Day 30: Adopt a New Habit

We all have habits that we adopt throughout our lives to give us purpose. I smoked forever it seemed. Picking up the habit when I was 13 I finally butted out for good at 37. Tired of seeing my pay check go up in smoke it was easy.  Not to mention I was growing to detest the smell. Especially in the rain. Bleh! This is one of major reasons why we fight so much. Everybody is entitled to do what they want but when it comes to my husband I told him it was my breaking point, he told me he would quit. That was our first date. Our 4 year anniversary was days ago, my how nothing has changed.

What habit can I incorporate into my day to day that wouldn’t get too much in the way? Maybe the habit that will be most beneficial is getting in the habit of being in tune with my own life. The things that make me go mmmmm and keep me awake at night. What comes alive in my mind most is that moment in time when I decided to go back to school. Anxiously awaiting until I met with the intake advisor, then it was to see if my student loan was approved. When all that aligned I couldn’t help but notice the ‘Seasonal Help’ sign every time I walked to get my tea at Sephora. I remember thinking what a dream it would be to wear the black and red and how nervous I felt when I went to their career free. My passion was making others feel beautiful no matter their past history or baggage they may carry. We are all worthy of kind, loving hands providing long awaited nourishment to our body. That is what Beauty School is about. Sloughing away all the stress, worry and yes dead skin and cells and brandish a new look and body. There is a reason why we feel fresh and new after a treatment. Our cells die off and regenerate every 6 months or so.

My habit is going to bring that passion to the forefront instead sitting idly on the sidelines waiting to get tagged in. My passion is people. More to that the longevity and preservation of our bodies as we only live once and our skin is where it all begins. It portrays our confidence and can actually warn others where your priorities truly lie. Yes wrinkles are a badge of honour and I in no way want to shame those lines you earned. I have mine and I love them. I am so greatful for the chance to age. Maybe it is because I come from a place where my ancestors aged gracefully however, or maybe it is the habits of these women that caught my eye, there is something to be said for a good skin care routine or a big ol tub of Olay. Taking care of myself is my responsibility, educating myself on ingredients and formulas is something I do for fun. There it is my new to me habit, keep current in the beauty industry so I can let my passion bubble over and help others in need. We can age gracefully by empowering each other I don’t need a paycheck to want to be that person.

Sephora was my life until they made me choose and at the time I did what was needed for my family. It is not so much the work or money I miss it is being able to help others in a sea of product and not knowing where to start. I know what I love and what ingredients that attract me so is there a company that will give me a bonus for spending my money. It seems everywhere has points and most make-up has relatively the same ingredients so do I keep lining their pockets or do I give back something to me? I love a routine which includes cleanser, exfoliation, serums, masks, toner…and that is just for skin. I want to age gracefully and do it in my way so if I can plump up my crowsfeet and help others will increasing my bank account. YES PLEASE! So on top of my skin care routine I also love make-up and in my daily arsenal I use liquid foundation, powder, blush, shadows, liners (both liquid and pencil), mascara, highlights, brows etc all things that cost $$$. As a stay at home mom with no income you feel guilty. That is until you see that you can keep looking glam and get paid to do so and the no brainer in me said sign me up!! I will genuinely make a pay check for doing what I love without pressuring or bugging anybody so to me that is the ultimate win! Not to mention I stop feeding big business and start taking a piece of the pie back for me and my family.

I hope by adopting a 15 minute regime of giving LimeLife the attention it deserves. For 6 months I am incorprating their products into my daily life and I want to see what comes out of it. In this world where we are slowly beginning to lose our freedom and control it feels nice not to succoumb to the rat race we find each other on. This opportunity isn’t for everyone but it is definetly for me. To join a community of like minds passionate about what they do and empowering others to take control of their own lives sounds just perfect for me. In all honesty I have signed up with Mary Kay (twice) but it just wasn’t working for me. What was missing was passion and delivery because nobody wants to buy something just to support you they need to know why. To me its a no brainer and a super easy way to build a suppportive network whether or not they fully buy in. My rational is easy. Try a new red, a new nude, a new routine or even just mascara and in addition to that let me celebrate you. I am not in it for the money. I am in it to give back to my family financially because my beauty routine is a little extravagant. I am not saying I am not worth it, I know that I am I just would rather have money for extra extravagant things, cuz we only live once don’t you think? Let’s live happy together and build a community. Tell me what makes your soul sing so we can manifest it together. We are brought into this life alone and we exit the same so let’s build an empire of happiness together by loving and supporting all that we do.

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