Level Up

What are you doing truly, to get to the next level of your life? Are you still holding on to the same insecurities of yesterday or are you ready to finally fly free? What does it mean to you to live freely and are you doing everything you can to ensure you can? Maybe there is deep rooted trauma or something else that is holding you back. Is that your story and just see how it goes or are you ready to see how you can maybe level up. Remember, “Keep doing what you have always done and you will always get what you always got.” I am not going to preach to anybody about how they should do this or how they should do that but I want to empower each one of you to transform your purchasing power and make you more aware of what shopping at a department store or big box brand actually really means. I mean it all depends where your ethic truly lies. What modern day slavery actually looks like today is our Walmarts and Whole Foods and yes let it be known that even Victoria has a few secrets employ inmates from our prison system and make them work for dollars a day. Let that resonate somewhere inside of you. Your perfectly bejeweled lingerie set was made by an inmate whose crimes would probably put you to shame.

Why does it matter because we live during a time where we should know better and feel empowered to do the right thing. The life that we have come to know is blowing up in front of our eyes and you can’t deny it because it is all basically true. We demanded cheaper, faster, bigger but we compromised what it meant to be human trying to live a fake dream. The dream that we all aspired to want is something deep rooted in evil that begin with the first blood spilled over something as superficial as land. The minute we decided that land and Earth and nature could all be exposed, sub divided and raped we opened the doorway for a heartbreak that not many were going to be prepared to make. We want what we want it and we want it now and we don’t care how many people we destroy in the process. Is it infinite wealth that you feel entitled too and if you had it would that make you happy or do you need more. Dig into what makes that wealth so desirable then dissect it into pieces till it all begins to make sense. Is it the life you can have or the happiness or the people or is it something so crazy not many could understand. Let me share a piece and maybe you will share yours. You have to be able to vocalize before the Universe will take you seriously.

I still believe in “Beauty with Besties” because well that is what I miss about being a girl. When I was raped at only 13 the nature of my sleepovers transformed entirely and I feel maybe we all miss that connection just a bit. I love make-up and skincare and yes even doing my nails. There is just something so incredibly bonding about a gal session that truly just forever unites the two. I shared my passion for my business like my soul was on fire. It wasn’t in order for me to make money it was so I could share with whoever would listen my dream. So far EVERYBODY said no. Of course they would but a week and a half ago my old mainland bestie said yes and that’s all it took. Yes there is the chance she may have even ghosted me, lol I mean she hasn’t answered any of my messages since. If she changed her mind I don’t mind because what I am building is going to take my whole life to evolve and dare to dream. What I know 110% is there is 7 billion people out there and I know that there is at least one person who wants to level up and share in the dream. I am excited for that person more than anything and when I think about who they are all my nerve ends buzz. Did you ever get so excited that you could cry with emotion I mean my whole life has been waiting for this moment and it’s here it’s finally here!! My husband just found HIS person who shares in the same dream with him so my person is just right there too! I believe in that and feel that with everything in my body that I will take 699, 999, 999 no’s until I get that one yes. My dream may not move a lot of mountains but it will bring me my life partner and my ride or die friend. I am excited for her.

Maybe it’s because I am 40 or maybe it’s because I just don’t give a damn but there is a lot of shady *ss people so I want to know who they maybe. The ones who say oh ewwww is this MLM those are the ones I want to weed out. I am happy that you found a relationship with your Cosmetologist or Beautician or somebody who will volunteer to do your make-up or give you a skin care treatment because that is what Beauty with Besties is all about. You don’t need to buy from me or do what I do but if you are still buying department store brands when you can have a return on your buying power as high as 25% and that is before bonuses and incentives please forgive me for raising up an eye. I am not here to swindle anybody just to empower you in your life. I don’t want to shine alone in my journey I want to have you all shine too. My dream is to have a sorority for middle aged women where we can all come together and have a safe place. My dreams don’t come true until we are all safe preferably alone on our Island living our dreams.

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