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Did you know the beauty industry alone is a $532 billion industry with the States leading the world with just around 20%? What would you do for a fraction of that? Most would probably sell their souls to the devil but all you have to do is be conscious of your spending and let your best life shine through. As a consumer I think we forget how powerful our dollar actually is and that is why mainstream media keeps them in front of us. With beautiful, petite women filling our screen we want to believe that that liner, that mascara that brow gel will make us attract men just like them but heaven forbid if these things could possibly be a little easier to apply. In a see of products, formulas, chemicals, colours and hues where does one begin to even out skin tone and fine lines? Maybe an insight into where and why make-up started might give us a starting point to go towards, don’t you think.

There was a time when what one adorned and how one applied make-up was a direct reflection of their spiritual and medicinal ranks within their community. Slowly but surely they began to resemble the popular culture of the day. In the Middle Ages shortly after the downfall of the Roman during a time when religion played a prominent role in their day to day lives. Artifacts from these days show towering head pieces, intricate hairstyles and the use of cosmetics. Women were shown to wear colour on their cheeks and lips and bathing was not necessarily a daily ritual but the use of fragrant oils was popular with those that could afford them. It was during the Renaissance period of western civilization made the move towards modern history. The birth of tweezing or shaving off ones eyebrows and hairline allowed for a greater forehead which was thought to give women the automatic look of greater intelligence. It was also the introduction of using bleach in one’s hair to give them blond locks because this was a sign of beauty. Not much fragrance or colour was used but dressing the hair with adornments or headdresses was encouraged. The Age of Extravagance is where I would have thrived. Women bathed in strawberries and milk among various other extravagant preparations, such as scented face powder made from starch. Small silk patches were used to cover blemishes, cheeks were bright in colour of pink and orange. And the hair!!! Oh how they would display their hair high into the sky on full display. They would decorate their do with flowers and live animals, no wonder lice and parasites eventually ravished the country. The Victorian Age was right on the heels encouraging women to not be showy and to keep their hair sleek and secured in a know with bobby pins and men would keep their hair short with side burns and a mustache or beard. To preserve skin women would use masks from natural ingredients such as eggs, honey, oatmeal and fruits. It has also been believed that women would pinch their cheeks and bite their lips to induce a natural flushing of colour rather than use cosmetics. The twentieth century brought on decade changes influenced by our exposure to other cultures instead of the centuries it would take to adopt new changes inside their beauty routines. Mainstream media was an important source of information via Hollywood movies and magazines. We also saw the introduction of a myriad of sought after cosmetic surgeries as well as Botox, Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Retin-A.

In today’s times a more relaxed approach to clothing, hair and make-up has taken over with skin care ranking up towards the tops of purchases for the average consumer. There is so much information for us to wade through in our quest to the fountain of youth that we can feel empowered and informed with our buying power. However with so much information we can begin to feel overwhelmed. We have all found ourselves in the company of that Beauty rep trying to sell us such and such a product that promises results. For me it has always been that deep line and wrinkle filler that has had me on the hunt for new products. Anytime though when I have entered the store I am met with a fit and tight 20 year old trying to tell me that this is the product I need for my aging skin. Is it a product I need or is it the product of the day that you are trying to sell? When it comes to me parting with my hard earned money I want to know that the product is going to do what it is going to say it is going to do. When it comes to the deep wrinkles and fine lines that are your proof of a life well lived the only practice that truly eliminate them is to go under the knife.

My passion for my appearance was sparked at a young age. Mostly from my desire to be loved and accepted but either way a mini love affair was born. It wasn’t until my mid 30’s getting up to my 4:30 AM alarm that I decided it was time to make a change. What I loved most about being alive was the ability to make another being feel good. To primp and pamper those tired soles or alleviate some of the stress for the day I was pushed into the idea of beauty school and not a day has gone by that I haven’t been in love with life sense. Pampering and self care shouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility and we should all love the skin that we are in. With everything that has gone on in the world these days my passion for the Industry got distorted. Trying to go back to work while having a 1 year old at home was proving to be impossible. How can one chose between a career that they love and a child that they made? The decisions that we are forced to make between our families and our career can have us feeling lifeless and out of sorts. For me I was losing my passion, my zest for life, the part that made me, me. What I love about this industry is that it will never stop growing and everybody wants access to our pocketbooks. Beauty should be accessible to everybody and has been throughout the ages and it is more than what is displayed on social media and what you can find in the store. To bring out your natural beauty all you need is a few ingredients that you probably have on hand already. Here is a recipe I tried just the other day and it has left my hair feeling incredibly amazing, healthy and shiny….

(1) Facebook Hair Mask Video

Dew Date | LimeLife by Alcone (Dew OIL is good for hair and body)

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