Beauty with Sweet Ruby: Skin and Eyes

Did you know that approximately 80 % of premature aging is caused by the sun? That warm golden globe promising us life as it carefully speeds up the hands of father time. We all know that there are certain activities that some engage in that will increase the affects of the sun. Some of these external factors would include UV exposure, sunlamps, environmental exposure, environment, poor skin care maintenance, misuse of products, allergies and reactions and photo sensitivity.

I remember growing up in the 90’s where we would literally put lemon juice on our hair and baby oil on our bodies and go out into the sun to bake. One time we were burnt so bad that my girlfriend’s dad couldn’t stop laughing at us, after he gave us hell for being so ridiculous. I am pretty sure we may have used vegetable oil but those were different times lol he made us spend all day fishing on Kokanee Lake. Ahhh the pain was agonizing. I think that is how I came to know that in a pinch white vinegar will take out the sting and aloe will soothe the rest that burns. These skills would have been more beneficial in the growing age of melanoma but how can we correct that course we were on. I love that a finally found a skin care line that I can trust with my skin. Products that actually perform the way they are meant to is a game changer. My biggest fear when investing in a new line is that I just dropped a ton of money on something that is just going to be meh and sit in the back of my medicine cabinet for the rest of my life. That is the problem with pricey skin care. Even if it doesn’t work we keep it because it is a an affirmation that we tried to take care of our skin at one point but you know nothing ever works!!!

I am obsessed with the health of my skin as believe it or not it is the first thing people see. No matter how far we go to cover ourselves up there is always a flush of the cheeks or a glimmer in the eye, you can always get an idea about the person just from taking them all in. It’s more than stress affecting your posture. When somebody is feel down on their luck, stressed to the max and just for all other purposes just tapped right out free radicals come to life in our body. A domino affect threatens to topple everything over with dehydration, vitamin deficiency, improper nutrition, increase alcohol or coffee intake and just all over hormones up to and including menopause. And let’s not fool ourselves. Lack of exercise and sleep with the increase of smoking, medications and drugs will have negative effects both inside and out. It wasn’t just lining Justin Trudeau’s pockets that got me to quit. I knew that I was climbing up that midlife hill and once my descent begins to start it would be to late to strap myself in.

My desire to love myself in the absence of true love is making me take a good look at all aspects of my life. Am I being truthful and honest to my approach in healing or is there an alternative meaning lurking out there underneath that brush? My skin is my outward casing that both protects and invites others into my world. I remember the summer’s of caramel skin and sun beams but for years I have covered up and hid. I found myself in the company of the sun averse as we do everything to keep it’s warmth away from our skin. The whiter you are the closer to truth. Pure as the snow on a cold Prairie day. Now. Now I shudder to think the underlying message that is portrayed when we encourage people to be whiter than white. Bleach your skin. Avoid the sun. Do it all to keep your virtues seen. It is not lost on me what it meant back then to carry on with those thoughts and ways. There is sun protection now for a reason. And there is an incredible one at that which is all natural, paraban and sulfate free and never ever tested on animals. It’s like preaching to the choir in a church that doesn’t sing. Love your skin and the world we find ourselves in, and potentially get paid doing it just like me xx (the link to the PERFECT sunscreen is here. I am obsessed with their primer! A moisturizer, primer and fights anti aging….yes please! over and over again! Sun Set Collection | LimeLife by Alcone. So this is the WHOLE collection: body, lips, face and aftercare. You are welcome).

When it comes to losing sleep the first signs that appear on us our those fine little lines and crowsfeet around our eyes. Tired skin loses its elasticity usually from dehydration or other stress factors that are now appearing on the skin. Have no shame in your resting b*tch face game just use the excuse you are perfecting your right to age gracefully. The less facial expressions the less lines lol probably the #1 reason Botox works. It freezes your muscles then plumps the lines away. Over time the muscles come back into use and the lines reappear. You can fix your wrinkles with surgery but over time you will always have to go back. Once you cross over to that realm of the game you will be going in religiously like you found a new church.

This weeks DIY is more of a preventative but I do need to talk about a sweet little treat!! Treat yourself momma because you are more than worth it! Now what do most of us have in our pantry that we can steal away 10 – 15 min? That’s right!! The cucumber! We all know the cucumber is incredible at revitalizing tired eyes but do we know why? What’s not to love about the calm, cooling affect of cucumber as it re-hydrates our sensitive under eye skin and injects us with Vitamin K. Vitamin K is beneficial as it helps reduce the swelling and dark circles that arise from broken capillaries or damaged skin. In a pinch cucumbers can give us a boost but even better is a really great eye cream such as “Eye Arise” (Eye Arise | LimeLife by Alcone). When it comes to DIY treatments for anywhere near your eyes we always have to be extremely careful. Even when applying my eye creams it is with the lightest touch and applied with my middle finger. Remember to never help gravity when you apply any creams. Always lift towards and up!

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