Tragically Ablaze

My husband says I am too gullible and I fall too easily listening to other people’s tales. He tells me I care too much about our Indigenous communities and that I watch too much true crime. What happens to my soul when the two World’s intertwine?

Does anybody hear these Indigenous cries or is it just me? Am I interfering too much and is the love I feel for their communities unwanted and in the way? I just watched an episode of “Deadly Silence” where a young Crow girl was beaten and set on fire where she agonized for 17 hours till the morning light. Her crime? Fighting with her boyfriend in the only local Saloon on the reserve he punches her in front of everybody and leaves her to walk alone into the night. She was befriended by a woman from a neighbouring tribe who only agreed to take her home so they could beat and burn her alive. They saw an opportunity to have their sadistic ways with her. They were cold, cruel, calculated. They drove away as her burning body lite up the night sky.

She suffered burns all over her body, 45% actually. She had inhaled the gasoline so the fire burned deep dowm inside her. Then the temperatures dipped low over the night. In addition to her 2nd and 3rd degree burns she had frostbite. Hooked up to numerous machines and bandages she told the nurse she was scared. Those words affected her mother so deeply she agreed to go in the room. She didn’t want to see her daughter that way with no lips, nose and only one eye. All I could do was grip my baby and cry.

We give so much power to people we don’t know. Her kidney’s were failing from the gasoline and they had to amputate her feet. After 72 days her mother held her hand and said, “It’s ok RoyLynn fall into God’s arms” and moments later she died. (Read her story here,

All this happens because we allow it to happen. Loving human beings were pushed onto useless land that the government never wanted and basically left out there to die. A wayward farmer passing through is the one we saw her trying to rise up from the dirt.

Your hearts need to break before you finally understand. I tried to google her story and you know how many Indigenous Women are set ablaze? There is an actual number because there is so much neglect and abuse. Have you heard of Marlene Bird? You should because she is right in Canada’s heart. She was kind, she was loving. She attended Residential Schools. She survived being starved, was severly punished for taking an apple and was sexually assaulted by students. She lived her WHOLE life in and out of abusive relationships until June 2014 when she was badly beaten, sexually assaulted and lit on fire! She lost her legs in the blaze. All she was, was a beautiful generous soul that would give her last dollar to feed another. That is how she came to be living in the streets. Can you believe because she was homeless they put a publication ban on her story. She fought to be indentified. She wanted her story to help and save other Indigenous girls. She travelled the miles to court so she can look at her accuser with her one eye. The other still damaged from the attack that he did.

She passed away at 50. Her kidneys and liver failed because after everything she had been through all she wanted was to forget. (Here’s her story

Our Indigenous population is only at 4.9% but they account for 24% of all homicides? CANADUH!! Do better! These are real women, real daughters, grandma’s, moms, aunts, cousins, sisters, friends and their absence haunts all of us. The tragic way we allow each other to die is a sin. We know that we need to do something but we all turn a blind eye! I thought it was illegal to witness another succoumbing to death without us lending our hand? If its not against the law it is morally questionable to allow our Indigenous communities to live in squalor. Hoping and wishing that they will die. These aren’t instant meetings with death. They are slow and painful and gut renching! How can we keep our heads down and not acknowledge her existence, her pain?

I love the stats about our Indigenous filling up our prison systems. How are you shocked at what humans created? We made it impossible for our Indigenous culture to survive. You try being told over and over again (and not just anybody our government and missionaries) that you are lower than dirt and your family values and loyalty mean nothing. Not in God’s graces that is for sure. Like the wind they were never meant to be contained. Their spirit runs parallel with Mother Earth and we sh*t all over her plains. Until we make ammends to this divide in this nation nothing will ever change.

Did you ever walk around aimlessly wonder what is your purpose? Did you ever get attacked for no reason with somebody else determining your value and free will. I have been abused, attacked and even left for dead. Never set on fire though. And never over and over. My life has never found me to be a target of abuse. Just the product of bad choices and wanting to be loved in ways I thought only others could give me. RoyLynn wanted to be loved. She wanted to be a nurse because she loved babies. She simply wanted to be alive. Marlene I want you to know that you are not nameless and I heard you cries. I am thankful now you are free to fly and I am sorry for all the ways man failed you. To RoyLynn and Marlene I will find a way to start making things right. You are still Warriors out there just for now you are out of site.

***my intentions are not to hurt their surviving family members but to help get their stories heard. Yours in love. Find peace and fly 💙

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