Our Skin: Our Life: Our Temple

I am an advocate for living your best life and that begins with loving your skin, literally. Remember how they say your body is your temple? Because for you in fact it is. We stand tall when it comes to giving our thanks for something that we can not see but here we are looking at ourselves and we desecrate our temples in every single way. Our skin is the largest organ in our body by surface area and by mass. It covers our whole body, is water resistant and have many functions such as protecting and shaping our skeletal form. There are three layers to it but the one we seem most fascinated with is the dermis. Isn’t it fascinating? Something that was designed to protect our own holy temple is the very thing used to kill millions, sacrifice thousands all for something as superficial as the color which is determined by the melanin that is found inside the skin? Absolute hogwash. And for us here in this moment we are going to honour our biggest organ like our own lives depended on it because I am telling you right now that it absolutely does. We live in such a time that all we have to do is get to know ourselves. Honour that connection that is contained within our skin. So while we are spending some time in the greatest home we have ever known why don’t we treat our skin to some tender loving tlc.

Self care is so important in times when nobody seems to notice you or even care. It is not that they don’t notice it is that there is so much outside noise that it is hard to focus on one thing because for so many people their worlds have completely changed. What we can do in this time is to hone yourself in. Answer when called but begin to purify from within. There have been so many chemicals tossed at us from every which way. It is not fair that we have to live where we can’t afford the simple care and beauty that loving your own skin provides. Society is teaching us to hate our skin from everything to the colour and even the actual size. That is how we know that what is happening is going to be powerful so we best be getting our temples strong. It’s not vanity that gives us confidence it’s self love that oozes from our pores. You know what it is incredible? I always had love for those that I did not know but now that I am learning to love myself I am able to love those freely so much more. It doesn’t need to make sense to you because my world makes sense to me. I found that my heart swells with pride when I began to change what I see.

My skin my glorious skin I want to honour you and breathe in new life and I will do so with all natural sources, lovingly harvested with a kind hand. It’s not just Limelife prouducts (if you want to support me here is the link xx Cosmetics & Natural Skincare | LimeLife by Alcone) it’s all the other products I need to love the skin I am in. My eyes and heart our fully open now and I am buzzing with so much life. I need to share a treatment with you that will have your skin beaming with pride! First off let’s talk about ingredients and why it is I chose them. The first ingredient, HONEY, is safe to use on ALL skin types. I know, I know there are questions around should we even be using honey anyways. I say honey when derived from ethical sources is safe to use. Our honeybees serve a purpose and that is producing honey. Sure we take it for our own personal use but so do the bears. I think as long as we are planting flowers to ensure they keep doing what they do then honey is safe to use. It all starts with intent while serving a purpose and giving thanks. As a 42 year old women any natural ingredient that can delay the formation of fine lines is like magic to me throw in it lighten and hydrates and you have a fan for life. It also is used to remove impurities and dead cells, obviously honey is sticky and can be hard to remove, tee hee! Now the addition of lemon can be very controversial especially during these historical times. I mean there is a heat wave in affect and vitamin c is known to lower our skins ability to fight off the sun so if you are going to be using this face mask make sure to slather on the SPF (One I love is Perfect Sunscreen | LimeLife by Alcone). I love lemons. Lemon is vitality, its stimulating it smells like happy life! It also helps lighten, tighten and brighten. Hence the need for SPF. Now I added in some sugar because I love a gentle exfoliate. Exfoliation is so important because while it removes dead skin and debris from our skins surface it also reinvigorates our skin to get everything moving as it should. Without that extra layer of dead skin our skin needs to be protected from the sun but lucky for us our lotions, creams and serums work better and that is a HUGE win for me! When you don’t exfoliate you are literally re-moisturizing dead skin. GROSS!!!

My DIY recipes are so important to me. You can easily go and pick up my favourite scrub, Bamboo Renew | LimeLife by Alcone, but if times are tough and you are in a bind I want you to love your skin just by going into your pantry! Most of these ingredients you should have and to be honest you can slather this mask all over your body! Imagine as a wrap, with a light gentle scrub. Ahhhhhhh have mercy, divine!! All you need is 2 TBSP honey, 1 TBSP sugar, 1 lemon wedge. So easy to combine but make sure it is done so thoroughly. On freshly washed face apply a thin even layer and lightly rub a little so you can feel the sugar working. Let sit for 10-15 min, just go on with your day. The layer should be fine enough that there is no drip or mess. When time is up and it comes to removing I simply just like to get in the shower. I plan all my masking this way. I can’t be bothered with the obsessive skin washing. Face splash, look up and repeat. Especially when it comes to scrubs of any kind. No thank you I will take the shower every time!!! Once skin is feeling soft and baby fresh now it the time for your serums and creams. Your skin is ready to absorb EVERYTHING!! So make sure you give what it deserves! (my two favourites right now are Dew Date | LimeLife by Alcone and Skin Therapy | LimeLife by Alcone I apply liberally to my face and declote and my body, well my body gets the ultimate tlc Dew Confidence | LimeLife by Alcone).

We deserve to feel our most beautiful and free from the weight that others want to pass off on us. Here I promise to help you feel your most beautiful and I will always find a way to help. We are only here for a short time so we need to make the best of it so why not make the best of it will we can ❤

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