See Red, Not Orange

As a Canadian we have longed bragged about our acceptance of other cultures meanwhile on home soil we try to barry ours. The white man wasn’t the first inhabitant of this great country, well a country that used to be great. I have longed to understand why we would refuse to accept the culture that was already here since man first stepped on North American soil. It wasn’t discovered. It was already found. Loved and appreciated by many the inhabitants of the land gave thanks to their bountiful relationship with nature as they lived off the land and cultivated it with hand. Tell me now who is to blame for the erosion of the world state as we pour it over concrete and alter the horizon for all to see.

Our Indigenous brothers and sisters were treated like cattle, worse yet not even regarded as common stock. As any parent tell me how you would feel? How would you stop your brimmed over rage as they steal your child claiming they were going to educate them but they beat and torture them instead. How can you trust anybody who would cover up thousands of deaths? Its unrealistic to say it was only a few hundred. The biggest cover up of all time comes at the hands we were supposed to trust. Children. Beautiful children. No wonder they don’t trust us to do right by them because we never have and possibly never will.

It’s embarassing truly. With immigration through the roof it is like we made room for more people by destroying our own. We push them onto reserves and tell them to behave. Our thinking has been corrupted in the most disgusting of ways. People only give up when they see there is no hope or chance. Imagine living in poverty only to see that just outside that imaginery line others were living clean, bellies full and free. Of course there is anger how can there not be. Put yourself in their shoes. Imagine somebody new coming to your country, liking your house the best and the government kicking YOU out. There is a reason they inhabited the land the way they did. They needed fertile land and a means to hunt and fish so how is pushing them into a virtual one by one expecting them to succeed?

History is tainted with horrors that we will never be prepared to deal with. We forget blood spilled taints future generations making us more evil instilling fear along the way. Who abuses a child? Who seperates a child from their family? How do you expect a family to recover when the people in charge, our government, killed their children? If it was an accident the family would have been told but over 200 children in one grave? There is nothing that can be said or done to make it better because those who knew did nothing and returned home to have dinner with their family and kids while another families blood runs cold. The greatest evil in the world is the crimes we allow to happen to our children, I say allow because did you know a criminal who hurts children will get minimal time maybe a few years? And the criminal who sold dime marijuanna bags will get locked up for life! Where’s the justice, where’s the peace?

What does that orange block on social media stand for? We define them as being orange and us as being settlers but other than that where is the love? Is that enough? There children were murdered and our government lied and covered it up. Where is the justice? No wonder why they fear education and resist the blue collar world. We are the bullies, the abusers, the murderers because we do nothing more than bat an eye. The horrors keep resonanting through the generations. We have a good damn highway were our Indeginous women go to disappear and probably die. I have heard stories of RCMP officers taking ladies out that way threatening them and doing things that they would NEVER imagine to do to human being. What is the difference? Is it to serve and protect all the self righteous bigots of the world and everybody else becomes faid game. People KNEW something was happening, had happened and they all turned and walked away.

Do you believe that children are born innocent and it is in the adults in their company who corrupted them to be different, to think different. You don’t just hurt one generation you affect the next several. I was a thought in my Grandmother’s womb when I was a cell inside my mother. You absorb the characteristics of your ancestors its deep inside us and part of our being. How as a human being can we not want to comfort the families of the murdered? These children were their future, a hope for a better tomorrow and we crumbled their dreams for no reason other than a perverted sense of reality and control. Why else do we kill? Why else would we cover it up? One is an accident, two maybe. But hundreds (more like thousands) in unmarked graves. Did every country try to rid of another culture they just refused to understand.

There would be satisfaction when Mother Nature retaliates but she always seems to take more innocent in her womanly rage. Who likes to see what they created being so eagerly destroyed. I didn’t settle, I was whitewashed when I hit 5. I remember our books in grade school were all about raising Indigenous fears and concerns. I remember having nightmares that they were all scalpers and coming for my hair. I was young and brainwashed, impresionable, young minds always are. We were made to believe that they were lovingly taken care of, getting “free” money for their sacrifice. Now yet another reason to hate a culture we were never privy to understand. We get jealous when their band gives them money on their birthday. We forget that it is blood money for taking their land and banishing them from it to build the concrete jungle for the white man to play. You see orange but you should be seeing red! Red as the blood spilled all over this fine land and rage for those taken and lied to in the ways only man can.

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