The Canadian Lie

My dreams are quick becoming my living nightmare. I am horrified by such outlandish disregard for human life, for somebody’s children, for the future they robbed us all from. Who could we have been if we embraced each other at first sight and learned to thrive together before banishing so and so from this here land never to be seen or heard from again. I am still trying to find out who was in charge of making all these rules and laws. We can only go so far back when man started writing by hand. No more cave messages just story telling passing from time to time. The smaller the world got the quicker man seemed to catch on. They wanted as far as the eyes can see. Look at what they claimed when they “discovered” this long. Just because a new culture lands their feet on new soil doesn’t mean somebody else didn’t leave there no wonder there was war. Just imagine how it would feel to have a sea full of Vikings roll up wanting to conquer your land. Who are these Nomad’s and what far lands have they traveled from are they friend or are they foes. Remember all the lies told to us throughout history brainwashing our minds and thinking since we were just little beans. All to treat other humans that didn’t look like them like garbage, thrown away like broken toys. Here on Canadian soil they did the exact same thing that the Nazi’s did to the Jews BUT they did it to our Indigenous children then lied about everything to cover it up. Priests and Nuns abused children and got away for it for years. I can’t imagine the horrors that live on throughout the bloodlines no wonder they hate the white man and all that they stole.

I am reading about the Greeks and how they were always going to war. Their whole lives were designed to expand and conquer so it has been implanted in our brains since then. Look at how we behave now like self righteous, entitled clouts. Looking at the busks and drawings though there is something that catches my eye. Maybe after all they are glorified cave men, which would speak volumes for their demeanor and their desire to control it all. Look at the Egyptians and how they wanted to be buried with their riches. They even took favourite servants and pets. Forgive me for saying this but in among all that you adored so much will be excrement from all your favourites. It has to go somewhere before they die. We can’t take anything with us so that thinking was more than wrong. It also proves that nothing lasts forever not even your own mortality. There are certain things I treasure from loved ones that have past ones. Beloved ashes blown in glass is one of my favourite things. To take the love shared and transform it to something that is pure beauty, the cat’s eye I wear in my pictures is blown from the ashes of our beloved Herbert, our first three legged cat. We were lied to and made to believe that wealth is the ultimate end, and because they have made life this way it most certainly is. I am disgusted how they control everything and keep hoarding large volumes of cash. It makes it easier to still our children, our women and whatever it is they wish to possess. How can anybody go missing in this day and age is absolutely absurd! I worked in an airport there is no way security is now that lapse. Usually the farthest down the line have the most to lose if they miss something at the start of the gates. Most of us are only seasonal so we can’t afford that mistake. We study passports and get alerts when there is a suspicion of a large drop of fake cash. Hell I spotted somebody who was methed out and had an arrest warrant, I like to believe as citizens we are all doing our part.

When your government has covered up so many horrendous acts and now use the opening of our country to revert others eyes I am horrified. I am horrified that nobody seems to care about all these abused children. If those beautiful babies were my child I would want answers. Case and point today when my doorbell was ringing. I thought it was more beauty products from LimeLife so I was ultimately excited. Then I saw who it was and I kind of got angry. It was census Canada knocking on my door trying to get information. All I could think of was how dare you we need answers. Before I give you the details of our personal life give us Canadians some spiritual relief. Who did this to our children and who deemed this to be ok? If there are no records then what right do you have asking for mine? You want me to believe you care about me and my family but what about theirs. These aren’t just citizens inhabiting here this was their country and land. So not only did we take their land and kill their people, we hurt their children and they stole our future. How can anyone want to be a part of “This Great Land”? It was built on archaic and violent thinking. Horrible things were done to beautiful people who did nothing but get robbed, lied to and stolen from and no this. All those beautiful children with no closure forever unknown. How do we let there souls rest and did they ever fly free. I remember learning that in their culture that their bodies had to be laid face up so their spirit can return to the sky. Did they at least do them that honour I am terrified to know the answer because I already know the reasons why. This was the birth of human trafficking using these children as the ultimate sacrifice and experiment than buried them like nothing living off their lives. We as humans need to do the right thing. We need to stand with the families of the missing and stop buying into their lies and sh*t.

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