Beauty with Sweet Ruby

With so much going on around me it is a wonder why I would even want to branch into something so fierce and competitive like launching my own business like I have done. Let it be known that I am very passionate about our overall wellness and it seems everything about the living and life is intriguing to me. We can all learn from each other what is necessary to survive and once we begin to see the beauty in the simplicity there is no stopping what we can see. The overall abundance of life is happening around us and we can either get on the same wavelength with nature or let it pass us by. Dirt. We all need it, we all return to it, it’s not like the world is overrun with decaying bodies. What happens to the energy when we go and can we do something beneficial to our journey? These are all questions I have and even some more. Life thrives on some simple basics, water, sun, nutrients and love. My house is a crazy zoo with animals all around you vying for attention and you think it would be a lot but not for us. Even tonight my husband was griping about how many trips he makes to the grocery store and in my head I am like oh honey you just wait and see. Gratitude has to be given each and every day and there has to be some sort of recognizance of who we once were. Real people suffered real heart break and all I have is some insecurities stemming from failed teenage romance. The pain that I kept around me was like a baby blanket for me. I got used to how to be vile and nothing more. One day I awoke and I slowed down my thinking and a passion for loving others was born. I may have not been perfect in some of my attempts but in life these days is there anybody who is? With the summer scorching heat upon us, at least in Alberta anyways, I wanted to create a Facial mist made from all that nature has provided for us. Keep it in the fridge for a remarkable summer treat to ensure your skin feels the best it ever has.

Now the Beautician in me who likes to share what I have learned will like to explain how it is the ingredients were chosen and how it will be beneficial to your summer routine. A part of being a good Skincare Representative is to be informative as well because don’t we want to be empowered with information. I do anyways that is. Who doesn’t love the aroma of roses and if you can capture it’s essence into some water. Roses are already known for their moisturizing properties, ability to tone, works as a natural astringent. I mean the fresh smell of roses yes please. I like where this is going already. Then there’s mint. “let’s have a brief look at all the benefits mint has to offer for your skin. • It helps to treat acne. • It reduces age spots. • It helps to fade acne scars. • It treats blackheads. • It reduces dark spots. • It reduces dark circles. • It rejuvenates the skin. • It tones the skin.” (came up under Google). Is there anything that mint can’t do to help our skin? Now what would a facial tonic be without the most popular botanical ingredient used in cosmetic foundations, do you have any idea what that could possibly be? Any guesses? Give up? Let me tell you. ALOE VERA!!it’s emollient and gum like resin is super hydrating. In addition to adding moisture and giving it staying power it heals, acts as an anti-inflammatory and is antimicrobial too. Now is it truly summer if you aren’t taking advantage of all that glorious vitamin C! And by C I mean the type found in a nice juicy lemon. Those juices are very high in anti oxidants which means it helps combat the early signs of aging, reduces skin discoloration and even brightens and even out skin tone. Major win if you ask me.

After collecting all the ingredients the rest is pretty much easy and what I loved the most is the ability to maybe grow most of the ingredients from home! Rose bush! Sure! Mint! Why not! Lemon! Is it possible? And Aloe I already got. All you need next is a pot and a spritzer and you are all good to go. Into the spritzer add 1 tbsp each of Aloe gel and Lemon juice. Mix up well and set aside. In a pot of warm water simmer 1 cup rose petals and fresh mint. Simmer for 15 minutes and turn off. Wait till cooled and add to spritzer. Mist and enjoy!! It is that simple. But if you are going to go that far and do something great make sure that you also use a nice sunscreen. Any time Vit C is used it lowers your skins ability to fight of UV rays which means you will experience increased damaged to your skin. Just like when a plant is lacking in moisture and has gotten to much sun damage you will see it dry up and die away. All living things begin from a single cell it is how we metamorphosis that gives us away. Protect your skin now and prevent harmful rays your skin will glow in return that you did. One sunscreen I love is the one that I sell and you can find the link to purchase right here (Perfect Sunscreen | LimeLife by Alcone). I mean have you seen my skin? I have become obsessed with Skin Care. It is where my career was heading with Sephora. What I love now about what I am doing is I am still doing what I love and that is educating you all how to love the skin your in. I mean I made it this long doing mostly what I love, there has to be some value in that? Don’t you think?

Watch the recipe here :

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