What’s your purpose? Have you thought about it before? Do you know what yours is because we all do truly have one. Even in those darkest times of pressure there is something to be learned and taken from deep within. You weren’t meant to have your emotions played with on a non stop basis and it is ok to cry. The truth is knowing that you can’t cry all the time and you must have enough sense to come out of the rain.

How is life going for you? Is life treating you good? In all seriousness though, “How you doing?” I am talking to the child inside who hanging white knuckled to your emotions wondering if this is the time I finally lose my grip to fall or well she finally get a grip on reality and allow herself to fly. It’s hard knowing the right move to make when there is so many choices and options and everybody tells you the opposite of what your heart is tugging you to do. It’s easy they say. Use the path of less resistance. It’s better that way. What nobody tells you is that the salmon will use their last breath, their last ounce of energy to fulfill their destiny getting up stream and what do humans do? They get their fat *sses greased up and float down on tires drinking ice cold brewskies along the way. No offense to those that do this. I have done it a time or two. It is only meant as a comparison to show you the differences between the two. One has to work their whole to ensure their species survive. The other doesn’t give two damns and truly is only here for the ride.

The argument of most working is lost on me too. We didn’t come alive to work, die and pay taxes yet we have all succumbed to this role. The rich get richer and the poor get covered with filth and disease. That should tell you all you need to know about these corporations that we insist that we need in order to provide for our families and keep a roof over our heads. The government owns everything up to and including us. That isn’t our life purpose. That isn’t why we are here. This isn’t the reason that man decided to get up and walk these shores to give another everything and they are left stealing bread. The punishment for getting caught stealing to feed your dying son, over 100 lashes of torture, the child in you didn’t deserve a single one. Each lash resonates in the souls of the living. It serves as a haunting reminder of what man is capable of for the all mighty dollar. Read that again. Feel that again. Who wins the game in the end? The one with the most wealth, power and real estate? Who is in charge of this world right now and where did they get their wealth from? Wealth came from human sacrifice, from anger, from hate, from rage. Money the number one thing that keeps us awake at night was the breeder of festering evil. That is the purpose of the greenback. To keep on suppressing while others stay rich. We worship the rich with their yachts, jewels and bentleys. Don’t let it be lost on you that they have enough wealth to stop all the world’s suffering and them some. People who claim to appreciate you and adore you will do what they can to make your journey in life all the more easier. Life isn’t a game. It isn’t an accumulation of wealth. If the purpose of life is for us to find a way to live in beautiful harmony well we failed that times a million.

Money does buy happiness because we were conditioned to believe that full heartedly. We watch inflation take our ancestors for a spin and left them out shivering the cold. All of the nation’s assets were used to fund wars of epic proportions that would one day blow up the Earth, end seen. There is enough power and rage to blow up this Universe probably a few times yet we still taunt the devil and we still wait for rage to overflow into our streets. The men and women who we pay to protect us murder us in the streets. Money has never done us any favours except for an easier way in which to classify the human race. Who would develop such a system and put it into place? Somebody better in tune with the masses would have made more sense but why share in the wealth when you can separate using hate? Nobodies purpose should be “get rich or die trying” because in the land of the self made ethics always come into play and if you can’t keep up with your tormentors a pine box is all you made.

Our purpose is a lot simpler than you think and it is usually close to home. Of course not everybody is meant to lounge out in green pastures but some while thrive out there on their own. Others believe that their purpose is intertwined and that is where much confusion usually comes into play. Although nice to believe that our souls are connected but I can’t believe that they are connected to just one. People don’t last forever so how can their connections out ride the course of disaster that most of us are on? Some die together. Most die alone. Does that change the value of our story or the way that it gets told? Everything happens for a reason. This, that and the other thing. Don’t you want to feel what it feels like to be happy? Don’t you want to know what it feels like when your heart begins to sing? Dreams are dreams for a reason till reality snaps back. It reminds us of our higher purpose bringing to us peace and happiness, oh how I like that sound of that ring.

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