The Bogeyman

I don’t know what type of human could want to hurt another being in this way. to take another to the brink of extinction while having your perverse fantasies filled along the way. To look into the eyes of children and want to steal the light from their eyes. As a child our parents are our hero’s and you wanted to destroy that myth and I will never be able to understand why. To force your way into a country for cheap thrills and moral devastation. For what though? It didn’t work. What makes me so much angrier is in the knowing that the survivors that are here should be lifted. They should be deemed hero’s we should sacrifice our lives trying to understand their ways, their cultures, their ways of beings because if there is truth in anything it is the true Warrior always comes home to thrive. They have to return to the lands they once roamed and reclaim it in their ancestors honour. There are legends of Ghost Warriors coming they are just waiting for their chance to come alive.

Evil never wins and I think that we forget that no matter how far we evolve in one way we are always a meteor shower from getting sent back. That all these devious ways that forever altered the longevity of the Earth is going to explode in all of our faces. We don’t get to turn a blind eye to the annihilation of a beautiful race that was sent here away from the evils of the world to save us. Open your eyes and if you can’t do that then get inside your heart and pry it open from the inside because legends have still been handed down, tales still get to be told and what have we been made to know. The hero is always the less fortunate. He is the Phoenix risen from the ashes. They are the Warriors sent to save us and we can’t keep denying those facts. Peace loving people, THE REAL peace loving Indigenous that populated this Nation and loved and cared for Mother Earth the way that Big Business will never understand. Everything we have ever known has been interlaced with haunting whispers on what it is we need to do but most of us our too scared to lay ourselves out in that way.

This is my way of coming to terms of what it means to be Canadian and I think we still have a chance to redefine what that means. Any chance we had at reconciliation is coming closely to a close because we have to honour what the living survivors have to say. We need to bare witness to their testimony in the most respectful way. Accept any gifts, pipes and dance long into the night. Why is it that our government officials want to keep being so arrogant? Do they not have families? Do they not have hearts? I tell you right now if my Grandparents were trying to get somebody to hear what happened to them I would sit with them until they healed. I would listen to their prayers to ensure that those hateful, spineful, monsters don’t reclaim them because they sinned. We have a chance as peaceful loving Canadians to do the right things. Take on the risks that need to be taken so our Elders can be heard. Help them say their peace so we can start healing what can still be this great land. It blows my mind every day that all that is being asked is just some common human decency. They want somebody else to say ya that was really messed up but let’s ensure that this will never happen again. In fact it is so messed up we need to try and help your culture up to it’s former glory. Right where it should have been instead of being forced to read about your rapists and captors. That’s a pretty messed up situation too now come to think of it. Trying to integrate into a white washed system having to read about all the lies. Of course any child would act up and scream but that’s not what happened y’all were anything but nice. Ya come to think of it if I was trying to be forced to believe in that crap too I would leave and never come back.

Basic human decency means absolute nothing. We are all about money and every day this is on going is just a reaffirmation of truth. The only way, ONLY WAY, anything is ever going to change is to relinquish half control over to the bands and the other half over to “us” (that sounds ridiculous but try and hear me out). By ensuring half of the Nations control is handing back into their hands that would protect their culture and ancestry which would be the LEAST WE COULD DO! The other half can be a fight between NDP, Liberals, Flavour of the week. This country is getting out of control with the way it regards something as simple as basic human decency. That all it is. Every survivor of a horrible crime wants to feel that. We want to feel that our story is heard by somebody just one person so the abuse that was endured wasn’t for nothing and that piece of your story makes sense. If you die and nobody notices do you just become the devil’s refuse? Not good enough for salvation still long after all these years. The problem with being the white girl that gets to stay at home with her kid is I am the example of what they all shouldn’t have and didn’t. Sure I am scared that I will be hated just because of who I am and told that my love isn’t needed her and I have no right to butt in. Say that. Let me hear that. And say it over again. I am here as the witness to hear the words that they can’t say to their tormentors because for most of their evil it never had a face. What I know as a survivor of abuse it is important in our journey to say what needs to be said on ears that we think will make some sort of a difference. We tell versions of our stories to help enlighten and maybe fright. I think it is time that we acknowledge that boogie men came to towns in the middle of the night. They weren’t dressed so scary and most of them were in fact white. There is no way people didn’t hear the cries of children suffering from all that pain and suffering and heaven forbid sexual abuse. Now here is the deal and challenge that we all must face. You just walked in on a nightmare do you rip that predator off and say, “hell Satan never again” or do you keep your nose in the sand waiting to dig but coming up with every excuse why you never can.

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