42 Things I Have Learned (26-11)

26. Life doesn’t get any easier you just find better ways to manage. I like to think of our lives similar to that of our lifelines on a monitor in the hospital. There are ups and downs, there has to be, because once that line begins to lie flat there is no more living to be done.

25. Money and things can never replace actually having somebody there. One thing I feel deeply is the loss from when my loved ones have passed on. I would never again put money over living just times make it so we have no choice. I would have made it to my friends bedside but how could I? Juggling 3 jobs just to break even just taken the time off to say goodbye would have left me in the streets.

24. Stop trying to impress those you went to high school with. If they didn’t like you then, they sure as hell won’t appreciate you now it is alright to say goodbye and so long and quietly wish them the best. Remember not everybody is going to like you.

23. It’s never to late to pick up a new trade, a new hobby, a new je ne sais quois. Do what makes the most sense in your life and don’t worry about explaining your decisions to anybody else.

22. I wise Glamazon once told me, during Beauty Week in NYC, your life, your dream, your passion takes some serious work. Not all of us live underneath that beautiful rainbow and if we one day to get to that pot of gold at the end of it all we should be prepared to invest in ourselves for at least 20 years.  Now think about that. Deeply think about it. Where and what do you want to be doing in 20 years and what are you doing to accomplish that? Have you capped off your earning potential or are you prepared to invest in yourself and take a little bit of work?

21. Take the risk. Get the fear. Whatever it is you want to call it. If you are sitting there working a dead end job and not doing all that it takes to get over it how can I take you seriously?

20. Fake it to you make it baby and have them coming back for more. I still remember two years ago when I hosted my B-day fundraiser at the local Pet Store. I emailed local companies got donations and held a raffle. All proceeds went to a local shelter. My cousin was like why would anybody come and in my mind I thought why wouldn’t they? None of the money is for me it is all for charity I don’t see why those who are shopping at a pet store wouldn’t want to get involved. I made over $350 that day which is more than what they started with that day so I would consider that a success for little unknown me.

19. Keep a clean house. Not to sound bossy but because it is healthy and with most of us working from home it is a matter of pride.

18. Dress for the life you want and not the life you are living. It bleeds into the idea of faking it to you make it. The Universe can answer you easier when you are clear in your intentions.

17. Don’t believe everything you hear and search for your own truth. Not everybody has honourable or good intentions and quite often they just want to lead you astray.

16. Forgive those that have hurt you. Stop carrying the weight of their insecurities and move towards a lighting existence. The role you played in their story was never about you and everything about them. It is ok to forgive them for their actions yet never talk to them again.

15. The best version of yourself is the one you feel most comfortable in sharing. The journey you are on isn’t about anybody else but  you which includes how and when you chose to share.

14. If you can’t go a day without thinking about something whatever that thing is is engraved on you. Chances are you recognize the energy from another time.

13. Have your own credo. A mission statement, a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Mine is, “Be the girl you were born to be before the World took away your smile.” Your mission can evolve and change dramatically depending on where you are in your life.

12. Remember when we were children and we believed that anything was possible. Up to and including magic. Where is the harm in believing in an essence greater than yourself and you can use your positive energy to attract it. We all believe and mutter under breath that we hope karma gets so and so. What if karma had a ying and a yang and we spent too much time focusing on the negative? If I can change the outcome of any given day it would be a positive attitude is the most beneficial of all.

11. Set a few daily goals and make sure you hit them. It takes a few days, 21 actually to form a new habit and you are worth that incredible investment. What’s stopping you from enriching your life? A deadend job? A deadbeat husband? Or maybe a mixture in between? I set a limit of 3 in a day (but if I am feeling it I will bang out more) and some or weekly commitments. My favourites our my weekly organic beauty tips, LimeLife videos, blogging, reading, violin, out of the days and my videos and lives for Instagram. See those our hobbies anything concerning life is a given such as gardening (indoor/outdoor), my birds and all my other pets. We are a family and lives and happiness is my priority. It is an honour to spend my life with so many.

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