Promise of Better Days

Are you standing in a daze, smoke haze, feeling absolutely lost and incredibly confused? Have you walked aimlessly for years without a purpose wasting the decades away as time flies? Who would you be before society made you feel that you were inadequate and left out to lunch? We used to praise a system that has failed us so who do we run to when those beings on top stop being our saviour and end up being the beast the folklore has warned us about? I always wondered if evil won along the way disguising itself as something good and now we have no choice to believe that this is true. Now way deep down inside of you you should have a basic of understanding of what is right, what should be right, what has never been right since man first claimed to be “woke”. My biggest fear is the “Adam and Eve” that was passed down to us were in fact our Indigenous neighbours to the west. Who else so lovingly agreed to care for the Earth and ALL inhabitants in it? Who else would give thanks for the sacrifice of the hunt dancing long hours into the night now that their clan’s bellies were full. Tell me of another race that would consistently feed a stranger that comes knocking on the door? Their legends warned about white people doing all that they were destined to do. Imagine the horrors of watching your tribe being desecrated for what? To even a score? When the smoke lifts and you have a choice to live the life that should have been or to keep on doing what you done before I hope you take salvation into consideration because that is still an option. Doing what is right is always an option. Looking deep into the tragic circumstances that surrounded our Nation and let them know that you disagree with what was done. That although you resemble the image of their terrorist you come with open arms, love and a desire to wanting to know more.

I think I was in 4th Grade when they took down the Queen’s picture and stopped making us say the Lord’s Prayer. From the time we stepped into those doors it was all perfectly designed. School was grueling and pointless and now it seems it was void of very important facts. The history they wanted us to believe made up this great land was actually straight out of horror books. I have no idea who deemed classes of people are who had it in their belly that their life was something more. I can’t imagine having to witness beatings, murders, betrayal all to entertain the masses that you step out of line….well. Except these people didn’t step out of line they just wanted basic human decency and the fact that was denied should even slap you in the face. What I think is incredible for all those people who took pride beating, raping, murdering and demoralizing other humans they didn’t want to keep any records. I thought pride meant you want to brag at what you were doing wasn’t that the point? To get acknowledgement and praise for the rest of your days? The American Statesman and philosopher, Ben Franklin, (recognize the name) was believed to own at least 7 slaves before becoming a cautious abolitionist. Thomas Jefferson was common law with his slave (what else could it have been deemed?). Isaac Franklin and John Armfield had a slave headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia where that townhouse still stands to this day. The names, the buildings, the structures all serve as a reminder of what had been done. As a victim of abuse and rape I could only imagine it would feel similar to have a statue of my rapist erected in the town that it had happened. It serves as a symbol that what was done to your ancestors was ok and although we didn’t do it we can’t change what has happened. ???? We can’t change what has happened but we can change how we decide to acknowledge. If you are going to keep a statue of one of these bigots make sure to include a plaque of the names of the human beings that they had a hand in torturing. Honour their lives like we honour their abusers. Their story can’t be lost on us we need the world to hear it!

Ignorance is bliss unless you want to be empowered. You can’t claim not knowing for every little thing. The true way to heal and bond in the way that life was meant to be is to stop feeding into the lies and pave your own way. Yes it is easier to do what we have already been conditioned to believe but in doing so I fail to feel and I fail to truly breathe. I want to feel all the things the good, bad and the ugly. If others had to endure this incredible pain then I want to do what I can to disperse it. There is no way I can ever heal all the scars from the past. We can’t travel to that time and stop it from all happening. All that fighting and blood shed for no real reason. We all want to live and be loved and be set up for success and not failure but when they came in their boats they brought addiction of all sorts. Sex, alcohol, drugs all polluted the mind. They made us believe in something that we were never going to find. These types of relationships is what is killing our soul. They make us live differently and stop us from feeling whole. When something is missing we all run around looking dazed and confused then we engage in activities to hurt others so that we can feel amused. You have to ask yourself who would want us to feel that way. The only ones who profit are the kings, emperors and bigots, nobody we should ever want to take home to our parents. To be humble in the way we regard all life and give thanks to those who uplift us and promise better days.

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