Beautiful Besties

I want to create an inclusive world where we all feel like we fit in, at least with each other. Too often we change who we are in order to fit in and even worse sometimes we ridicule others to win likes from others. What kind of world is that? My biggest fear has always been what is being said when I am not in the room. The trouble comes when other’s can’t wait to share what they have learned. Engaging with others, sharing screenshots. What good comes out of all that. My back began to arch when I was witness to one good friend trash talking. I was horrified. What she was sharing with others was shocking. The words she spoke should be incriminating but it had obviously fallen on deaf ears. If this is what was happening to the girl gang, well I think I could manage best alone.

So I left. I had to. My sanity was telling me that if this is how friendships were valued it was time to jump out of shark infested water. I wonder if women truly believe their hateful words stop at the ears they whispered too. Girls are mean but they disguise themselves as sweethearts using their slanderous pile information to gain them access to inside circles. Those types need to be left alone. So where does on go when they are looking for a connection? Who are you? What are your dreams and is there a way we can combine our dreams together?

I was outside watering my plants and catching the early morning rays when it hit me. All the bells and whistles started going off and to me it all started to make sense. What do we love about sisterhood? Loyalty? Companionship? Drive? Dreams? We all have bills to pay and we have the same 24 hrs on the clock so why not do something we enjoy doing instead of robbing Peter to pay Paul? Every person on this planet uses some sort of cosmetic product. Cosmetics extend far past a fabulous new lippy. It includes suncare, aftercare, lotions and yes even lubes so now let me ask you what does the drugstore give you for your loyalty? Have they addressed your concerns, provided advice and help educate you how to apply your newly purchased products? Where are those products? Did you see results? What if you joined a team of beautiful besties who made your newly chosen career path of self love and companionship one of their top priorities too? There are people out there who want to see you take life by the horns and win.

Beautiful Besties was born because let’s face it who doesn’t want to get paid for hanging out with the girls and doing what you love. My goal is to have Monthly Sleepover Zoom meetings with all of our besties to celebrate each other wins. My hopes is that the business grows so huge that maybe I can buy one of those Victorian Pink Palaces stateside to host workshops and team gateaways. We only live once and great friends need to be celebrated. I often thought if I had enough money to do anything it would be to spend time with family and friends. The best thing about being in control of your destiny is that you are in CONTROL.

I spent a lot of time thinking about this and it is so easy to make extra income. What would you do if you had a little extra money? For me, I am going to invest it back into my dreams. I remember the original girl gang wanted you to give them money and now I am suggesting a way for you to pay you. I challenge you to give it a try. Stop funding these big businesses who want to squash us lickety split. Buy a high quality organic product, that is safe to use and feels great! Thousands of women are doing it. Living the dream and providing over and above what is needed for their family. Now that’s powerful. We have all been put in a position where we had to chose between saying goodbye and having a roof over your head. I am saying no more. It is our time to get paid.

There is nothing extra for you to do except for do the things you have already done. Begin replacing when you run out the products that you sell. I see y’all winging out your liners and wearing mascara and I wonder why you aren’t buying from me or better yet buying from you. What if it works and you begin earning the 6 to 7 figure salary. All because you decided to pay yourself first. Eliminate the middle man and run for away. There are no excuses. Even to pricey is too much to say. You are earning money everytime you put blush on your checks and bat an eye.

By investing in me we share the same dream so of course I am investing in you too. Heck! I always promised if I started a Girl Gang that there would be jackets and so there shall be. As a thank you for joining the team and the vision a personalized “Beauty with Besties” jackets is my gift to you. Along with a trinket or two. This is our sisterhood, our vision, our team and together we can move mountains that started when we dared to dream. My biggest fear is not spending time with those I love most before time begins to end. Life pushed me away it doesn’t mean my love stopped and I think that is what’s beautiful about my new career. Where you see it as potentially annoying and you hate all direct sales too I just have this to say. Department stores don’t rally around you when you are struggling and have bills to pay. They also don’t share your passion in the same way that I can. I love good people and I dare to dream to push past the boundaries of what I see is normal to do remarkable things. You have to dare to try something different in order to realize your dreams. If you are ready to be a force to be reckoned with and take what is yours join us today💙💙

This is only the beginning of how far our dreams can take us. This I promise you.

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