Day 29: Write Down Something Good That Happened.

Opportunity. Opportunity is what happens when your heart is broken and you fail to open your eyes. It almost seems the golden ticket we have been waiting for our whole lives falls into our hands but because our tears have blurred our vision we fail to recognize and in time it floats away. How we define what is good is up to us. It can be something simple, yet fulfilling or it can be more on the scale of grandeur proportions. It can be something for the whole world to recognize but in my reality it is usually just me. When opportunity comes a knocking you better be ready because when it comes around your way if you are not ready it will leave you in it’s dust never turning back and laughing the whole way.

Our Grandfather has passed. That itself carries a weight in our heart that has made us all catch our breath and wait out the days. For most that would seem like the worst situation and for the most part it is but for him he is finally free. Free from the embarrassment of not knowing who you are, recognizing your life. Dying alone with your family by your side but in the case he went blissfully in his sleep with only the angels waiting to carry him away. The hardest part of his death is what becomes of the living, specifically his life partner who know awaits the end of days alone. It would seem that there is nothing any of us can do to comfort her. Her childhood sweetheart and 30 plus years of marriage now gone. There are pictures and letters and cards of celebration all perfectly placed in order just like in matters of the heart. Feeling the light layer of dust that has settled on the life made treasures and mementos the feeling of fear and sorrow is overwhelming. There are pictures and memories from a life in it’s prime now reduced to a pine box away from all eyes. None of it goes with you and I very much mean NONE, except for maybe an expensive suit, a handmade, cherished sweater or favourite pair of socks might adorn you one more time for one last ride. Somebody tell me where to find something good in this volatile circumstances I call a life. When one door closes another door is wide open but are you too emotionally to walk through that door.

What happened to me took me by surprise and it was all because I have been actively present in my life instead of taking a back seat. I don’t shy away from what makes life hard, in fact I couldn’t dial those buttons fast enough when we were told of his demise and I needed to make his Grandma aware that she is loved, always loved and even I thanked her everyday for the rest of my life it would never be enough. The greatest situation I ever found myself in when I was down and out was when my friend and his mother took me in and give me a roof over my head. In addition to them two there was also their 90 plus Grandfather who I couldn’t get enough of. What he carried with him through all of his years was a wealth of experience and information that most young, ignorant minds chose to ignore. If you want to know how to live a great life instead of reaching for the help books written from authors of our generations go to the senior center and give them all a chat. They survived a life that we will never know or be privy too. Violence has changed. Greed has not. The way they died in battle was savage and out of control. Now the eyes of the drone knows your every move and if somebody wanted you dead then it would be so no second guessing or plotting your next move. I am a Business Major and with that I am always looking for opportunities to help take my family to the next level of sublime happiness if you know what I mean?

My passion has always been people and the ability to make them feel good hence why I enrolled in Beauty School. What I learned in school (in addition to make-up was the art of manicures, pedicures, facials, body treatments, body hair removal, lash extensions and the benefits of massage. Not deep tissue. The ability to stimulate the lymphatic nodes and any other point of contention in order to help us all live our best lives. People charge an insane amount for what should be the necessity of life services and to me that just blows my mind. In addition to all that I have also been on the hunt for the best skin care line and of course make-up products since leaving Sephora which has lead me to shopping around. In and among all the points and benefits to being loyal to one store an opportunity presented itself that I couldn’t just ignore. What happened was a lady I follow on Instagram has moved back over to sell LimeLife products. She is very upbeat and personal just like the girls I remember in my work family. I started thinking that I needed a great new skin care line (how else do you keep those wrinkles at bay and skin dewy without proper care?) so why not give this a try? And if it is really a try if I am consistent and passionate and maybe just maybe I can share this passion with the rest of the world. It feeds my drive for being more sustainable and why is more sustainable than finding my own income? I am passionate about looking my best and helping every other human on this planet feel the same way. If there is a reward in sharing that passion don’t we all deserve to do so? I mean we all hate the pushy sales people but I am almost certain I can hit all my goals with my purchases alone so why wouldn’t I do it? This opportunity does make me feel a little like a fish out of the water being all super glam and all but maybe this is what this company needs an injection of full on glamour to feed the 1950’s housewife in me and begin to live free.

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