“Beware Settlers Bearing Gifts”

There is an interconnectedness between human beings, nature and spirit that we have spent hundreds of years trying to deny. The longer we put off the inevitable the harder it will be to fly.

I am here. I am at the gate between now and tomorrow and we each have a very monumental step to take. Do you allow the lies that have attached to your collapsible memory take form or do you challenge what was said and demand to know why. Ask yourself the hard questions. Then ask yourself what it is you stand for. You can not say you are for humanity than do the opposite when it is turned over and smack you hard in the face. Canada was built on the bones of our Indigenous now it is time to do the right thing. With the whole World watching with bated breath I ask to be returned to Turtle Island.

Chapter 2: Rethink Reconciliation. We should all rethink what that in fact means. Do we enforce these treaties made by sub par men with nothing but their sadistic minds benefiting by the words they said. Or do we do what is naturally right and within our powers and give power back to the original man. Ask yourself who you want to be in charge of making decisions that involve your whole family. The over entitled, pompous white man who washes their hands of our true history or the man who rose from the ashes, the real warrior. The man who speaks only the truth and his only concern is to get us to listen and honour the terror that his people and ancestors felt. When the discovery of all those children were brought into light I was horrified and ashamed to call myself Canadian. I don’t identify as Canadian. I want to live on Turtle Island and if you are like me we have to help these Phoenix’s rise and tell their stories. There is no shame in what happened. The shame lies in your abusers so let’s take back your name and shout your horrors from the roof tops. I honour your passage in this journey and I will stand back forever if it will help reclaim back your land.

Reconciliation is the biggest insult what we need is a restoration into how things used to be. Let’s start from the top and restructure this land and let’s do this with our head held high and out of the clouds. My shame is only highlighted by the next step that I take. We can keep conforming to the way these tyrant’s envisioned their Canada or we can help our Indigenous communities take back their claims. Is it just me or is the whole House of Commons white? Do we need them anymore? Our government has FAILED miserably in every which way now do the right thing and let a Chief come into power and rule our land. Are we really that ignorant or is it our ego’s too big. Are you ashamed of our true beginning? How can you let such blind ignorance in. Now humour me one time please and close your eyes. Imagine you being empowered and lifted and being connected with your mind. Now bow before an entity that is unclear in it’s form. Marinade in all it’s glory and what it truly means to be filled with self worth. Now before you begin to rise you can open your eyes. I want to know who you chose to bow down in front of Mother Nature or the Queen of Purgatory, the true Angel of Death.

Now how can we reconcile after all that has been destroyed in the Queen’s wake. That is what brought us here isn’t it? The discovery of new land and fate. Now you are either the ring leader, a bystander or you are just sitting on the fence but let me tell you what is going to happen right now we are all being judged. Oh it didn’t happen, well not during my lifetime. But how would you feel if that was somebody who looked like you, reflected your own appearance in that mirror. The idea that we can kiss away all that pain just by closing our eyes then live these monuments of terrors all over their beautiful land. We may never restore the land back to it’s greater days of glory but with the rest of the World watching let’s be that nation that used to bring us so much pride. Imagine the honour restore to their people if we abolished our government and paved way for a new mandate and standards to be in it’s place. We need to honour these great people that our forefather’s tried so feverishly to destroy. Everything we are now is a by product that they created. They made it so the rich got richer and the Indigenous were nothing more than toys to be used and disposed of.

What have we taught our children because of this. Be scared of the monster bearing gifts. They are here to rob you of your innocence they will steal you away into the night. I CAN NOT imagine as a m other watching my children got stolen away in a pedophile’s van. If these were white babies we would have burned this Nation down where we stand. Innocence was robbed. Innocence was perverted. Innocence was made to believe that there voices would never be heard so do anything you can to stop the demons from coming. If these were your children you would be so full of rage. These are our children if you believe this is your land. They have lined our teachings with their perverse way of thinking. There is no such thing as a free lunch and if she wears revealing clothes she is asking for it. Sweet little angels don’t know what to ask for when they don’t even know the language. Sweet little angels who cried in each other’s graves begging to be forgiven for something they never did. If you don’t stand for something than you stand for nothing and now I know where I need to stand. I need to stand in the shadows of my ancestors from Turtle Island. My voice they can use when there’s has stopped being heard. I won’t forgive this government who disguised themselves of being self righteous until they step down from their high mountains and relinquish a power that was never their’s to take.

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