Love is Life

Love is love. All be it by chance. The happiest people alive are the ones surrounded by love. It makes the most sense to want to destroy this most basic human connection because in absence of it is when greed and selfishness set in. What kind of being sets sail to “discover” a new world and once they get there deems it inhabited and starts destroying the land. We can see what humans have done to London look how dreary the skies always appear to be. Mother Nature mourns for the loss of humanity as she wonders what is in store. Just imagine how beautiful and pristine this land would have been before concrete took over and paved the roads. There are things that have been done over and over now ask yourself what for? When life and land is meant to perish you have to ask yourself is this what living is meant for? How do you heal generations apon generations who when it came to living their best lives they were pushed away in the hopes that the rest of the world would forget?

The media tells us to stay off and let our Indigenous communities voice their anger and their pain. I honour their space. I hear their voice but like man has done since they stepped on these shores they took one look at who was in front of them and started to jeer. That is not love! They came to this country with one intention, divide, steal and conquer. It was a race, a game, a moment of pride as boats raced from England and France so they cam claim a stake on untainted shores. We killed a culture that loved their land. Their grief began once their hope faded. Bad people arrive in boats to kill you. The irony in today’s time not lost on me. Didn’t the pandemic intensify on cruise ships? Isn’t that enough to find out the score.

We say the past is in the past and we should leave it there. Get over it. Move on. Stop using it as an excuse! Enter trauma. Trauma affects us in ways we will never understand. The reason we are stuck in a loop is because we are affected in utero. The energy is absorbed and intertwines with what is new. That is why moods are contagious. Monkey see, monkey do. Of course the self righteous entitled white man had to destroy the man who can provide with his hands. Why build something on your own when you can pay exuberant prices and keep all living beings poor. The pride that our Indigenous culture had needed to be destroyed. Their beautiful outfits, beadwork, love for each other and self. They hunted buffalo and learned to preserve meat with their own bare hands. White man can’t do that without their war machines. What I wouldn’t give to understand their Indigenous culture and learn to live off the land. That’s who I should have been. We all should have hoped to be welcomed into one of their glorious tribes. Imagine who we could have been if we didn’t rule with pride. Money was the be all everything who cares about the land. We needed the land so we took the lucrative parcels and pushed them to reserves where they couldn’t hunt or forage. We took their sanity and waited for them to die.

I am embarassed because the life I get to live came because of another’s ultimate sacrifice. No matter who you are during this time there is a chance this rings true. Of course it wasn’t intentional but the horrors are still there. How is it we are born into this life where we get to live entitled and self righteous when the rightful inhabitants live poor. I only get to carry the shame of MY ancestors if I don’t honour their history and their stories we chose to ignore. Their identity was robbed as they tried to snuff out their entire race. Imagine, just imagine asking your mother what happened to her Father her Grandfather her Grandmother to here the words I just don’t know. They were assigned numbers and destined to wander this life alone. These priests and nuns we held to a higher power as these school ran rampant with abuse and torture. One survivor called it a pedophile playground that should be enough to make your blood boil but it doesn’t because you run cold. We forget if we honoured their culture how different we all would be. We would love our homes and family knowing they were the safest place on Earth. What happened inside these Residential Schools goes against what I came to understand. I thought Canada was build on love, loyalty and inclusivety unless of course you got in their way. Then they robbed you of your futures pretending they were doing God’s work. If a God were to exist there is no way he would do this to his people. Forgive me in saying this but all god brought was hate and war.

Love is life and life is love yet somehow we have come to the conclusion that our one life is worth more than thousands and thousands who sacrificed our lives from before. I see arguments where people are like it’s the Bands fault for not keeping records and to them I want to put in a boat and send out in the high seas. Europe didn’t send over the best of the best. They sent over their exhiled, their murderers, the ones left for dead. Who else would sign up for a journey into the great unknown? Then when they got here they took what was promised even though another being was living here. A being who honoured Mother Earth and all things living with their lifeline forever intertwined. What we have done to each other, this earth, the animals and yes even the birds and the bees is deplorable and our souls will be damned. Telling others they weren’t worthy when it was the colonizers that belonged in the dirt. We need to trust in their Elders to lead us to heal. Their lifeline is still connected to Mother Nature and all its inabitants even the ones we tried to steal. We need to lead by example now we know our wrongs and we now what’s right. If we are all truly equal how can we go on hating each other for another night? If love and life is equal am I wrong or am I right?

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