Day 15: Drink Only Water

Can you believe that we are already half way there? Something as simple as setting a daily focus to help divert your thoughts into thinking something else. Some of these I already do on the regular but others breathed new life into my routing. Whether you are coming or going from another manic episode sometimes all it takes is working the steps and getting things done, after all you should always be your biggest fan, no one else. A lifetime of events is what separates us from each other. We either participate actively together or we shun each other to the side and pretend the other doesn’t exist. Today being the day that we should focus on only drinking water it is a good to mention here the sweet satisfactions that comes from living minimal with little to no needs. I will wait for your laughter to subside at the thought of me being anything but glamorous. It’s a lifestyle darling that has found me long before I had the pleasure to dress like a living character out of a fairy tale. I chose to live this life where I awake to the sounds of the songbirds as they dance on my fingertips as we both greet each day. I am thankful for their presence in my life and my thanks to them is an endless supply of fresh water and of course good times spent among old friends as well.

Water is the very basis of our existence and it shouldn’t be lost on us how all of our arteries and veins mimic the waterways and passages here on Earth. Where all the water comes to meet is the very center of our being it is our heart. Like a perfectly run round-a-bout there is no room for error as the system that fuels our body we rarely give a second thought. The basis for all this movement comes directly from water and is lost on us with all the fizzy drinks we insist on consuming. We drink such caustic substances that erode nails and take away rust like we are going to live forever. We mix everything together in the hopes that we can forget our pain all because we haven’t learned another way. We are scared of our emotions and how much pain they leave behind. We claim to be in control but nothing is farther from the truth. As a nation we have become so fearfully overweight and not from the pounds packing on the scales but the lies we believe and the people we hurt and who knows what else we are capable of after a life of man made chemicals and sugar highs. Is it even possible to sustain ourselves naturally anymore or do we always run the risk of being over run and grotesquely polluted. God help the man who first bottled water. Is he a sinner or a saint? To take the very basics of life and dangle it under our noses between a sugary sweet relief or a thirst quenching high. How did we survive before chlorinated water and fluoride? Evolution took us to a place where without man made interference we are unable to survive? How is that possible and why would that even make sense? It is because our lives have been amounted to dollar and cents and not in the way that we would expect. Our very being dictates that we are disposable to a greater means. We all can be replaced at an even lower cost. That is the reality of our existence and probably what keeps most of us awake at night.

Slow your mind if you can for a minute and go back to a time when it was just water and land and not much more to the Earth before man came and distorted this beautiful imagery in our mind. It is hard to imagine because when we witnessed those that didn’t need what we had to offer we took it as defiance and decided they had no place in this time or on this land. We made it so earth could become a prized possession. In fact I heard that the Queen is trying to make it so she even owns the sea floor. What a pompous air of self entitlement to imagine your existence and that of the fruit of your loins should live a life of lavish luxury built on blood spent and terror running rampant through every living being. Do we thank Churchill for his role in stopping a monster or do we bestow the title on their Queen? That leads to the very question that if one dares to look into the eyes of the beast and take on their last breath, does that make you in turn the monster the one we should all fear? This is still a conversation about water the very building block of every life being taking away from us for profit for another family to live in the lap of luxury.

Every single thing that breathes needs water and here we are disguising it in every shape and form to fulfill our needs. We don’t like our reality and the way we perceive it? Let’s numb the pain and tell a story that suits us best and leave it to those in our company to figure out the rest. The farther you come from that reality the worse off you will find yourself. Unless of course you are the 1% of wealth that leers down on top of us then this stress will never find you. No matter who it is you pretend yourself to be we are still the enablers. We enable these monsters to rule over top of us and control what we consume. Dictating the meaning of our lives according to them and not much else. If we fail to comply to these unrealistic demands the very necessities of life kept from us till we learn our place in the sand. We live in the land where we pretend everybody is equal. Where air is clean and water is bountiful and every outstretched hand is welcoming and waving. Everything seems ok at first so we trust our instincts and trust in them finally warmly taking their hand. The problem with our best intentions is one is warranted and the other is weak. We are only as strong as our beholder everything else seems obsolete.

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