Day 24: Let Them Eat Cake

Today was written to indulge in ice cream or your favourite dessert. I started to think of the restricted life we all live trying to appease other people. How many times have you passed on dessert because of the dimpling of your thighs and the bean poles you keep in your company. Over indulgence is a sin but so many of us just can’t say no. Whether it is in the clothes we wear (or maybe its bad “genes”) or the food we choose to eat but it seems everything is done under a watched eye and scrutinized.

As a young girl there seemed to be more of a schedule to follow. Yes I was young and had to follow my parents wishes but I remember the sit down meals and bedtimes and sneaking past my parents room to watch late night tv. Maybe it all came together with the loss of the 9 to 5. With nobody home anymore is there a reason to discipline? A reason to nose in when there is nothing left sacred as we lose first the connection with self and then the falling out with others. We can’t carry on the facade, no matter how hard we try, to live a life meant for another and not ourselves. The best example of this is when we decide what to take in school. Do we do it for ourselves or maybe it is for our parents but I know I chose the path of a career I never wanted. Depression sank in and my weight crept up and I hated my life so much at that point it was only a matter of time. If only some one encouraged me to live my own life and heaven forbid allowed me to choose my own piece of cake.

This life was never promised just granted to us out of nowhere, it is a wonder that we can get along at all. I started reading a book about Greece and Athens particularly about the war because we have learned nothing from the bloodshed that happened centuries ago. It is a dry read in the sense as I recognize no details, not names of people or even the cities just clashes of nations from long ago. What drove them was power, then of course love and money as they killed innocent people and took over the land. There it is the indication. The prevention of free will all because of fortune and greed. Finally a name I recognized as they talked about Iran. This country has NEVER stopped fighting ever. Connect the dots of the surrounding cities and you will find a corruption of free will and unrealistic demands. This is who we have become as we sit idly by. Imagine for a moment those innocent women, children and even some men who wish that they had a fraction of the freedom that we do. Making promises to the heavens if only you save me I promise to be and to be kind. In the absence of good deeds I will spread them forth as wildfire, if you could just save my family and leave me. Closed eyes feel nothing and open eyes feel everything if only we could meet in the middle or somewhere in between.

Let them eat cake signifies freedom and the power that comes from embracing who you are. Being honest and authentic will radiate that likeness onto others and then eventually back onto you. Why surround yourself with unwelcoming flavours such as the narcissists and haters because eventually you will become what they are. Tell me I am wrong or maybe I am right but I would rather stay out of the limelight altogether. I have seen bad people in action. They have nothing nice to say not about others and rarely about self. You don’t have to be from the same gene pool to celebrate each other. I will celebrate your victories till I take my last breath. You are crazy cool and beautiful, worthy of something incredible now time to close the blinds and keep out the shade.

My favourite dessert is the banana split for the creamy cool goodness and variety it presents. A scoop of vanilla, laying in between a mound of strawberry and chocolate proving that all colours become better when combined. Give me some strawberries and pineapple and don’t forget the chocolate sauce oh and 2 spoons if you could, please. Topped off with a dabble of freshly whipped cream now we have a dessert that almost all that can enjoy. Free to chose the flavours that come alive and dance on your tongue, for me it is the symphony of all coming together as one. To me it is almost perfect but thats because it is welcoming to so many. A perfect example of who I want to be. Lover to all and comforting by nature it is a matter of time before we all melt into one. That is my goal for us all to live in harmony. Not just the famous, wealthy and entrusted but to disperse wealth evenly like it used to be before man put a value on land. Who invented possession making it 9/10ths of the law? All that it has done was keep those so deserving at bay. Those who appreciate life endlessly and do so passionately that is who I want to share my life with and not the posession whore. Yes it appears I have a boundless amount of materials but if we are friends I promise to share. What is mine is mine but if it makes you happier I will share all my posessions with you. What I value more than anything is a kindred heart and spirit, a loyal friend, an ally and those gems are worth their weight in gold. Those people I will cheer on endlessly and for them I will always have an extra spoon.

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