To The Limits

I set my day to music and try to allow the day to unfold as naturally as it can without any hiccups or more bruises. First off why do some feel the need to push you to max capacity mentally then throw the lowest blows to try and break you. Most people do this. You…


My husband should be understanding that there is only so long before a human does move on after being ignored all these years. It’s not like I don’t tell him. I just think it is funny that a man can go insane over somebody they were just starting to get to know. I am not looking to get laid or have any sort of one night stand. I just want to finally be accepted for all the things that I am.

The Mouth

At the same I am getting told off by some narcissist sliding into my DM’s with the latest dick pick I am also getting told off by my husband. I hate saying anything. Most times I just freeze up and become mute. On one end I am getting called a douche because I don’t want to respond to this hyper sexualized person as my husband arrives home to dictate my day.


Do you remember the exact moment in time when the course of your life was forever altered and life as you knew it was never going to be the same? One morning I woke up an my Dad was my best friend. By the time my head hit the pillow we would rarely talk again.

Lip Service

The users of the world should have their time but for now we are just waiting for the tides to turn. Ethics seem to be more of a passing fancy. Not too many are willing to engage. What is good for one may not be good for another yet we are all intertwined in this most incestuous way. Did you hear what so and so did with so and so? No. I have no l idea what it is you are trying to say. Or who it is you are talking about. Life isn’t like that now. We know everybody’s business. Our access to social media ensures us of that. Yap, Yap but don’t clap back because if you have a difference of an opinion there will be an army of fools ready to lynch you and hang you out to dry. There is nothing more powerful than trolls in big numbers. Trolls get their power from being heard and unseen.

CBD Beauty With Sweet Ruby

You knew it was only a matter of time. I am an advocate for all natural, ethical beauty. The closer to farm to cosmetics the better. Cleopatra didn’t need all these chemicals on her face and she is a legend. I mean isn’t she a legend? Helena didn’t destroy Troy with products that were tested on animals and could withstand the tales of time and she had men sailing the seven seas for her.

Cringe Worthy

People come and go so fast like blips on a radar of the latest Top Gun movie. I don’t fight for anybody to stay anymore. I just let them go. Especially the ones that make my heart cringe I just close the door behind them and make sure it is locked and double bolted. In this life there is no reason to give another a second chance to break your heart. If they did it once they will do it before they are the master of the broken heart and dreams.

The Fear of Change

I always knew I had an expiry date. A best before recommended date before I crawl underneath most people’s skin. I don’t change who I am for anybody. Years of being misunderstood and painted in the worst light made it so I never would regret anything I would ever say again. If I said something I said it because I meant it. You will never see my back peddling or scrambling for words to make another feel more comfortable. I didn’t arrive here to make it so you have an easier time.

Reflect Your Shine

In his smile I see every child that has ever taken a breath before and I thank the heavens that I get to squeeze his cute lil chin and his even sweeter cheruby little cheeks. My purpose here on this Earth as never been so clear. I am merely a servant, protector of human entities that need a chance to be healed. Follow your passion, follow your dreams is what whispers to me everyday. I want to feel connected to the blood that was spilled. I need Mother Earth to know I care.

The Ego Behind Big Business

Nobody should have ever been made to feel like their life force was less than perfect. The holes that we have been content with will one day divide this great nation. There has to be consequences for an egotistical mind hell bound and comforted with it’s own conceit. One was to ensure that another was prosperous the other made sure that the others would have nothing to eat. Big businesses and their gluttonous, cannibalistic ways won’t be content till they have their own ways.