping and tucking, the poking and pleading trying to get something to look so so. As is anything in life we are here for such a short season I would rather be a light source than an outed flame. Generationally speaking the matriarchs in my family have always been extremely creative. I still have the blanket and pillow my Grandmother made by hand which is complete with all the feathers she had collected over the years. I will never get rid of it as it is one of the last things that I have that she touched. It took forever to open up the contents and wash each feather as you ought to. When I imagine the process that it took for her to accomplish I can see her stubby little fingers on each hand. How I wish I took the time then to make something with her, we never appreciate those who love us the most while we can. Think of all the incredible handmade things left over the lifetimes. Without creative minds we wouldn’t have the 7 wonders of the world and other structures that make you stop and think.

So do just do one craft for just one day is something very limiting. My mind is always trying to bend itself creatively in order to get something done. My son challenges me on the regular as he is interested in all things and has a very creative mind. In fact we have four volumes of different craft books for children not to mention the mail kits we have been trying these days. Together we have made rainbow collages, pillows, clay figurines and don’t forget all the messy paint and crayons. What we can create with our imaginations is something that needs to be nurtured so it will help our dreams continue to metamorphosize and evolve. We are only limited to what our minds can achieve and don’t we owe it to ourselves and those who love us to want to keep reaching for those stars. Reaching into darkness with confidence and strength will ensure that maybe one day all your creativity will soon take hold and take off. You never know unless you try and you will be damned if you do and be worse off if you don’t.

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