To See in Colour

I am always amazed at when people take an interest in a new topic or hobby. My curiosity always wonders what sparked this sudden change. Was it something that moved them on the inside or do they believe that this is the best way. The best way to seemingly fit into a crowd with less than honorouble intentions being your driving force and everything to potentially gain in your sights. Before George Flloyd was an angel we all behaved differently didn’t we? We didn’t care to much who was in our inner circle and we were quick to voice our opinions. Didn’t we all use to behave a little differently before we watched the riots beat down on America’s door? Everybody had an opinion and it was usually at the expense of another. Looking back at the pivotal day in history it was only a matter of time before the foundation we were all standing on cracked and threatened to take us all away.

We are the only species that believes that we can change history. That we can rewrite that tale in order to portray something new. That maybe somehow if we connect the dots a certain way our ancestors weren’t tyrants and we can live to feel another day. I have often had trouble connecting with the ghosts from the past because we pick them up in our time feed and drop them into today’s modern day times. Should I feel guilty of the actions of our forefathers or can I prove that I am farthest connected to this putrid time in our history. How do we heal the wounds from using a human being to conquer our lands and treated them like a beast? Their blood nourished the very land and crops that they were preserving but enter today’s modern historian to give us his take on what was happening. There should be no take because this in fact life. My how different a day makes especially a day where what makes us human lies mercilessly at our feet. We turn our heads and bat our eyes and giggle between pursed lips when we are uncomfortable. Ask yourself when have you engaged in condescending behaviour because it is when talking down about others that your entitlement truly flies. Yes the empowered, yes the entitled, yes the rich backbone of this country built a land filled with murder, deceit and lies. You just can’t slap a man on the wrist and expect it to go away. Some memories penetrate you deeply and will affect you after all these years. There is what is practical and then there is what makes sense. What makes sense to one doesn’t line the pockets of another and that is when the tables get turned onto us all.

Meanwhile in Canada we have another residential school unmarked graveyard that housed these secrets from 1895 to 1972. Imagine the lives lost and tortured here at this site. We let the school run down trying to make it so the walls don’t talk and our guilt doesn’t over ride us. The most powerful exert, “The children buried at these sites must have their identities restored, and their stories told. They will never be forgotten, ever child matters, ” said Sioux Valley Chief Jennifer Bone. There are so many questions and there will be some answers we will never receive. The most prominent is my mind is who looks into the eyes of the child as they take their last breath and cover them up. They say it was the priests and nuns who did this so please tell me how I can believe in their God. Their God allowed for this to happen, more to all of this their God made them believe what is right. When we denounced our connection to this money hungry, power infested European countries we remained and worked on our own parcel of land to keep the evil that fueled Canada away. The biggest lie in Canada’s history is we are all loved and accepted and we are the land of the free. Unless you looked poor and had little to no financial backing then any and all inhabitants became fair game. I am talking about ANYBODY who looked different back then from society’s norms got beaten back then. Truth be told my ancestors got many a lashing for speaking Russian inside the school room. Everybody got beat for speaking their Native tongue until the settlers who were living here got too paranoid and sent everybody away. Watch the actions of those who are engaging as they are the ones who are acting in fear. They are the ones who believe in the possibility of evil and they will do whatever it takes to preserve over all these years. Those who preach without knowing are the ones who keep me up at night. It is more than reading a book on today’s best seller list, dust off a copy from somebody who lived through this time and just might have something to say of value. Don’t compare apples to oranges because some don’t like the mess that they in fact leave behind.

I was raised to love everybody then the Public school took all that it away. They taught me to see in colour and they also taught me the characteristics of each race and why we should be scared of those who look differently then us. I remember learning about the concentration camps that we had here in British Columbia during World War 2. Anybody who spoke a different language (predominantly Japanese during this time) got round up and locked away. We don’t talk much about the concentration camps here on home soil because it takes away from the evil of the camps overseas. Believe me when I say this but EVERY culture was behaving the exact same. I am better than you. You aren’t better than me. My beliefs are more valuable than yours and I will kill you just to prove the same. With all these talks about rounding about these different cultures there was no mention of what was happening to our Indigenous pride. Mainly because it was already dealt with and had pushed many of these fine people off of “our” land and onto these reserves. We eroded their self esteem and drove them to drink. We introduced them to demons and got them so dependent on alcohol that they can’t even think. We tried to rid the Earth of it’s greatest supporters the ones who loved the land and it’s inhabitants for the life they were granted and more. Ask yourself, what kind of government kills innocent children, robs them of their future stealing all their hopes and dreams. We made it so they didn’t want to try because we have shown them over and over again how they pretty much don’t rate as a Canadian citizen. Imagine your family living here since the dawn of time to be made to feel like you don’t belong. Of course there would be anger, and misplaced at best. They got what they were bargaining for when they made it so we began seeing in colour instead of feeling with our hearts and giving a helping hand.

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