Let’s talk about validation and what it looks like and feels like. We all long for it and we don’t know why. We look for purpose in our own existence and disregard that the person is also feeling lost and doing the same. There is a reason why DNA testing and Ancestry roots are so important. We want to have a sense of connection to all those who have been on this planet at one point in time. The funniest headline I have seen to date is that they found a DNA connection that spans over thousands of years. Interesting right? Well not entirely. The fact that we are all here in the here and now would indicate that we are all linked to someone of historical significance at one time.

That is what started all these wars in the first place. That is what made the Europeans span out and infest the world. They destroyed any connection between the present and the past when they came across a new race with the only purpose of eliminating and destroying. EVERY country has engaged in some form of cultural genocide but what is interesting to note that every country signed off on these treaties basically leaving the Indigenous inhabitants as Prisoners of War. Any time you speak to a POW survivor the tactics engaged are always the seem. Destroy their morale through starvation, a denial of cultural identity, proper care, proper love. Let them stand by and watch you degrade their Fathers and Grandfather’s then drop them into piles in an unmarked grave. Don’t worry in time the cost for all this tragedy with the severing of your ancestral roots and family ties will come when tourists flock to see how humanity failed. Over and over again.

Who wants their story to just be a pile of bones and watch that very Nation who came and desecrated the living by taking away their names. Without honouring the time line and those who were a part of it we are severing our ties with becoming an immortal being. There are reasons why life has become difficult and there are reasons why so much suffering runs rampant. Horrors fill our streets and towns because we are living on sacrificial sites where blood was spilled. We weren’t meant to glorify death and evil. Where in the cycle of life would something like that fit in. Who cares about the billions of people out there who are doing their thing. You need to validate your existence and it can be done by doing the right things. There are few things I tolerate but one thing that I don’t is anybody who slanders my family am I right here or am I wrong. There is a reason why most people when starting a fight want to engage the other by taking down about their mums or dads like they are nothing more than dirt. My dad and his new wife have no place in my life for various reasons but I drew a hard line when they said my grandparents (his parents) were worth less than dirt. I love my Grandparents still with every breath of my body. They hurt no one and lived off the land and they sure as heck honoured their roots. My Grandpa sure loved his cows and even with dementia living out his final days he still had pictures of them lined up around the room. The worked so hard to give us what they had so I understand how painful it could be for somebody who had their whole families ripped away. If somebody told me my Grandparents were abused by a system put into place them I would become enraged. If nobody would listen to my story and validate their existence well a part of me would surely die. How is it individually we can see the errors of our ways but when it comes to the powers that be they just turn their heads and close their eyes and hold their breaths waiting for more of us to die. The truth is out there so let’s maim and destroy it. This is the haunting cries from all generations now it’s time we even out the score. Not with malicious intent or purposes designed to hurt. It comes from being real. It takes rising out of the dirt.

The settlers or colonizers or whatever we call them sure knew what they were doing. The story’s they believed and the lies they told just so they could have a promise of a new life. When I span my sight across the globe it all truly looks the same. White man came saw that the country was already spoken for but in the absence of weapons by the other party they just took it and ran. You can’t own something that was already taken. It would be like me going outside seeing a car in the street saying oh what a pretty colour I think I will take it and should my neighbor in the head when he says no. How is it we can’t see it like that? We as Europeans are obsessed with validating our existence through our family history and ancestral roots. Everything they were was destroyed during the takeover. Totem Poles, Family Heirlooms everything went up in smoke. For who? Corporate America? For what? World Domination? Isn’t that the very same mentality that every World Tyrant ever set up to display? I understand this frustration of not knowing who you are. Moving around an orbit that doesn’t make sense and being the butt end of every joke and tag line from here to Timbucktoo. Not me. Not my life.

My validation comes from trying to help people heal from their tragic circumstances. We can become who we were truly meant to be with others around us feeling so lost and confused. Together we can define our past and what it means to us. We can look for validation from deep within us. From what I have come to understand from all the things that I have saw that healing begins with a true authentic purpose while taking each other’s hands.

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    On Mon, Jul 12, 2021 at 10:58 AM Sweet Ruby Bluez wrote:

    > Sweet Ruby Bluez posted: ” Let’s talk about validation and what it looks > like and feels like. We all long for it and we don’t know why. We look for > purpose in our own existence and disregard that the person is also feeling > lost and doing the same. There is a reason why DNA testing” >


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