42 Things I Have Learned (Pts 42-27)

Another trip around the sun and I would like to think that I learned a thing or two. I try anyways to live a life full of wonder and amazement even when today’s times are challenging us not too. So here is a list of 42 things I have learned (or picked up on) in my first 42 years around the sun. These are only my insights and have no reflection regarding anybody else and their values, only mine.

42. You will always be hated by somebody but you should never hate yourself. Somebody else will always have a bee in their bonnet about the way you dress, style your hair, your friends, your make-up. To them you just need to delete, block and move on. In all social media avenues.

41. Keep your circle clean. If you find yourself surrounded by those who would rather fling insults about other people then get to know you scrub them out. Not in a finality sense but sever the connection of those who engage in unappealing negative behaviour.

40. Become your own number one fan. Don’t rely on anybody else to keep your motivation high and your dreams alive. Other’s can’t make sense about your passion and it isn’t up to them to decide what moves you. Love yourself so hard that you don’t notice what others around you are doing.

39. Own up to past mistakes. This part of the journey isn’t about making amends with others. It is making amends with yourself and acknowledging the role you played in contributing to the negative atmosphere. In order to heal and move on you need to stand firm in what you have done. The truth can set you free if you allow it.

38. Speak your truth and stand firm. With so many toxic opinions out there everybody has something to say. Don’t be afraid to speak up when you think something is not right.

37. Don’t allow yourself to be bullied or pushed around. This is a lot harder said then done. When it comes to a group of people pointing fingers and stating blame it can get intimidating. What I can promise you is that their bite is always strongest in the beginning. They will say anything and everything in their power to have you crying on your knees. Know that you are valuable, know that your life journey is worth it. Don’t give somebody the power to rule above you.

36. Engage in something new. My life has improved considerably when I learned to play the violin. There is something that awakens my soul when I play, no matter how terrible it sounds.

35. Reconnect with your inner child and let her come out and play and often. When life becomes to serious and you begin to lose your joy then it is time to reconsider the desired outcome you want to have at the end of your life.

34. Always make time for friends, the good friends anyways. You will know them when you meet them you can tell by their demeanor and their continuous display of decorum.

35. Where the damn dress and every single day if it makes you feel good. If I never wore the dresses in my closet I would literally almost have nothing to wear. Yes I am scared they might get torn but my fear of them never seeing sunlight again always takes my breath away. I am a lover of fashion and dirt can be washed away and if it can be sewn then maybe you can darn it in such away that you can leave it on display.

34. Do the things that scare you but maybe don’t risk your life. One day I will be brave to do more scary things but for now I will stick to the journey of getting to know myself.

33. Reconnect with your roots. As much as you can anyways. There is something oddly familiar and incredibly serene.

32. I am not convinced the education we receive in school is necessary. Considering all the lies that were fed over the public school system. For what? For who? I am disgusted that I have to call myself a Canadian. Discovering a new land never made sense. Especially when there was people already living here. I am ashamed that the settlers we celebrated were in fact the first known bullies corrupting this beautiful country and killing so many innocent people in their wake.

31. It is not to late to adopt a good skin care routine. Nobody wants to age, but we do but on our terms and gracefully. Moisturize, moisturize and invest in a good sunscreen. One I love is https://www.limelifebyalcone.com/sweetrubybluez/product/LLSRC.

30. Love something more than you love yourself and preferably something that is living such as a plant or a pet (not a person). In order to experience the depths of love it is easiest when it is reciprocated.

29. It’s ok not to have a gym membership but be aware of your health. After so many grueling workouts and starving myself for days I know how important it is to have a healthy relationship with your body. We only have the one and it’s not too bad. If only we stop caring ourselves to others.

28. Take a time out when you need it. It’s ok to walk away and not tell anybody where you are going. Sometimes it is the break you need to sort out your thoughts and take in some fresh air.

27. That the list of people who don’t like you will include family members and it is ok to cut them off too. Nobody has the right to be disrespectful and rude to you and being related to you is no excuse. I haven’t talked to my Dad and almost 3 years and it has been incredibly peaceful not having to live up to his unrealistic expectations. He always had an excuse not to like me and to paint me in a poor light. I drew the line when my son was involved because really who insults a child with never meeting? Not people you want around you that is for sure.

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