Day 25: Unfollow Negative Accounts

That seems more than obvious but in the new world of online anonymity it is impossible to know who is real and who could possibly be yanking on your turn. People appear in an instant, their presence yet to be determined and the umcertainty they bring with them is unknown. We follow those who follow us in order to win a numbers game that comes alive only in our head. I would have to say a negative account is one that doesn’t appear to be social or interactive on any platform. Like a fly on the wall they sit there buzzing excessively nagging and wearing on our last nerves.

Now ask yourself which accounts are negative then define them further by asking which accounts are negative for you. Don’t focus on the fact that their removal from your list will come with rammifications. Trust me. TRUST ME! I had to unfollow somebody who was very prominent in the Pin-Up community. It wasn’t that she was negative to everybody but she was VERY negative to me. There is no denying black and white. That seems to be the only truth that divides us after all these years. If somebody is attacking your character behind closed doors for the whole world to see and their followers who used to be your friend is doing what they do, don’t ask questions run, not walk, away. I know bad people and they all seem to be wearing lipstick and heels. Ain’t nobody have time for women who insist on living like trolls. Keep them under the bridge of contention and stop allowing them to steal your light.

What appears negative to others may not be negative to you. We all need love and it would be helpful if it was unconditional more so in our darkest hours. When I needed somebody most I had nobody. Nobody who was close enough to lend a hand. During those times our social media accounts become our lifelines that not too many can fully understand. In a world so busy a community is building promising to be a safe haven and more. I think what helps is trying to interact with your following dishing out love and support where we can. The beauty of social media is it does serve as a platform for like minded minds to come together. The untrained eye will tell you those dealing with their emotions would be the first ones to be deleted their public emotions triggering yours and more. To me I would think that bringing positive energy to both accounts would be the most human act one can do.

The problem with social media is the online anonymity. How do we know who is on the other side of the screen? Think of all the people who have been victimized, ridiculed maimed. For me I think the finding of negative accounts is simple. I look for the accounts that don’t follow me. Yes sometimes it is an oversight but if you are trying to build a positive community the last place that you are thinking of those you follow and who it is they appear to be. When trying to build who you know in order to feel somewhat calm in a world too far gone. You have to chose your friends very carefully as they become a representation of you and me. Don’t you want to grow in your social media together knowing that what you are building is sturdy and authentic instead of being built upon glass here instead. Trolls lurk in the shadows because we allow them too. Do you know so and so no do you? I heard he was somebody’s cousin now he has imploded, overdue. That is what happens when you begin to live a lie. Then you are forced to start over because the rules were enforced then complied. We all fit into this perfectly pieced puzzle. So why encourage those that behave in such a way that we wouldn’t want to be reminded of who we once were or who were destined to be. It is not so much a try but a matter of doing. Imagine of where you want to get in life then put in the work to get there. Rome was not built in a day nor was an empire crumbled. It all takes time and persistence to live your best life. Hard work and determination and similar like minds.

Negative accounts are truly ones that don’t embrace your individuality or at least come out and play. Why are they they and who are they? Are they somebody to shy from or run towards. I like to believe that you can feel the energy emitted from those with like minds. The positivity, the aurora the drive for something great. We all have been put here for no particular reason or is there a reason that brings us together as well. It takes some time truly believing in oneself to gain confidence in the journey and faith in going in your own way. To love your own image first than to radiate that on to others makes the most common sense. Take the power away from those who pollute our minds. The ones that are toxic and poisonous and have nothing great to say. If they don’t celebrate you and you don’t celebrate them, then it is “Hasta La Vista Baby”, and send them on their way. Once you give up on me I no longer see you, not even when you see my star shining and yours is still dull. I would have sang your praises and taken you along for the ride, then you clicked and unfollowed forcing my hand in saying goodbye. I don’t like negative attention and I sure don’t like those in it for there 5 seconds a fame. For me I am in it for the long haul I got a life to prove and I will live it my own way.

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