DIY Beauty: The Pedicure

Yayyyy!!! Today is Monday. Let the day of Beauty with Sweet Ruby begin. It is almost like where did we leave off but who could ever forget that scalp treatment. I kid you not what I saw come off of my scalp was so liberating. An affirmation of I am exactly where I need to be. I mean tomorrow I am officially down to 75 mg (down from 300) of Effexor and the clarity that is coming at me is hitting me from all angles. The self love that I am receiving on this path is so gratifying that it reassures me this is where I need to go. Sharing beauty treatments and products that I love reserved between us in this way just reminds me of why I fell in love with the beauty scene anyways. In the absence of physical love what makes us feel at one with the world is when we take an inward reflection and begin to love the skin we are in. Remember the skin is our largest organ in our bodies so we owe it to ourselves to pamper it and not slather on inferior products with chemical or man made products. One last plug here before I go on but if you are on the fence about anything Limelife you just need to dive in. Especially on my team because then you believe in the dream and if you believe in my dream then I am going to help you reach yours. What’s more to everything already mentioned above you become more sustainable in your existence and you automatically shine from within. You empower yourself for bringing home a paycheck with products you already use, gain a sisterhood, look incredible and the confidence that oozes from you will turn heads and more!!! (Join Our Team | LimeLife by Alcone)

Now what I care most about is decolonizing my ways and my thinking and most of all my life. So I am obsessed with detoxifying my body and taking a more holistic approach. Last week I detoxified my hair so now why not hit up the feet. This week’s body treatment is about honouring that connection we have with the Earth through standing. There is no denying we could potentially be standing on sacred ground because there is no way of knowing. Not after all that has happened. So what is important to me first is cleansing the air and blessing the treatment by using the Smokeless Cedar Smudge Spray I found at Sister’s Sage ((1) Cedar Smudge Spray – Sisters Sage). There is no denying the immediate connection you have with the Earth. To further ground the treatment I use my grounding oil from Bear Essential Oils (CEDARWOOD + BIRCHGROUNDING BODY OIL – Bear Essential Oils). Say whatever you will but I was born and raised in the Kootenai’s. I have never felt more grounded after using products like these. The way the products are harvested and connected with the Earth reminds us of what is important most in life. Our love, our healing, our honour are most important. How do we become any of those things without truly knowing who we are.

These days my passions is to remove all toxins from my body so I simply add apple cider vinegar and baking soda to the bath. Apple cider vinegar is quickly becoming my favourite household ingredient because it can clear up so many things. This excellent anti-bacterial/fungal ingredient is a must when working with your feet and also work overtime by helping work against foot odour. The natural PH of your skin is restored with this mild acidic solution. Baking soda acts like a natural pumice stone working gently to soften up rough or dead skin. Baking soda also helps against odour which is equally important when thinking up getting our feet ready for our summertime shoes. I massage some grounding oil at my ankles. Just like I would do if given a temple massage while waiting for the ingredients to penetrate during a facial. I mist my feet with my Rose Mint Toner before I put my feet into soak for 10 -15 minutes.

After the elapsed time I push back the cuticles after using a cuticle gel, I nip off all the dead skin with my cuticle nippers (very important to encourage healthy nail growth, I could chose to clip the nails to a desired length and buff the nail lightly all to get ready for the perfect choice of colour. Now is the time for a scrub of your choosing so I sinfully indulge in one of mine (Bamboo Renew | LimeLife by Alcone). This part of the pedicure should be very invigorating making your skin and your tootsie’s feel alive. Return that foot in the water and repeat the same process on the next. You don’t want to be off balance after all do we?

What gave me this idea for this type of treatment was I really wanted to embrace my Mersona after all. Gone with the red and in with the blues, I am getting my toes ready to be more like me. I painted my toes a nice blue which I skipped over in the video and added some glitter just because. I still like to be extra and alluring to many, I was just having a hard timing buying into what other people said. Did you ever look at somebody with your eyebrows and watch their lips move on and on. Sometimes there is so much more to learn in the silence then you could ever bargain for. My self discovery has brought me here right now with you. Let me tell you what I love most about these months is that I finally feel like I know where I belong. Where I belong and where I am accepted maybe two different things but I tell you when I was brought to Sister’s Sage Instagram page it was like a light bulb went off in my head. I can reduce my carbon footprint by walking on the path my ancestors truly wanted to be on. You see on my Father’s side we are descendants from the Georgian Monks. No wonder why I feel this urgent desire to reconnect with the Earth. Not the colonizers or settlers but the real Earth. There was something always missing in my journey and now I am getting closer.

After I had washed away all the Bamboo Renew I took the time to paint my nails in true Mermaid inspiration. A base coat, 2 coats of teal, some glitter on the big toe and followed it up with a shine. Because the goal was detoxification a made sure to chose a foot mask with bentonite clay. Bentonite clay is super beneficial when considered as part of your detox as it helps pull out toxins (specifically metals) out of your skin. When you are working yourself towards a more natural way of being you will understand the benefits and appreciate the value of adding bentonite clay. I wanted the clay to penetrate deeper so I layered it with a paraffin wax. Paraffin is a natural emollient so it aides in helping the skin feel soft and supple which is so beneficial when heading into the summer months. The warmth of the wax helps open pores which helps pull the toxins from deeper within. Then there are the medicinal benefits of adding paraffin to your routine. Paraffin is a heat therapy which helps with circulation through increasing blood flow allowing the muscles to relax and the joints to soften. Has been known to help in such conditions as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and other joint issues. Allow the wax to work it’s magic for 10-15 minutes then remove to baby soft skin like you have never known.

We can feel beautiful just by loving on ourselves just like nature intended us todo so the final voila is some uplifting oil and moisturizing gel to give my tired feet some TLC. Beauty means to shine organically from the very essence of our being and I prefer to do it with intention and to love who I am. I find this incredible peace in knowing that I am finding my place in time, now my feet are ready to take the next steps in this journey too. All you need is a willingness to relinquish yourself to a higher power and say you know what I am worthy of any dream.

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